im going to start b-f-l challenge on june 14 anyone else starting then?

  • Okay, we made through the first week.

    Now, up next ?  Our first free day.

    Personally I'mp lanning on using sunday as a day to clean out the fridgeof all the crap that I don't want around getting in my way next week.

    I've got some chili cheese dogs lined up.  A box of Mac and Cheese.  Some smoked sausage.  Half a box of instant potatoes.  Some biscuits.  

    I also have a coupon for a free slice of cheesecake from a local bakery

    And I've been severly craving Taco Bell chicken tacos

    So that's my Sunday plan.  

    How about you ?

  • Yes - week one is in the bag. Enjoy your choices tomorrow team.  Here is an old blog off the Guestbook I saved, maybe there is something in it that will be good for some of you.

    by: Michael Harris 4/1/2007

    Contrary to popular belief, you cannot eat all you want on free day without consequences. The BFL diet is simply a numbers game as far as food is concerned. If you eat more calories than you burn, you’ll gain. For most of us, that gain will be represented by fat. If we’re working out very hard, it might be represented by some muscle, but for most it’s fat, or a mix of fat and muscle.

    Take a look at the average female diet. If the average female needs 2000 calories a day, (what a 38 year old 125 pound 5’4" female of moderate physical activity needs)and she is eating the six small meals a day, averaging about 260 calories each, she is creating a "deficit" of 2640 calories a week for the six days. Now, if to lose a pound means negative 3500 calories, she is burning up about 2/3 of a pound a week. BUT, on free day, let’s say she starts with 4 strips of bacon, a Belgian waffle with syrup and butter, orange juice and coffee. That alone is 785 calories. She then has a McDonald’s quarter pounder, large fries and medium coke for lunch. That’s 1130 calories. For dinner, a single sized supreme pizza, thick crust, 1024 calories, plus another coke, 160 calories. Then, a cup of chocolate chip ice cream to top the day off. 540 calories. Total calories for a very average free day: 3639. This, however, removes 2079 calories from the deficit built up earlier, meaning that the projected weight loss for that week, instead of 2/3 of a pound is closer to 1/6 of a pound. That would be a whopping 2 pound loss projected for 12 weeks! If she didn’t take a free day, she’d lose 7 more pounds, because she would be saving over 25,000 calories.

    Now, I’ll grant you that she might burn an additional 200 calories a day due to exercise, but notice that I’m assuming that this female is very strict during her weekly dieting. And I doubt that occurs with most of us!

    So how does Bill Phillips do it and why does he recommend a free day? Well, Bill does take a free day like that on occasion, but he’s in optimal shape, not gaining or losing much under our example above, right? But you, who are trying to get to look like him, also end up not gaining or losing much. I think that Bill hoped free day would help us feel in charge of our lives, that we could have our favorite foods and not feel deprived, and that we would alter our destructive eating habits as they go on. What Bill didn’t allow for (my opinion only) is how many people doing BFL would have eating disorders, and would go bonkers on the free day! And for them, it never changes–in fact for many this ends up being two or three free days! This often kills the transformation entirely.

    BUT, what about the "refeeding" concept—the idea that you have to feed your body more than enough on occasion, or it will go into starvation mode and shut down the metabolic rate so you quit losing? Well, certainly eating one day a week at the normal calorie requirement level, or slightly above it, ought to do that nicely shouldn’t it? I am not aware of a study anywhere on normal subjects (versus anorexics) that shows that this theory really is valid. All information is largely anecdotal. Even if it DID work, is there really an excuse for way overloading the system, especially with all the greasy, heavy, easily-stored-as-fat foods that so many of us eat?

  • And yet another post....I am on my 4th consecutive challenge and believe you me, have had my share of free days back to back - even a free WEEK!  I am MUCH better now but I had to try it, had to believe this BFL stuff in my own time, even try to find a way to make it NOT work for me so I could blame the program! But even with slacking off here and there, I have had great results for me. Could I have done it in less time? Absolutely....but this is for Life for me now, and I am enjoying it.

    I switched my free day up and had it today. I ran a 5K - that's what I did different, and I only drank 2L of water. Tomorrow I will do my HIIT. I feel good about this week. FINALLY I can keep my head in the game when old habits start calling.

    Analyze THIS!

    by: Michael Harris  2/19/2007

    Over on the Body for Life guestbook, usually every Monday there are posts of dismay over what happened on free day--or even more often about what happened on free day plus a couple other binge days to boot!!Those posts are nearly always followed by quickly drafted "Oh, don’t worry about it--just forgive yourself and move on" types of posts from others on the guestbook--that are ABSOLUTELY WRONG!

    Quickly forgiving yourself for such a lapse and " moving on" is a recipe for disaster! See,in my opinion, if you have cheated on the diet and lost control, what you need to do is not forgive yourself--but analyze yourself. Just forgiving yourself leaves the problem still sitting there, just waiting for the next chocolate chip cookie or bag of kisses that somehow walks right up to your desk, or jumps into the seat of your car with you.

    Here’s the real problem. Once you break a promise to yourself, two things happen. A. You get disgusted with yourself--as you should. And, B., you are afforded an opportunity to make a serious correction in your life habits. By quickly forgiving and moving on, you still have the guilt and disgust, and you haven’t figured out what you can do to correct this problem. So, you’ll do it again--guaranteed! And the next time, it won’t be just like the last time, it will be even worse.

    Breaking a promise to yourself has major consequences. Just think of how you deal with those who have consistently broken promises to YOU. You don’t trust them; you don’t believe in them; you don’t rely on them; and if truth be told--you don’t love them very much either! You’ll treat yourself exactly the same way. BUT, if you truly analyze what went wrong, and take effective, forward steps to avoid this happening again (not just making another foolish vow) then you’ll be doing the work necessary to restore your faith in yourself.

    The answer may be as simple as avoiding certain places--the bar after work, or the ice cream parlor. Or it may be as complex as arranging counseling for that eating disorder that is killing you. But, whatever it is, you must do it, or you’ll repeat history until you’re much worse off than ever.

    Do this right. Body for Life--IS FOR LIFE. Don’t rush through something and miss the chance to change yourself for the better--for life.

  • I would have to agree with Legs C3 on this one.  I know myself well enought to know that carbs and sugar are extremely addictive for me.  I eat it and then crave it, then eat more etc etc...  As much as I would like to go crazy on free day its not really free day.  Nothing is FREE ever....  

    For me in this challenge the most challenging part isn't going to be the physical its going to be the mental as that is the driving factor as we all know.  I am still getting to the correct eating regimen as I've only been eating healthy not exactly following the 6 meals a day thats my next step, but I know that if I were to go have a heyday tomorrow it would put me back into the same ole tailspin I've been in time and again.  

    I'm so sick of being sick and unhappy with my self image I cannot let myself fail, and please those of you reading this hold me to that :-)


  • TonyaMaz: You got that BANG ON. If your head is in control, your body WILL follow. You sound alot like me - it is very much a mental transformation. But can be easier than we think. Keep the guessing and what if's out of your vocabulary and just DO the workout, EAT the clean food. Leave the choices out of it and just DO. You'll get results that way quickly.

  • I know this much my rule for my free day, was pretty generic, "Enjoy it, but not to much."  I didn't go to the gym, and I enjoyed a doughnut, and a big sushi dinner.  The rest of my day was pretty healthy foods, at that two to three hour spread.  Overall it's been a good day, and I've had a great first week.

  • Sunday is HERE!!! Yeah! I'm so proud of myself. I did great all week my first week. I've lost 4lbs in 6 days. I paid attention to what I was craving all week long.  I'm not going overboard today, but the one thing that my mind kept coming back to all week was Hibachi.

    So I've already planned my meals for my free day.

    Breakfast- Two whole eggs, two slices of wheat toast w/ butter and a glass of chocolate milk

    Lunch- Out at a Japanese restaurant for some chicken hibachi.

    For the rest of of the day I'm going to watch it and eat a little cleaner. I don't want to over do it.

    I'm getting the main cravings I was having, staying clear of fast food restaurants and getting some exercise in by cleaning out my car. =)

    Have a great day and a Happy Father's day to you dads out there!


    Chocolate Covered Broccoli


  • My week was pretty good even though i missed one of my aerobic workouts, but i try to walk everyday.

    i asked my hubby what he wanted for supper tonight since its fathers day and he said crab legs. i said no its my free day and i really want pizza sooooo.... he said  'pizza it is'.... and of course an ice cream cake.. but i only plan on having a tiny bit of cake...

    this week i am going to work on taking more rest time during my upper/lower workouts because i am getting through them to quickly, and getting in the 6 meals,,

    surprisingly, its harder than you think to eat 6 meals a day and i am probably only averaging 4-5/day.

    so far so good !!!

  • I had a great first week!  I ate clean and got six meals in and 60-100 oz. of water (depending on the day).  My weights went great and I did my aerobics, except yesterday I only did 10 minutes because my stationary bike lost power and the tension was gone.  This week I am going to use the treadmill at the gym for my aerobics because with the bike I am feeling it too much in my legs.  After a lower body workout it is hard because my legs are sore; I am afraid that they are not getting the rest they need when I use the bike.  (Does that make sense?)  I had my food free day yesterday; I only ate some cookie cake (my 17 yo birthday) and some sunflower seeds.  For some reason I was craving chocolate chip cookies all week, so it tasted good to have some cookie cake.  I ate clean the rest of the day and got my six meals and water in.  I am not an emotional eater; in fact, if I am stressed or busy I forget to eat.  When I did BFL before I would find myself not eating on my free day, so this time I am just treating it like a normal day with a treat thrown in every once in a while.:-)  Today is my exercise free day.  I split them up because for me Sunday is the Sabbath, so I don't exercise or go out to eat.  And Saturday is the day we can go out to eat or order pizza.  I hope everyone is having a good challenge; thanks for your support and tips.  Christie

  • My first week at challenge #2 was a success also.  It is only slightly before  noon on Sunday now and I really don't see myself eating anything differently today then I did this week. I agree that this is a numbers game and I am not giving up that edge for a "free" day.  I do take a break from the gym though.  I believe that my muscles must have that day of rest.  During my first challenge I tried to fit a lot into Sunday and usually felt like I was going to barf most of the day.  I don't want that feeling again.  I prefer the stable energy 6 meal plan every day.  In fact I even ate the plain non-fat Greek yogurt today that I swore I wouldn't eat on free day.  I did add a little fruit and chopped walnuts to it though.  This is all a process and you will all figure out what does and doesn't work for you.  I just don't have any cravings right now... except for the craving to actually have the infamous six pack abs which I have never had.  I'm looking forward to week 2 and another successful step in our journey.


  • Well my craving was a huge disappointment. I went to have my chicken hibachi like I planned and I didn't even eat the whole thing. I felt so gross after I ate it. My stomach was screaming at me, "What the H E L L did you do to me!!"  

    I don't think my cravings are all that they are cracked up to be- not if I'm going to feel like a bag of a$$ on Sunday. I'm going to finish the rest of my day with nothing but water.

    Lesson learned early on in week one. Now next Sunday, I'm not going dive into any specific craving. I'll have a little unauthorized food if it comes my way, but I'm going to keep it a lot cleaner.

    Chocolate Covered Broccoli


  • I have finished my first week and am pleased with the results. 2 pounds down and I feel and look better. I have increased stamina and more energy. I stuck to the diet really well and on my off day I had a little more then I usually would have at dinner and added some things at the Father's day breakfast but otherwise kept to my diet. I am not going to go "hog wild" on my cheat days, it will make me feel bad and gain weight.

  • I was able to get rid of most of the non BFL approved foods this weekend,  and had a pretty good work out today.

    No idea how much weight I've lost, and honestly with all the garbage I ate yesterday, I doubt much weight has come off,  However, my plan is to not check my weight until the 6 week and 12 week mark.

  • So I had a great first week and start to my 2nd week.  I didnt go off too much yesterday I had one small piece of a carmel apple after dinner and thats it.  I checked my weight even though I'm going to try not to  for the next month at least.  I was down like 4 pounds though but I thing its water weight so I don't want to get disappointed when it goes up again :-)  I will do measurements next week.  I finally bought the body for life book and eathing for life by Bill Phillips so I can get the 6 meals a day going.  Hope you all are doing well.


  • Today starts day #9 and feeling good. I had a really strong LBW yesterday and I'm feeling it this morning. But its such a good sore. Its not too painful and sore enough to remind me I'm doing well. YES!!! I ran on the treadmill this morning. My thighs warmed/loosened up well and felt nice but my calves were tight and hurt a bit. I finished strong though. Not going to look at the scale until Friday at the earliest.

    LET'S GO TEAM!!! Let's kick Week #2's BUTT!!!


    Chocolate Covered Broccoli