Does working out cause acne/pimples?

  • I started the challenge on May 17 (I finishing up week 4).  Over the past couple of weeks I've notice that small bumps (pimples) are showing up on my legs and arms.  At first I thought it was an allergic reaction to something but they aren't itchy and they haven't gone away.  Just wanted to know if working out can cause acne/pimples.  If so, does anyone know what to do about it?  Any input would be appreciated!  Thanks! Heather:)

  • Were you eating a high carbohydrate diet before BFL (and/or high fat)?  I would be tempted to think that it is detoxing of refined carbs and sugar.  Lots of people experience the detox in their skin as your body adjust to your new way of eating it should clear up.  If it is from working out I would suspect to see it just where your clothes are in tight contact with your skin while you are sweating.