im going to start b-f-l challenge on june 14 anyone else starting then?

  • Where are all the June 14th people?!?  I had to dig to find this thread, I hope y'all are giving up because we're ALMOST THERE!!!!!!!

    Post if you're still in (daws, liznable, Tayerphotos, Anita), we need to finish strong.  

    Have a great Sunday but I want to hear from YOU!     Yes, that means you if you're reading this. =)

  • Hi All,

    So after a frustrating week of not feeling like I have lost any more weight I went to a BBQ yesterday and when I walked in people's jaws dropped to the floor.  Everyone was like OMG you look fantastic!!  One friend even told me I looked like half of what I was (definitely an exaggeration because I am NOT half by any means!!) but very flattering and the ego boost I really needed to go hard in the last two weeks.

    Also my husband said something to me during the week that really hit home.  He saw me in a pair of "old me" jeans a a big billowy top and he said, you know you have a new body should show it off.  So last night I wore shorts and a fitted top to this BBQ and some cute heels...and I felt like a million bucks!  So even though I know the scales haven't changed in a couple of weeks, my attitude and outlook certainly has!

    Good luck everyone with the final countdown!


  • Liz: Congratulations!! That is fabulous. I bet you looked all kinds of cute in those little heels and shorts!  Throw that scale away. They are nasty.

    Im so happy for you - keep up the great work!!

  • Hello All,

    I am still here.  The workouts have been slipping some, but I've been doing pretty well on the meals.  

    I'm doing a 6 week language intensive class right now and its 7 hours a day and then the professor on top of that says 3-4 hours of studying is needed beyond the class.  That's been taking up my time the past two weeks.  I just can't commit an hour of working out (LB and UB), so i have reduced the workouts some.  This week I'm going to give it another go and see how it pans out.

    Congradulations everyone for sticking with it!  What do we have 2 more weeks?  WOW, we are going to make it.  

    On a side note, what constitutes sticking with it.  I haven't been doing it 100% to the Tee, but I've been trying and trying new approaches... I guess you could call that still in the program.


  • Hi everyone...still here but I'm grounded from workouts per the doctor. Your blood pressure is supposed to go down with this but in my case something is causing it to go up. Feeling pretty down about it because I'm just starting to see the "8 week miracle". And I think I'm wasting away all that hard work to get to this point. Until this gets under control I'm not to WO in the high intensity this requires.

    I would really be encouraged by hearing about all your miracles. We should be seeing them about now right? Please everyone share what's been happening in your transformation. I'll miracle happened this week (even tho the WOs have been interrupted). I woke up to a flatter tummy. Measurements show I lost an inch each in my waist, hips, chest, and tummy pooch. Hooray!!! Paper towel theory here I come :) It took me eight weeks to lose 3 lbs. and just in one week I've lost 3 more. Weight loss was not really one of my goals, but it is a miracle none the less. And for the first time in my pictures, I see a visible change. So thankful for this program and for all of you to check in with. I really need you :)


    C1 stalled at Day58

  • Daws - those doctors orders suck. I am sorry you have to lean back at this point of the 12 weeks. At least you have a medical reason.

    Many just quit here in this week because they havent seen enough progress on the scale. It is so sad really to see them drop off like flys when this is the time they will start to see some amazing things happen to their bodies.

    Its mental at this stage - the majority of overweight/unfit people dont have that stamina this long unless introduced and encouraged to continue with BFL. It's their loss and I have seen it alot over this past year.

    I hope you pick up where you left off when able. Sounds like your head is in the right place, your body just needs to repair.

  • Legs...thank you. I do plan to finish out the 4 weeks when I'm able. Follow up appt was  today and bp was 200/116. They gave me some meds and didn't let me leave until it went down some. All the test came back normal so all they can say is it must be genetic. hmmm.

  • daws: I am glad results came back normal. I wont comment on the medical diagnosis but I will say this -

    eye color is genetic.

    BFL without a doubt will help with your BP.

  • Ok I'm back.

    That "not feeling well" that I had a few weeks ago turned into a full sinus infection/chest cold

    I missed workouts last week Friday and Saturday, and Mon/Tues this week.

    However I doubled up yesterday and today and got everything caught up. Sort of.

    Tomorrow will be upper body, then...

    Final week !  WOO HOO ! Sprint to the finish !

    I should be down a total of 30 lbs, but I have no idea what my body fat % will be, because I doubt my scale's accuracy.

    Ok peeps, one more work out this week.  Then a free day.  Then we turn and burn !

  • DAWS:

    Are you using whey protein as one of your supplements ?

    I read somewhere that whey protein will reduce your blood pressure significantly.  I kow for a fact that my BP went down during my time on BFL, and I've been having 1 or 2 Myoplex mix, whey protein shakes per day.

  • Thayer Wow! That's a lot of weight lost. Great job! And glad you are getting right back into it, hope you are feeling much better. This is your final stretch. Give it everything you've got...I'm cheering for you!

    For me supplements have all been EAS products. A Myoplex lite after each workout. An RTD myo-lite at work and/or a myo-bar (lite or carb control) depending on where I'm at when meal time comes around. And Myo-protein powder for the pudding. I will hopefully be working out again very soon...just working on getting my BP under control. I still have 4 weeks of work outs ahead of me-can't wait to be where you're at!

  • I really don't post much on here but I do read all the emails that are automatically sent to me.

    I cant believe that I have stuck with this program for this long..I have never been able to committ to a workout regime like I have with this one . I have only lost about 15lbs but I am only 5 ft tall and my goal weight loss was about 20 lbs so I have done soooooo much better than I ever thought.. My husband is very encouraging and always comments on how great I look.

    So I am wondering , when the challenge is over do I continue on , as this is my new lifestyle, or are we supposed to do other workouts. What are you guys planning on doing after the 12 weeks is over.  I can honestly say that I love working out now and will continue on with these same routines .. I have a teenage son that I am trying to encourage to start BFL. Does anyone else have teens doing  the program ??

  • HERE WE GO ! ! !

    RAHHHHHHH! ! !


    Seriously, last week peeps.  We got this !

  • So, I'm having some type of tendon problems in my ankle and i'm barely able to walk.


    hopefully it will be better tomorrow, I'd like to get at least one more cardio in before the final weigh in

  • Congratulations on sticking with program and dropping 15 lbs.  That's fantastic.  

    I started the program because I wanted to create a new habit that included regular exercise and healthy eating.  I don't anticipate keeping such a rigorous work out schedule once the 12 weeks are over, but I want to continue to lift weights 3 times a week and shake up my cardio workouts with a variety of different activities - like playing squash, swimming, jogging, hiking, biking.  I may do the occasional 20 minute cardio solution, but more as a back up.  I feel I have been successful in creating that new habit and as I've seen results I want to make sure I keep that habit going.  I'll be 42 soon and I've noticed that it doesn't take long to get out of shape.  Better to just keep up a regular routine.