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  • Somehow I missed this thread when I started!  I have been reading BFL since 1998 when I had a personal trainer and was in pretty good shape.  Lots of yo-yo diets gaining and losing the same 20 lbs over and over has landed me at 31% body fat which is just not acceptable. Most people wold not guess that about me.  I look pretty average physically but I am WAY squishy.  I miss being fit.   I am a working mom, but I started this FULL FORCE on June 21st and I LOVE IT.

    Looking forward to seeing what kind of changes I am going to see.

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  • Welcome to all the Newbies on this forum! It is super AWESOME!!! This program will change your life so stick with it!! =)

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  • Hi Everyone - My name is Tanya and today is day 1 for me! I've read the book from cover to cover and looked up as many success stories as possible to get motivated. In the past, I've only been able to lose weight with an insane amount of cardio. Of course, I've gained the weight all back every single time. I have 40 lbs to lose, and am hoping that by adopting this way of life, I'll be done once and for all. I'm also very excited to see that there's a community available for support. Here's to a start of a great journey. There's no looking back now!

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  • Hello all my name is mike. I am 25 and i started on july18 2010. I have a million questions... I am an ex college athelete and now wiegh 360 lbs. My goal is to lose at least 100lbs but im not sure if this program is right for me. it seems like everyone on here is talking losing the last 20 lbs or so...

    Can this program work for someone trying to make a complete 180 in lifestyle?

    Is there a certain time of day or night that is the best to work out or is everyone just fitting it in where there schedule allows?

    I have so many questions! :)



  • Hi Mike!

    I absolutely think this could work for someone wanting to lose a large amount of weight and overhaul their health. Have you bought the book yet? If not, definately get it at the local bookstore and read it cover to cover. It will spell out the entire program for you. Plus, it is filled with motivational stories as well. This forum helps too! :)

    I work out 1st thing in the morning during the summer since I am off work. If you workout on an empty stomach it is much better for fat loss. Also wait one hour after doing cardio workouts before you eat because you will continue to burn fat during that hour as well.

    If you can't work out in the morning (which I can't during the school year when I work) then try and work out when you haven't eaten for 3 hours and then eat after (ie. eat lunch at 12:30, work out at 3:30, and then eat a mini meal after the workout)

    Get the book, read it, and do it!! Your body will change!

    Best of luck to you!!!

    There are lots of people on here to help you..We all have lots of questions!!

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  • Mike, I posted you below in the wrong spot! Oops.

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  • i saw your post, i am 37/m from Marion AR. I travel all over TN for work mostly Nashville and joined a gym last week. Want to be around for my 1 year old.Well the gym manager told me about this program and I am new but game. I ordered book tonight. Would you be willing to help me? I need a friend through it.

  • Mike Im elizabeth Im new too I weigh about 330 and need to lose 170 pounds so I know wher eyour coming from. I need new friends whoever needs them

  • Hi coachJay I need more friends  we could help eaach other more friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Okay, bumping this up and posting this series of videos for any Newbies out there. This is a video of my meeting I had with about 30 school/church parents back in September. Hopefully the sound is okay, crank er up!

    I have completed 3 successful challenges since this last Christmas; 45# and 36 inches GONE! So this is how I did it and I hope it helps!! =)

    There are 5 different parts and you should be able to find them... =)

    [I hope this works! I'm technically challenged sometimes!)



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  • My name is Mrc and i am starting in on week 4 today.  so far so good!!!  I hope to posting pics soon!!  Love the forum and the site altogether!!

  • Hi everyone:) Today is my 1st day!! I'd forgotten how much I love EW and spinach lol. I modeled my workouts after BFL back in '98...........I still have the original magazine. And 'Body of Work' was fantastic! Didn't need to lose weight at the time but here I am now at age 47, 45# later, extremely out of shape and seriously in need of this challenge. I am really excited and appreciate all of the inspirational folks who post.

  • hi everyone,

    i want to be me again! i started BFL 7 years ago, i stated at 198lbs, and i got down to 133lbs in about 36 weeks. i am 5'6" so 133lbs was a struggle for me, i found that i felt better at 144lb. ok so that is that, i wondered into a gym one day and i met my soon to be husband. he was a personal trainer who also ate sccording to BFL, well we fell in love and then fell off the wagon. we started going out to eat for our dates and we ate and ate, by the time we got married i was back to 188lbs. a month after we got married we got preg (my 3rd), so we ate and ate. long story short my baby is 4 and i am at 215lbs. i am feeling so bad about myself. i need to get back on BFL, but i must admit i am having a very hard time wrapping my head back around it. i have to do something, the thing is i know i can do it. i jsut have to get the ball rolling.

    i look forward to reading all your tips and stories and most of all having a support system.



  • Oh goodness! My 10 yrs old took my before picture tonite. we looked at them and I said; "Hot stuff, right?"

    She laughed a little...

    I have reached my all-time low health-wise, I tell you! I look aweful and I feel the same about my situation!

    Now, I'm nervous and excited at the same time to get this started. I thought I should wait till next Monday but I better start tomorrow(I dunno why people always pick Monday, I'm honoring the Wednesdays!). I have enough food/supplements & infos to start so the earlier the better! Once you take your before pictures, I don't know how one can wait one more day!!!

    Goodness! It's bad!!!

    My (10yrs old) daughter is a gorgeous dancer and my little 7 yrs old is so artistic but that poor thing is struggling with a little obesity and I need to lead her by example and make them both proud. One more thing; my husband is morbidly overweight and regardless of a heart attack he suffered from 3 yrs ago, his overweight situation is the same as ever.

    I just know that this will change my life but I can't help to see how it'll help my family as well!

    I'll be sure to report on all of us!

    Getting excited to get started!