Meal Plan suggestions!!

  • I am still a little confused about meal plans.Can yall send me some lowfat but filling meal plans? I am just a 240lb 5'4" woman who is trying to do it right(My goal is 160lbs)...LOL!! but really...please help me. Where are the long timers at?!  LOL!!  :-)

  • I have been looking at the past winners and what they ate...I found it on this site with the nutrition. I have done the challenge before (10 years ago) and found that if I ate the same breatfast, lunch and snacks and just changed up my dinners I did great. Your body will ajust after 2 weeks. Drinks lots of lemon water to help get through. Lemon is a detox and adds flavor. Print out the food suggestion sheet and have it in you kitchen and that is what you cook off of. I just pick my favs.

  • I found the information that one service of protein is 4oz lean red meat, 5oz chicken/turkey, or 6oz of fish.  Another option is a 20-25gram protein shake or 1 cup lowfat cottage cheese, or like 4 egg whites with one whole egg.

    So per meal choose one of the above and then add a carbohydrate serving.  For me my fist is about 3/4 of a cup or like 4 oz of carb. I personally always choose vegetable carbs like yams, pumpkin, corn, peas... but you can do brown rice, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat sprouted bread etc.

    Anyways the food I eat is pretty boring! Its a veg carb plus a protein and sometimes another veg.

    There is also fruit like you can do a protein shake with 1/2 an apple or something