im going to start b-f-l challenge on june 14 anyone else starting then?

  • my name is Russell & i am determined to do this. if you are starting this around this time we could support each other. i live in Michigan by Ann Arbor,I'm 5'feet 7inches tall weight is 230pounds so i have lots to work on.who's with me??

  • I am starting on that my off day is on saturdays :)

  • I am starting on June 14th as well! I have tried to enter about 10 times in the past and I am determined to finish this time!

  • I will be starting C4 Monday too.

    Aufan: I did C1 and C2 with free days on Fridays. Well that just gave me a "free weekend" many times. If you can stick to Saturday then power to you - I'm just sharing what I did, and I used it as an excuse to carry on the poor choices longer than one day.

  • too funny legs....I did the challenge about 10 years ago and got amazing results and was totally focused. I save all my junk for sat. With dh working on fridays I don't want to waste the day :)

  • I am starting on Monday as well. I am 5'4" and weigh 184, I am hoping to lose about 40 pounds. My personal trainer (who I saw for the first time today) is pushing me to do this program and I am really excited about.

  • I am starting on Monday also.  I am a 43 year old wife and mother of four.  I am 5"1' and 150 lbs.  I don't have a scale goal, just want to be lean, tone, and full of energy.  Christie

  • hi my name is Tammi and i live in ontario,canada and i am also starting on the 14th.. i had my hubby take my before pics and i was totally horrified by them ;) he of course just rolls his eyes. lol

    anywho, i am almost 41 yrs old, married and have 2 teens. i am 5 feet and one inch tall  and weigh 145lbs. i would like to lose at LEAST 15 pounds,  20 would be great. I have ordered the book online and am still waiting for it to arrive but this website gives alot of great info so i feel that i can still start monday and read the book when it gets here..

    Good Luck everybody

  • My name is Zach Lamm, I live in NC,  I'm 19 years old, and weigh 255 lbs.  I tried doing this once already this year, but couldn't follow through.  Now I'm here, and ready to make a change.  For my family, for my friends, but most importantly FOR MYSELF.  I'm starting tomorrow, and hope that this will be another place for me to find great support.

    Good Luck everybody!

  • OK people - Monday is start day for the majority here. Statistics show that only 5% finish a challenge. WHY? Because in the 5th and 6th weeks, it gets tough, you have to dig deep into your reserves and reconnect with WHY you are doing this. ARE YOU PREPARED? This is not a walk in the park - this is not pay as you go, weight loss guaranteed. This is hard work, sweat, early mornings and body fatigue. ARE YOU READY for 12 weeks of FUN!

    I am starting Challenge 4 on Monday. I know what to expect, what I will miss, what I will gain.

    I am here for you if you need a shout out, a push, a pick up, a kick or a high 5. I AM HERE, but are YOU IN THE GAME? That is what matters.

    There is one more day to come up with excuses NOT to start....COUNTDOWN IS ON TEAM!

  • My name is Mark Koenig.  I did the BFL challenge about 9 years ago and really liked the results.  I am 5'9" and weigh about 152 pounds.  Obviously I am not in this for the weight loss... even though I would like to lose about 5 pounds.  For me it is about the workouts and the proper nutrition.  I think you will all be amazed at the increased energy level and confidence you gain during this challenge.  I am in the Air Force stationed at Scott AFB... near St. Louis but in Illinois.  I will be starting the challenge tomorrow as well.  This is my first attempt at an online social forum.  I have read through several of the threads and I really like what I see.  Encouragement will get you through this!  I hope I can offer some good advice as a previous challenger.  

  • Hey Russell, I am also starting June 14th (tomorrow!!). I like this forum to help keep each other motivated. I am a wife and a mother of five so I have a lot of distractions and "excuses" that can easily deter me from my goal.  I am 5'5" and 150lbs.  My goal is 130-- lean and tone!  

    Well, I'm with you and look forward to keeping in touch with everyone... GOOD LUCK!

    Chocolate Covered Broccoli


  • Tomorrow is the big day!  I did BFL about nine years ago, but I only got to week five and then gave up because I wasn't seeing results quick enough.  This time I am going to complete the full twelve weeks!  I am excited but nervous about failure also.  Anyone else feel this way?  Christie

  • Christie- I'm with you. I'm am scared about failing because I'm notorious for giving up or not finishing what I started. Hopefully, we can keep each other motivated.

    Chocolate Covered Broccoli


  • I think we are all a little nervous, or at least I am, and I started today.  The things that will pull you through though are your reasons for doing this.  Keep thinking about them, and we'll make it to the end.