im going to start b-f-l challenge on june 14 anyone else starting then?

  • Keeping on course is difficult. I often stray from my plans and skip a day or two than feel I can't get back. The key is to make it the priority for 84 days. Let's do it.

  • Had a bit of an oops yesterday.

    During the 5th meal, I had a giant bacon cheese burger and a huge serving of steak fries.

    I could have ordered a salad, but nope, I went for the killer.

    Oh well, I am not going to let that get me down, or even worry about it.  I'm back on schedule today.

  • Thayer~

       Great attitude.... You admitted it and was honest with youself, you are not letting it knock you down. You got back up and pushing forward.  AWESOME!!

    Chocolate Covered Broccoli


  • Had a pretty good work out today,  my bench was a little weak, but I got everything finished on time,and i'm feeling pretty good.

  • wow

    I'm so stoked!!! i just finished my cardio 4for day 6 & i totally nailed it  i did the treadmill . the exercise has ben amazing ion the first day i did upper body (of-course like i need to tell u that!)  i didn't think i realy hit my 9s & 10s but the next day i was sooo soor. i stayed soor until late Wednesday night you know i was worried that id be able to do my work out but thursday morning my arms & shoulders felt real good. i was so surprised so i did the work out and all is well. you are all so encouraging!!  iv felt so good that i have slipped in 2-a-days for the last 3 days and i think I'm starting to really like it. have an awesome saturday.

  • hay all (u 2 herddriver) getting on this web sits hasn't ben as consistent as I'd like I'm making it a bigger part of my goals for week #2 thanks for the suggestion with my week left side. I'm looking forward to getting stronger!  my diet has ben good (low cal) but hitting the 6 meals needs some more focus too i look forward to posting more soon.

  • Hello.  I too am going to start on don't lnoww how many times I've said that, but I'm determined to make it work this time.  I'm the Dad of two wonderful kids and a stay at home Dad.  But now my oldest is leaving for college and my son is turning 12, so there's less of me needed and more of me here.  I'm 5'09" and 240 lbs.  I'm giving up and diving into the Body for Life world.  I'm just coming off my fourth knee surgery (the first one on my "good" knee) my left one was replaced 5 years ago and I'm headed down that same path with my right I have to lose the weight to stop damage and re-gain my life back....I'm glad there's others out here and I'd like to keep in touch...Thanks, Lance

  • Russell.... Awesome!  I am so glad you are still here.  I feared that we had lost you.  I should have known that not everyone lives on the internet as I do.  I get to stare at a computer screen all day at work.  I'm still getting used to that after 21 years as a pilot.  Congratulations on a great first week!  The soreness that you feel will subside.  I actually like the soreness when it comes because it tells me that I am rebuilding good muscle.  It won't always be such an intense soreness though so have heart.  You can read it throughout these discussions and I can tell you from real life that the key to the six meals a day is planning.  You need to plan for tomorrow today.  Think about where you will be during the time you will require a meal. Plan to have it available and to take the time to eat it.  For instance,  my wife and I took our four kids to see Toy Story 3 last night and I had her put a myoplex bar in her purse so that I could have it for my meal #6 around 9:00 PM.  I will have to do the same thing tonight as we are going to see 'Wicked' in St. Louis at 8:00 PM.  I think of it as a game.  Like my life is trying to prevent me from getting those meals at the correct time.  I refuse to lose!  I love chess and I'm all about strategy.  With some careful strategizing you can figure this out.  All you have to do is win one day at a time.  We're here for you through the whole challenge.  This is so much easier with others to share ideas and information.  Enjoy a relaxing weekend (you deserve it) and don't forget to plan for all 6 meals on Monday.


  • Welcome Lance...  you won't be disappointed in the BFL world.  Like anything in life though, it is what you make of it.  If you follow the nutrition plan and the exercise plan you can't help but to succeed.  It's not always going to be easy but we will be here for you any time.  You've made the crucial first step which is committing to this way of life... now let's get it GOING!!!  I can't wait to here about your first week.


  • Well i am coming to the end of my first week. Tomorrow is my 'treat' day.  I have read from previous champs that they have a cheat meal rather than a whole day so I'll just see how I feel tomorrow.  So far though I cannot even begin to express how surprised I have been by this plan.  It is so completely different from anything I have ever done before and it's completely opening my mind up to a way of thinking I never had before.

    I was a very sickly child and stayed tiny because I was always unwell I guess.  When I was a 'healthier' teen I started filling out and that freaked me out! My solution was annorexia, not a good idea! I left school and went to Uni, developed depression (probably from the years of not taking care of myself) and within 5 years had ballooned to 255lbs.

    I have dropped down to 185, but I can't say my attitude towards my life or my body has ever been particularly healthy! So for me this week has been a huge wake up call.  I have for the first time in my life fed my body properly and exercised properly and already I am feeling the difference, mostly mentally.  I am the most alert I think I have ever been and I am very focused on completing this successfully and to create a healthy lifestyle for myself.  

    I know there will be times when my old demons return and I hope and pray that you guys would do me the honour of helping me through those times?

    Much love and stay strong


  • Hello. I'd like to join this team. My husband and I have been on the bfl eating plan for a month now, while we were getting our home gym set up. We intended to start the work outs on the 14th, but gym wasn't ready, so our first work out was on Wed. (Really didn't want to put it off till next week-afraid we would find a convenient excuse week after week).

    I'm 41, 125lbs at 5'. Average and healthy by any Dr's charts, but 30% body fat. Looking forward to loosing the "muffin top" on my pants : )

  • how do we post instead of just reply do you know??  Thanks, Tonya

  • Mark

    I am trying to figure out how to post on here.  I only know how to reply but I want to be involved in this and I also started June 14.  Do you know how?  Just write it to Tonya

  • Look at that I answered my own question hee hee.....

  • Ok, well now that I figured the easy stuff out like how to post ha ha, I also started the BFL challenge on June 14th.  I need to get the book for the complete nutrition plan, although I have been using the myoplex lite bars up till now, I haven't been doing the 6 meals a day.  I am however watching what I eat just not keeping track of 6 meals.  That will be my challenge.  I have worked out consistently and am proud of my follow through so far.  I just turned 40 YIKES have 3 kids youngest is 4 and a husband thats 7 years younger so I need to stay fit hee hee.....I was in very good shape but over last 5 years have had multiple issues that I allowed myself to be focused on instead of being healthy.  I don't know about any of you but I find myself pooping out by 9pm this week.  It feels good though!