BFL Challenge and Trail Running

  • Hi Everyone,

    After a year and a half of taking before photos but never fully committing to the challenge, I am finally ready to make the change!  I am currently fairly active and love to enter trail races (I prefer longer distances because I am soooo slow), play hockey and lift weights, but have not established the necessary habits to keep me healthy and fit for life.  I have been avoiding the morning interval cardio sessions, and I haven't stuck to a consistent nutrition plan.  I now realize that rewarding myself with goodies after every long run isn't getting me to where I need to be! 

    I know that running longer distances while taking the challenge isn't ideal, but there will never be a "good" time for me to do this.  There will always be vacations and races, and I've simply put it off for far too long.  I have never joined an online forum before, but I have been encouraged by reading through all of the posts.  I run races because of the feeling that I get when I accomplish a goal.  I know I will feel incredible when I finally accept this goal and stick with it for the entire 12 week period.  And if it makes me a little lighter on my feet for running, that would be a bonus!


  • Claire-Once you get your nutrition under control, there should be no reason you can't do what you love for life. What the Body for Life program will give you are the necessary tools to stay ahead in the game especially the nutrition part where when after you finish one of your races, you'll choose healthy.

    When we go out to eat now, even if it's my free day, I'm choosing the healthy stuff cause I know putting the grease and gunk into my body is not fueling it the proper way.

    Like you said, there's never really a "good" time BUT this is for LIFE and to start by committing to the challenge is your first step to wishes for your success!!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Thank you!  You're absolutely right that this is for life, not just for 12 weeks.  Nutrition has always been the biggest challenge for me, but the good news is I do like healthy foods, and feel much better when I eat well - I just need to take the time to plan, prepare, and most importantly, stick with the plan each day.