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  • I try to keep carbs around 20g...1/2 cup brown rice (cooked), a small red potato, pkt of plain oatmeal, sweet potato, etc...

    You don't want to skimp on your carbs otherwise your energy levels will wane! Keep on Keepin' On!! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • I had the best bikini body of my life after my 1st challenge 4 yrs ago. Now 3 babies(in 3 yrs!) later, I'm not wearing any bikinis anymore:( and I live on the beach in Hawaii so it's a real daily issue, seriously!)

    I am making this commitment to my health, for my self, for my family and for all my bikinis I will be wearing again in 3 months! I want my children to look back and have their mom in some photos with them, having fun, being comfortable and sharing in their lives like I should be; not hiding under the umbrella every time someone tries to take her picture. I'm doing this.

  • Congrats kaasam on beginning your "bikini journey"!!! Hawaii? I'm jealous! I want to go there one day!! I have 3 kids too, but not in 3 years! You are a super woman!! You CAN do this!Keep focusing on your goals and plan everything and in the 3 months, you will OWN those bikinis!! Much success to you! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Dear friends,

    I'm new to the program. I have already read the body-for-life book as well as the body-for-life champions book. I've taken my before photo and I was shocked. I have a long way to go. I am starting my third week of the challenge. I have started the challenge before but this time I am serious.

    Exercise is easy for me because I like to work out. My difficulty lies in my eating. I start the day off right with a plan for 6 small meals, but when dinner comes around I eat way too much. I don't know why I give up at the end of the day, but I do. If you have any advice I would appreciate.


    Joe Schaedler

    PS: how to I joint the morning coffee club. I need the motivation to workout in the moring.

  • my name is janelle, and i'm 230 lbs. im almost done week 6 and have only lost 9 lbs, but am noticing muscle gain...should i be taking 1 or 2 scoops of 100% whey protein powder? treadmill broke and im finding it hard to run outside, because my husband cant always watch my 9 month old. my weight workouts work around my babys naptime which is irregular, and i feel bad not having a same-time-everyday- schedule. but ive never missed a workout yet! On my cheat days, i cheat bad!!! (chips, icecream, mcdonalds) only now on my sixth week am i getting discouraged, but trying hard to look up!

  • my name is on my sixth week and have only lost 9 lbs (im 240, so 9 lbs is kinda discouraging)i have irregular times in which i do my weight workout during the day, due to working around my 9 month olds nap schedule. And my treadmill broke, so im finding it hard to run outside in the blasting heat, and my hubby cant always take the baby when i run. but ive never missed a workout or cardio yet. only now in my sixth week am i finding it hard to make it. Im still tired quite often, which makes it hard to get up and do stuff rather than nap! not sure if i am posting this in the right spot...

  • this isnt posting for me!!!

  • Jaydog87,

    You are doing good you are on your way. It is very hard to do workouts with a 9 month old. I am sure you are gettin very little sleep. I say just don't give up 9lbs in 6 wks is not something to look at with contempt. I know we all want great results in a limited time but that sometimes does not happen. Remember it took most of us years to get this fat and it might take a little more than 6 wks to get it off. I know that for myself i am not where i want to be just yet but i am glad i am not where i use to be. Yuck!!. You are hitting your workouts and your getting your meals in right? On your cheat days perhaps try to eat half of what you have been eating so far. As far as a your cardio run in place inside your house. If you have a timer even better. Just whatever you do don't give up.

    The BFL Family has got your back

  • Janelle-My first challenge I started at 203, At the end of 4 wks, I had lost 6# and end of 8 wks, I was down 13#, so you are on your way...just DON'T GIVE UP!!!

    Go to and find the LADIES SUCCESS DOCUMENT. I think it might help you!!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Janelle, don't give up.  I have two kids and I just finished my 12 weeks this Monday.  However, I stopped counting because to me this became a lifestyle change.  I will continue to eat right (I got Eating Clean Book by Tosca Reno which will help me continue this way of eating.  It is very similar to the principels i Body for LIfe so I like the consitency.  I will continue to exercise.  THe 20 min cardio kicks butt.    Now, when I began, I was so exited to look like a supermodel by the 12th week.  It did not happen.  However, this is not a quick pill or shot to get skinny.  This is a slow process but it works.  I did not get the results I wanted in 12 weeks but I know I will get there.  My husband loves how toned I look.  I wear bikinis now, I feel more confident, I love looking in the mirror.  I posted a big post on this site on my 5th week and I was so excited.  Then came week 6 and I felt unmotivated.  I wanted to give up then and I thought, what is the alternative, continue to eating the way I was?  Unhealthy, over eating, no control.  What was I going to accomplish?  Slowly and slowly gaining more weight until I loose myself.  Try to not think of it as only 12 weeks.  Try to make this a change in lifestlyle and there is not way that it will not work.  If you eat right, work out and do cardio, there is not way that it will not work.  It won't happen as quickly as we want, but believe me, it is the only way to get to where you want to get.  Be patient and believe in it!!!

  • Greetings all.

    My name is Bill, I'm  37 (38 in a couple days). Just joined and preparing for my first BFL challenge. So much inspiration here! It is so amazing to find a internet forum brimming with such enthusiasm and support..

    Wondering if someone can tell me how to add to my "about me" section on my profile.

  • Hi my name is Mike and I started my first week  Monday July 5th. My second week has been a nightmare. I started lower training week two with squats and leg presses, this also included hamstrings. Tuesday which would have been cardio and the rest of the week has been depressing. My legs were beyond sore. I was lucky I could walk. I feel like an injured athlete on the disabled list.

    I feel like my whole 12 week program is lost because of a lost week for cardio.

    Any suggestions or encouragement. I am still excited about the program but feel such a let down because of the pain. It is getting better today Friday July16th. Is all lost and how can I make it up?

  • Hello! I just accepted the challenge July 12. I am 29 and not in BAD shape, but i can see it just going down hill. I was attracted to this program b/c of the lifestyle it encourages. I don't want to be a yo-yo so I know that I have to start now forming good habits.

    My ideal weight is 125 and a size 6. Right now I am 136 and a size 8. In the past I just stopped eating, and ran a ton to get the weight off. And yeah, it worked, but I was squishy. Then the moment I started eating again (even if it was healthy) I would put the weight back on.  I want muscle and I want to be constant. I have to be honest with myself: I can't eat crap and look great. You are what you eat, right?

    I am excited! I can't wait to compare my before and after photos. oh I am actually taking photos every 4 weeks to see the gradual changes. One of my friends did that, and it was amazing. We can't always see our progress, but when we compare our photos, its shocking...and encouraging.


  • ms101 - DON'T GIVE UP! possibly use lower weights. you don't want to work out with too much weight or you will hurt yourself. but don't give up! just pick back up where you left off. We all have setbacks, but they are just commas, not periods!

    have you read Body for Life? it helped me understand that this is a process. And that it might take a few workouts to know how heavy you should go with the weights. better to be lighter than rip something! After a workout, if you can say to yourself "I could have lifted more" then next time do it.

    Please don't give up! keep being active while you recuperate, even if you can just cycle on zero resistance. just keep going! its all about forming good habits.

    Believe in yourself!


  • Just started the challenge on Wed July 14, 2010. New to the site and hoping to get motivated by all these experts here!!

    I am 38 and a mom of 2 boys. I only have about 10 lbs I want to lose but i REALLY want to get toned and muscular so i am hoping this will do the trick.

    RunningMom... "run like hell and get the agony over with"