Protein bars

  • The more I read, the more excited I am to get started with this program.  I plan to read the book cover to cover at least two more times, and honestly make my lists.  

     I do have a question regarding meal replacement protein bars.  I cannot eat any sugar alcohols; they tear my stomach up.  Also, after looking at the ingredients on the myoplex bars, I am thinking of trying to find something without high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils, since I try not  to eat those things.

    First of all, is there a maximum amount allowed for:  calories, fat & sugars?  Is there a minimum amount for protein? 

    Thanks so much!!!  I know this will be a great source of support once I begin my journey.

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  • BDMom most of us do not use the bars except in an emergency type situation.  You can use the shakes instead and it is recomnmended not to drink more than 2 a day.  WIth this you really want to try and eat as much "real" food as you can.  Counting calories isn't necessary, we eat via portion sizing.  We try to cut as much sugar as we can and we eat no more fat than what's provided in the authorized list.  I'm sorry I don't have any further info on the bars, but you can contact the folks at EAS.  They are very helpful.  Here's the number 1-800-297-9776 (8:30am-5pm EST Monday through Friday).

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • I know there are places or at least one place online that will custom make meal replacement bars to your exact specifications. So you could get them made in the BFL 40/40/20 ratios with no sugar alcohols. Unfortunately I cant remember the name of the company but I bet you could find it if you google.

  • Sharon - Wonder - Woman:  Thanks for the reply.  I am actually really glad to hear that.  I would much rather eat whole foods than supplement....but in an emergency situation, they are good to have.  Is a portion of veggies the size of your cupped hands?  I've read that somewhere, but haven't seen it explained on here anywhere.  Thanks again.

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  • llpirata:  that sounds interesting, and something I might definately check out.  Do you know of anyone who has tried them?  Is the 40/20/20....40 protein, 20 carb & 20 fat?  Thanks again for your input.

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  • I heard about them on a low carb forum I am on so the macros are different.  My friend wanted them all natural (she eats paleo) so without artificial sweeteners and she needed a substantial amount of protein in them but the rest of her macros was mostly fat because she eats low carb.  She said they were pretty tasty and she loved that they could be tailored to anyone's way of eating.  I'll ask her the name of the company and come back and post it unless thats against the forum rules?

  • llpirata:  that is so kind of you.  Thanks!  I am new, so don't know about the rules, but will check back periodically to see if it is posted.  Have a great day.  What week of the challenge are you in?  Is this your first one?

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  • BDMom-Congrats on beginning a new start to LIFE!! Sounds like you have a big important step taking care of...PLANNING! Some people don't even read the book!! So you are doing great there!

    I have the same problem with the sugar alcohols and have found that I cannot eat the Myoplex Lite bars. As Sharon indicated, the bars should really be used in emergency cases only, I have one in my purse at all times in case I'm out and about and there is nothing else available...

    I use the Pure Protein brand of bars, 20g protein, I believe 17g carbs with only 2g sugar, but they don't tear up my stomach like the others.

    Most of the time I tell people when beginning BFL to try to keep your meals around 20/20 for protein and carbs...technically it's about 1 g of protein per lean lb of body wt. but 20/20 is easier! If you start getting hungry withing 2 hrs. of eating, up your protein...

    Best wishes to your success!! =)

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  • The brand is called You Bars. I won't post the link out of respect for EAS but I'm sure they will be easy to find via google.

  • DebbieMO:  Thank you.  I see you all over these boards, and appreciate your knowledge and feedback.  The Pure Protein has sugar alcohols as well, so I will stay away from those.  Someone mentioned balance bars, but they are pretty high in sugars.  I have to have my body measurements and body fat analysis, so I know better what a serving size is for me before I get started.  I have read the book twice, and am now starting Eating for Life; I want to be armed with as much info. as possible.  Not 100% on whether I will join the challenge, but am unclear on the use of EAS products.  Do you have to purchase just one single item once to qualify, or do you have to use on a regular basis during the 12 weeks?  So, I would be looking for a bar that had 20% protein/20% carbs & low fat, right?  Thanks again for your insight.

    llpirata:  thank you so much for the info.  I will check into that link for sure!

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  • Hi debbie, the 20 20 guideline is GRAMS per MEAL (x6 per day) rough rough guideline of 20g carbs 20g protein per MEAL.

    The RATIO for your daily nutrition should come out to about 40% protein, 40% carbs, 20% fat.