im going to start b-f-l challenge on june 14 anyone else starting then?

  • Hi Russell,

    I am starting tomorrow too.  I will support you in your quest to finish...and you can support me.  I am a female weighing in at 150 and standing at 5'6".  I am very athletic and do not want to carry around this extra weight...I am looking at 25-30 pounds to lose.  

    My biggest obstacle is my mind...

    Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!


  • Hi Russell,

    I'm with you too!  Starting tomorrow also. Age 37, 5'9" 158#  Ugh!  Just finishing grad school this summer, so timing couldn't be better!  Feels like I'm getting my life back, so I would like to have my body back as well!  Best of luck to everyone!


  • Hey everyone! I am all in! I am 44 years old and have been scared to step on the scales. Weighed in today at my heaviest ever, 175.8 lbs. at 5'8" LET'S DO THIS!! My goal is 150!

  • I have a strange question?  I obviously know how to reply to a thread, but how do you start a new one?  I cannot figure it out for the life of me.  Thanks.  Christie

  • Hi cmp137... I copied this form another forum and it works...  Go to the top of the forum area and click on the appropriate subject area your thread would fall under.  Once you do that, you'll see "New Post" over on the right side of the forum area.  Just click that and go from there. :-)  Hope this helps you.  Mark

  • Sorry... I didn't see  your name on the last post before responding.  Christie.  I guess I am just used to filtering that one out since it is also my wife's name.

  • well it looks like around 15 of us are starting on or around the 14th.that's great isn't it?! its so encouraging reading the replies so far  i took the suggestion to make sat my free day.good idea and instead of moving the start day back 6 days i got started today!

    this is my first time in the jym with a plan,and i have to say i like knowing how much more exercise i have to do until its over.

     2 observations_

    1) i don't think I'm g the exercises right.

    2) wow my left side is allot weaker than the right. some times i couldn't finish a set on the left side and the right side wasn't tired yet.I don't know what to do about that.

    along with first jym trip this blogging thing is a first too. id like to address the people who r just starting but i don't know how to yet.


  • Hey Russell, add me to your list !!!! .... I am starting this tomorrow on the 14th of June and will finish the 12 weeks.

     I am a male, 41 yrs of age, 6'1" and weigh 239 pounds. My goal is to loose 30lbs and tone up a bit. Mostly loose weight.

    I am totally pumped to do this and win at this, competing against myself. I will not be inslaved to being overweight anymore!

  • HERCDRIVER, Thank you so much for your response.  I finally was able to start a new post.  Maybe you can answer that one for me too. :-)  Thanks, again.  Christie

  • I'm starting this challenge tomorrow too.  I followed it for 8 weeks before going on vacation the first of May and got good results.  However, I totally got derailed from vacation and here it is 6 weeks later and I'm back to square one.  I'm 5'2 and weigh 121 lbs so I know I don't have a lot of weight to loose but my weight is almost 30% fat so I want to convert that to lean muscle.  I stocked up on my approved foods this weekend so I have no excuses in that department.  Now I just have to get back to my work out plan.

  • Hey Russell... As far as the left side vs right side issue goes... Always use the same amount of weight on each side so you develop symmetrically...Just make sure that the amount of weight you are using is doable on your weakest side.  Sounds like you are probably using dumb bells.  Diminishing the weight amount a little may seem easier on your right side initially but when the left side gets used to doing the exercise then you will quickly be moving up in weight.  Concentrate on form and doing the exercise correctly.  The additional weight will come later.  Congrats on your first day!  The first week or two takes some getting used to both physically and nutritionally.  You can do this!


  • I'm starting tomorrow too. I've attempted the challenge once before, and had great results! However, it's been a few years since my last BFL journey. I went back to school and put everything else (mainly my health) on the back burner. No excuses though, I love food and just plumb got chunked out! I am 5'3.5 and at 170. I am happy and fit at about 140, on a medium frame. My weight typically lands all over my body, but I am curvy through my lower body. I have been picking up weight around my middle which I NEVER used to do. Always had a smaller waist, but now, after 2 children and such, this is how it is!

    Honestly, I'm not doing this so much to see a lower number on the scale as I am for stress relief and to ensure I do everything in my power to avoid high blood pressure and diabetes amongst dozens of other potential health issues related to an unhealthy weight, diet and lifestyle.

    Let's do this guys!

  • I am going to start tomorrow too.  I am 40 years old.  Wow, it is hard to type that.  I just turned 40 on June 3rd. I am a female, 5'6" and weigh 133.  I have a lot of body fat to lose.  I have been doing the exercise portion for about 2 months but can't get the diet under control.  I am recommitting myself and plan on getting in great shape.  I have gotten a lot stronger.  I am going to officially enter the challenge this time, pictures and all.  Good Luck everyone!

  • Hi my name is Bridget,

    I am starting June 14th too.  I can tell this is going to be an encouraging forum.  I'm nervous about making time for the workouts and sticking to the meal plans when i want to eat unhealthy with my friends.  I need to sit down and put my goals to paper, but to let you all know what I want, here it is.

    I'm in my early 20's, weigh like 140lbs and am 5'6".  I want to gain strength in my arms and tone up my legs.  I want a more scheduled workout routine because I've been lazy lately.  

    I thought about doing the BFL starting the 2010 year in jan, but i just didnt committ.  Well, I have the time because I am working, no school for at least 2 months so I can get this established and I REALLY WANT TO COMPLETE THIS!  I've been thinking about it for like a year now, so I"M READY.

    Let's make these next 12 weeks amazing everyone.  

    Be talking to you all soon.

  • whats up russell Im in on the 14th,and I am 41 years old,and wheigh 207lbs and I know what it takes to complete this thing,because I did it back in 2003.