NEWBIES! Introduce Yourself Here so we don't miss you!

  • Hi All, My name is Trish. I am a newbie but an oldie at the same time. In 2007 I did the challenge. I completed all 12 weeks and lost almost 30 ilbs. I went from a size 18 jean to a 12. Then I quit smokig, moved back to the states from over seas, lost my job, became a stay at home mom and started a home business. I wasnt still doing pretty good until about 6 months ago my Dr. put me on a low dose of Zoloft and since then I have gaine 35 lbs.....needless to say my happy pills arent making me so happy anymore!

    So I am back. more motivated then ever to get back into the shape that I was in 2 years ago and better. I am looking forward to twelve weeks of PAIN!!!!!!

    Trish Moore

  • Hi  I just finished my second week and feel much better. That first week I was kinda sleepy and sore. I really overdid the leg lifts. This week I am much better. My muscles feel shaky but not that painful I can hardly walk feel. I did reach my 10 quite a few times but there was also room for improvement. The eating takes some getting used to but I do not feel hungry. And I definately have more energy this week. I use the elliptical 3 times a week and have the incline all the way up.

  • Hi Nicole!  Sounds like you and your family are capitalizing on competitive spirit to motivate each other  to change.   This is a wonderful program as I'm sure your Aunt told you.  If you haven't read it yet, it will help you tremendously to read the original Body-for-LIFE book.  It will prepare you mentally for the challenge ahead of you.  You'll also get lots of support here but  reading the book is key to a strong beginning.  You can do it!

    Welcome back Trish and congratulations on quitting smoking!  I was a smoker too so I know it was no small feat.  Best wishes as you reach your goals!

    Mamanet, I remember that incredible soreness after my first challenge...I found that Betagen has helped me recover quicker.  It doesn't take away the extreme soreness but it helps and I love it.  If you have questions, the EAS helpline is very friendly and helpful.  Good job on finishing your 2nd week!

  • Hi Aussie Deb,

    Thanks for the encouragement.  Your photos look fantastic!  i feel your pain about the daily drinking.  I don't drink much but my fiance is from guess where - Australia.  Before he came along,  I was happy with a couple of glasses of wine on the weekend.  He likes to have a couple of beers everyday after work and automatically gives me one.  I think that is where a lot of the weight has come from.  He is 6'1" and eats everything in site and loses weight.  Very annoying.

    I am not expecting miracles by week 7, just hope those flabby arm wings are toned up and my waist is a bit smaller.  Due to immigration issues, I only have this 7 weeks to plan a wedding.  

    Thanks for your advice and encouragement.


  • Hi DebMo:

    Thanks for your encouragement.  Your pictures are very encouraging.  It's great to think I can be down some inches in the first 7 weeks, and then have the routines in place to get me through the honeymoon.


    Thanks for positng the link to the exercise site.  I used the log and watched the videos for each exercise I was going to do today and printed out the instructions and pictures, put them in a notebook and brought it to the gym with me.  It really helped me to check my form and see what I was supposed to do.  

    I worked really hard today, felt nauseous and now for the rest of the day, I have been dragging.  Hopefully the exhaustion will go away.

    Thanks everyone for the encouragement.


  • I  need to  know  where I  can  get  the  Body for Life  book  and  am  wondering  if  my  registration  for  thie  next  round  of  the  challenge  is  automatic  or  if  I  should  be  looking  for  some  type  of  paperwork  in  the  mail  THANKS

  • Hi,

    Well i have been gone from the site for 2 years and come back to a complete change. I am deciding to do another challenge, i have completed 2 in the past (2006 and 2008) however the last 20 months have wreaked havoc on my poor body. I busted my hip in late 2008, had surgery in March 2009 then fell pregnant in May 2009. I now have a wonderful 11 week old baby and its time to undo all the damage.

    I will be starting monday 29th March. I get married on 8th May, so have to work hard then persevere through the wedding and honey moon. Looking forward to catching up with everyone on here. hopefully it works out to be as easy as the GB was.



  • Dannewi! Congrats on getting week one under the belt, you are here and you are posting and believe me, I've been tracking "newbies" for nearly a year now and those that stay connected here for help and support and the occasional kick in the bum when they need it - FINISH! CONGRATS TO YOU!

    Nicolechii: 18 years young! YES! YES! YES! i'm so very proud of you young lady! I thought that nothing could thrill me more than ladies like me that reclaim themselves in their 40's and 50's, BUT OH, SO NICE TO SEE A YOUNG LADY HAVE THAT THOUGHT! WOOOOOOOP! You've made my day! The fact that you have  a Family Reunion that takes into count your measurements of "success", is brilliant! POWER ON CHICKY BABE!

    Mamanet: Congrats on your 2nd week done! Don't waste it - keep on soldering on! Just with the elliptical and Incline, if you start to tire in your legs as you progress in the challenge from the LBWO, ease off on the incline and get the arms into action to ramp up the "cardio" aspect instead of using your leg muscles to get you through - All the best!

    Nancy:  I feel for you - our Aussie blokes love there booze and they love to think that we "share" with them. Stay true to what feels right for YOU. My hubs got diagnosed with Cancer 5 weeks before I started my 3rd challenge.  I started that challenge because I started "comfort drinking" with him because thats how we used to "share 8 months before"..... I started down the slippery slope of backsliding into my worst habit..... My BFL buddies pulled me back up and got me on track.  It was a hard realisation - seeing my man suffering with chemo, yet drinking himself silly out of the pain of not dealing with the symptoms.  If I had continued to "drink becaue he wanted too" I would be back where I was a year ago.  This is an "extreme" example, but the message is - BE TRUE TO YOU AND WHAT YOU WANT FOR YOU.

    Perky: BFL BOOK - Borrow it from the Library or buy it on EBAY - you can get "used" ones very cheap. You will also be put into the next challenge automatically. The dates are only there to help them sort out things.


  • hi everyone,

    i'm new to this community but not to bfl. i first did bfl in 2008 and was successful but fell off the horse. i am doing it again now, am in week 6 and (as i mentioned in the other thread lol) have not lost very much weight or seen much change on the body fat yet! i think this is normal so i am gonna keep on truckin through but i am not going to say i'm not frustrated.... my boyfriend keeps giving me heck everyday for going to the gym and not being able to go out and drink or eat out all the time... it's not helping! haha. any words of encouragement would help me stay the course. thanks everyone!

  • Hi All,

    I am new to this.. this is my 3rd week on BFL, I've been watching this forum every day on at lunch time.. it's really awesome if I need some inspirations.  So I thought I pop and say hello...

  • Im starting tomorrow, I'm 39 and need to get my body back. Up and at it in the morning.

  • Hi All

    I am a total Newbie, I am 49 year old Englishman living in Massachusetts and I have just read BFL and will start my first day tomorrow!

    I'm hoping to get in shape and put on some muscle I guess I'm what they call a hard gainer

  • Hello!  My name is Carolyn and I am officially considering myself a "NEWBIE", starting my 12 week program tomorrow.  I am 36 years old, 5' 7" and weigh 200 lbs.  I am a stay-home mom to three children, ages 6, 4 and 10 months.  I hope to lose 20 pounds during this challenge.

    I have read BFL cover to cover several times since I bought the book several years ago, but I am sad to say that I have never made it past Week 4.   I have learned a lot about nutrition and exercise from reading this and other popular fitness books, and I'm no stranger to the gym.  But my haphazard approach and inconsistent motivation does not seem to be getting me anywhere.

    During my last BFL attempt,  I took pictures on Day 1 and Day 28 and I could really, truly see a difference (in addition to losing almost 10 lbs.)!  Then two days later my free day turned into a free week, then it was all over.  I gained it all back and then some.  As has happened many times before, I seem to start eating and stop exercising as soon as I start to see progress.  I'm not exactly sure why I let this happen to myself, but I am hoping to figure it out this time!

    I hope this forum is going to be a new source of motivation.  I found myself craving more stories, advice, and input when I was done reading the Champions book during that last attempt.  Maybe staying in touch daily with others who have an interest in BFL will be the missing link  for me!  Fingers crossed!  :)


    AUSMATT & JOANNE: Great to see you two back!

    JAMESK: You are going strong mate - keep on keeping on!

    JULIEINVIRGINIA AND LAURIE-WAXA:  You are both welcome!  Not long now Julie - kick it hard the harder it gets!

    APRIL!: Yay - POSITIVE WORDS!  So happy to see you here and your language shifting for the better! YOU ARE SO WORTH IT, AND YOU WILL look in the mirror one day soon and do a DOUBLE TAKE!  Just keep on - persistance and perseverance - whats the alternative honey?  CRAP, thats what it is!


    CC: This forum and being connected to people who know what you are about to go through is the MISSING LINK!  I would like to send you something on Goal Setting - it may help you get over the "4 week drop out" point...   I found after C1 when I was happy with how I looked, C2, was a real struggle, you have to dig really deep to find the "inspiration" to keep going, because the "motivation - I have how I look" is not there like it was.

    JUICY!: Congrats on making it to week 6!  This is where it gets tough, and yes, having a partner prodding you to "drink and eat" and have fun does not make it any easier.  Stay the course... it's only 12 weeks, or save it for free day - keep your promise to you no matter what others say and do and you will never regret it.

    LULU13: Congrats on making it to Week 3!  Week 1 is usually the toughest and we lose a lot at that point...  Keep reading during lunch, you will find getting your daily "Motivation fix" really does help you keep going!

    DARRYL GOARD - All the best Darryl - reclaiming your health, vitality and life before a major "Birthday Milestone" is a great motivator.  I wanted to look fabulous at 50 - thats in 2 months, but I already do, thanks to a year of BFL.  Give this gift to you and your family for your 40th and have a fantastic "NAUGHTY FOURTIES DECADE! hehe!

    JULIAN BIRCH: Welcome to you!  Another person with a "Birthday Milestone" looming!  Good for you mate - you can do it, there are people on here from all over the world - you have the advantage of living in the country of BFL's Birth, cheap shakes, supplements and lots of support - ENJOY THE RIDE while in the US!



  • Well It's OFFICIAL.. One week in and so far so good... ;) Lastweek was a good one on the diet. I did not go hungry at all during the day, but around 8:30 or so I would get the munchies. so perfect timing for that 6th meal. Thank the lord for Cottage Cheese and Strawberries.

    I had an initial weight drop, but think it was just my body freaking out, as i'm back to what I was when I started.. NOT WORRIED at all.. I know the facts that Muscle is more dense then Fat and I know I'm building muscle.. I can FEEL THE PAIN :) hehehe

    Anyhow jsut wanted tos ay Hi and Thanks for everyones support you Ladies, and Guys, Kick A$$..