im going to start b-f-l challenge on june 14 anyone else starting then?

  • I'm in shock that I actually ran 2.6 miles on the elliptical in 20 minutes. I was always the 12+ minute mile, the last one to finish way back in gym class. Who is this fit woman? And HUNGRY. Yesterday, I was hungry every 1.5 hours. Metabolism must be kicking into high gear??

  • Hey daws, that's awesome!  Way to goooooo!!!    ((I'll take the treadmill over the elliptical any day, I just can't seem to get going on that thing.  LOL!))

    How is everyone doing?  I had a sinus infection for a few days last week, it really knocked me down but I'm still here and loving this journey.

    I hope there are more of us June 14th people, we're closing in on Day 84.  :)

  • Thank you Michelle. Glad you are feeling better. A few days I've skipped my morning WO due to a waking up with a terrible headache. Then, it's really hard to get motivated for an after work WO later. How did you handle your workouts with a sinus infection?

    Is there really only 7 of us left on here? How is everyone progressing? I am so motivated by knowing we are all on this journey together and we are there for each other. Keep up your great work and let's finish this week strong!

  • I'm still here, just not very active on the forum.  I went away for two weeks on a family holiday, most of the time spent on some remote islands on a kayaking trip.  Although I was active during that time in that I was kayaking (so I got some good upper body conditioning, particularly in the shoulder area), I didn't do anything else as far as weight training or a cardio work out goes. Lifting rocks instead of weights just wasn't working for me.  I ate fairly well, but not the way I've been doing with the program.  So I've decided to extend my 12 week program for another two weeks to cover that holiday time. I don't plan to submit anything to the contest, so there is no issue there.  For me it's just about creating a new habit and being able to say "I did it"

    I'm motivated by others too, so I do like reading these comments and finding out how everyone is making out.  It really is a great program and I hope everyone is getting something out of it.


  • daws, I just did what I could, hitting my 10's was different those days I was sick.  I tried to stay on track with the eating and water, THAT was a challenge!   Normally I work out in the morning when my older 2 kids are in swimming lessons but when I was sick I waited for my husband to come home from work so I could go alone.  

    I get headaches when I'm not drinking enough water.  Try drinking some the next time you notice your head beginning to ache, maybe it'll help.

    Not many of us left,  but know I'll be here...I'M NOT QUITTING!!!!!!   I still have a hard time posting here, I have to log in repeatedly and then I cross my fingers the reply shows up.  LOL  

    Have a great day!


  • 3 weeks to go !

    I stepped on the scale and I'm actually UP 3 ******* lbs !

    Got to nail thelast 3 weeks.

    The gym is going well, but the weight seems to have stopped coming off.  Angry Face.

  • OMG!!  Me too!!  I am so annoyed.  I was super strict with food last week and now I am up 3 pounds.  WTF??  I am going to up the anti for the last 3 weeks, no carbs at night for me.  I feel like my body is getting used to all this so it's time to kick it up a gear.

  • My body fat went up 1 pound. What's up with that? And my blood pressure is through the roof. Time to get my meds adjusted. 191/102. Dr's appt. is on Wed am. but now I'm wondering if I should be continuing work outs or wait until I get the BP back down.

  • yesterday was by far my most frustrating day on BFL.  

    When I finally made it to the gym (About 3 hours laters than usual) i wasn't feeling quite 100%,

    I didn't finish my ab work out, I was feeling light headed and all that up and down just was not going to happen.

    today is cardio and I'm trying to get myself into the right frame of mind but so far it's not happening.

  • Thayerphotos....keep at it. You are worth it and so close to the finish line. Dig deep these last few weeks. You can do it. FOCUS. Big lense - zoom in on your happy place and stay there.!

  • Thanks Legs.

    I went to the gym this morning, and finished the abs andlower back work out from yesterday, then did today's cardio.

    So, I feel like I'm still on track.  I just wish I knew why the weight isn't coming off.  my body fat % is almost unchanged since I started so it's not a muscle vs. fat issue.  Grrrrr.

  • Daws !  Congrats on the 2.6 on the eliptical !

    My goal for the 12 weeks was 2.0 @ level13 and I got 2.03 Saturday

    I'm not sure if I'll do eliptical as my cardio for the next cycle, but it's been enjoyable watching my distances go up over the last several weeks.

  • Thayerphotos:

    How are you testing BF? If it is on a scale - welcome to my tests your lower half and doesnt take into account your upperbody which may be losing BF more quickly and visa versa on a hand held BF reader.

    There is lots going on INSIDE you to prepare your body for the best to come. Remember the Chuck roast story - all the marbly fat....has to work itself out so you can be that sirloin roast. :)

    Keep at it. When people dont SEE results, they often give up and this is when the magic is going to start. Dont be THAT GUY!

    Strong supportive hugs being sent to you.

  • Thayerphotos ; I was just thinking...find "Fit4Life" or "BryanL" - those are 2 men off the top of my head that I can think of that may be able to help you more than I - they'll have that male twist on BFL that perhaps is just what you need. Fit4Life is all over, and BryanL is often on the Coffee Crew thread.

    Hang in there.

  • Ughhh! I looked at the machine was 2.6 in 25 minutes and 2.2 in 20 minutes. There was still 5 minutes on it from the previous day's warm up. So now I feel really sheepish for thinking I actually went that fast.

    When I was introduced to bfl a couple years ago, i was told to do a 5 minute aerobic warm up at a moderate pace before doing weights, to get my heart rate up first. So that's where the additional 5 minutes came from.

    Thayer-You DID it!! I am so happy to see your progress, I know you've been pushing yourself and it shows :) Level 13 would be very hard for me as I'm only on level 2.

    Everyone-keep pushing ahead. Don't get sidetracked...we're getting close!