toxic supplements

  • In a recent Consumer Reports article, Myoplex original rich chocolate was one of many nutrition supplements tested for safety. It was found to have high levels of cadmium and arsenic.

    No other EAS products were tested in this report but it should be known and considered to be a possibility here since EAS product use is a  requirement to enter the official BFL challenge contest.

    EAS has a statement on their website responding to the article.

    EAS is owned by Abbott Labs, they also make Ensure and Pediasure, among many other "supplements" for nutrition that are not required to be tested for safety by the US government.

    --- Kitty


  • I'm not sure why supplements was in quotes... but thanks for the heads up... it is good to know what you are putting into your body!  

    You could use a single EAS supplement like CLA or Phosphagen and still be able to enter the contest.  I use a few Myoplex Deluxe, Phosphagen HP and CLA.  I can't use their bars though... nothing beats the taste of a Promax protein bar!  They are YUMM!!!

    Can't give up my Myoplex Deluxe... they are the best tasting shakes on the market and played a key role in me losing 55lbs of fat when I did BFL back in 2003.  

    It is good that people know though... so they can make an informed decision as to whether they want to continue using those products or not.  For me... it is still on like Donkey Kong!

  • I put the word supplement in quotes because under the current legislation in the US a product is NOT regulated by any government agency or tested for quality and/or safety if it is a supplement.

    That word is key to whether factories are inspected, or labels forced to be accurate by anyone other than the company printing them.

    I am just now realizing that simply having nutritional information on a product does not mean it was evaluated by the FDA or anybody else.

    --- Kitty


  • Yea... people need to be aware of what they are putting into their bodies.  At least now you know so you can make an informed decision as to whether or not you want to continue using that product.  I would guess that you may not want to continue using them which is perfectly understandable.  Thanks again for the heads up and have a great day.  

  • The problem is that even though this article spotlights the potential for harmful effects, most people will choose to stay ignorant and continue to use said product. On the other hand there are people that believe the "supplement" industry needs to be regulated in order to ensure people are not being coned into buying "snake oil".

    EAS/Abbott is a reputable company and nobody is saying that their intent is to scam people. But let’s be honest, there are companies out there that are out to make money selling anything they can.

    brobar, I would guess that YOU will continue to take Myoplex  regardless of what Consumer Reports says because you have seen results,  there is nothing wrong with that. There is also nothing wrong with someone deciding to choose another product based on information gained from articles and lab reports.

    We have a Food and Drug Administration for a reason and we should use it.

  • We all know what opinions are like... everyone has one and most of them do stink!  If people continue to ignore the fact that they had to use THREE shakes per day in their study to get up over what the recommended max is for those toxic elements then more power to 'em.  If you use 1-2 shakes per day (I use one) like the suggested usage states then you won't have a problem because you are consuming no more of these elements than you would find and end up consuming in your daily fruits, vegetables meats and especially fish and seafood.  But wait... I thought fish and seafood was supposed to be healthy.  EVERYBODY STOP EATING FRUITS, VEGETABLES, MEAT, FISH & SEAFOOD NOW OR YOU'RE ALL GONNA DIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!  =)

    I know better than most about the supplement industry and their lack of regulation by the FDA... my wife the pharmacy student wrote a huge article during her undergrad on the exact same subject that was published at her University back in CA.  We are well aware of the non-regulation and I'm not arguing for or against FDA regulation in the supplement industry... that point is moot.  What is at discussion is are the elements found in these shakes harmful to you and at what dosage do they become harmful.

    *I* know the levels stated in the study... I know the levels that most people consume day-to-day in their every day diets and I know I'm not anymore at risk than I am with other daily foods that contain the same elements because I've done the research.  Most people want to comment without even doing research.  I know that I'm more at risk of dying of heart failure if I don't do something about my weight than I am of dying of arsenic or cadmium poisoning if I continue to take one to two shakes a day to help me get into better shape.  

    While the chicken littles continue to run around crying that the sky is falling while they continue to ignore the fact that other things they put in their body are just as (if not more) harmful than what they are preaching about... I'm just gonna sit back and repeat what I said earlier.  If it scares you... stay away from it!  Sounds simple doesn't it?  If you don't like it... don't use it?  Eight simple words!


  • This wasn't an opinion, it was a test result.  Reducing to 2 shakes per day would put you at no less than 66% of the max, which is still enough to keep an eye on - particularly considering the biological half-lives of heavy metals.

    There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.

  • His *opinion* was that most people are ignorant if they continue to use Myoplex.  He is entitled to his opinion... I still think it stinks.  IF people don't want to use said products... they by all means should not use them.  They don't have to validate why they aren't... just stop using the product(s) if you don't want to use them.  But trying to incite a mob by only giving half the facts and conveniently leaving out the facts that they had to go over recommended usage (by 50% which is A LOT)  to come close to the numbers that they did... and the fact that these exact same naturally occurring elements are in the foods that we all already consume each and ever day is just not right.  Maybe they will come out with a Myoplex EF (element free) but until that day it sounds like there are a few of you who might want to stay away from Myoplex, fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood in the meantime.  Oh... don't forget it is in that bottle of water that you are drinking also so you may want to avoid that too!  

    You may think I'm ignorant for continuing to use Myoplex even though I know and understand completely what the study has stated and the "risks" involved.  Well I know I'm not gonna live my life running around screaming that the sky is falling if I'm also the one that is shaking the tree causing the acorns to fall on my head in the first place.  


  • Good information. Good to think about. I appreciate this discussion thread. I too saw the report and wondered who drank three shakes in a day and also realized that we are already getting these elements in the daily food we eat. I think the bottom line is get your facts and make your own decision. In the long run, we will all have to experience and reap the good and bad consequences of what we have exposed our bodies to.

    Isaiah 43:18-19

  • I agree with brobar!

    There are "studies" everyday and one day they "prove" how bad an item is and soon after another "study" will come out saying just the opposite.

    So for me, it comes down to "trust" and I trust Bill Phillips, BFL & Abbott. People have been using & trusting these products for years with great results and I have never heard of the bars or shakes hurting anyone!  

    The BFL bars & shakes will be a part of my journey!

    To each their own!

    Live   Love   Lift!

    Dee :)

  • I never said people were ignarant if they continue to use Myoplex, re-read my post I said "most people will choose to be ignorant" and that I still believe. The only person shaking the proverbial tree causing acorns to fall is brobar .  I believe the intent of the orignal post was to encourage a discussion about the article. brobar has made several good points but he is also getting defensive when it comes to what other people are saying.

    In fact, I do plan on using Myoplex  when I start my next  challenge. I believe it is a good product overall and has helped people achieve results.  

  • No need for me to get defensive... I don't need to justify my use of the product just like there is no need for those who are afraid to use it to justify their not using it.  I'm just stating the other side/half of the story so if people want to make an informed decision they will understand fully instead of just hearing from people "toxic supplements", "arsenic in your protein shakes", etc... etc...  Now that they know the study went 50% over the recommended daily serving allowance and that these same naturally occuring elements are in most of their day-to-day food and water  anyways they have both sides of the story thanks to my "defensive" rants... and they can make a better informed decision.  

    And you are right... Myoplex IS a good product overall and helped me achieve phenomenal results the first time I did the challenge back in 2003.  (55lbs of fat loss with 10lbs of muscle gained).  I can only pray that I get even close to similar results this time.  I'm working on it!