6 meals per day

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    I have just started (again) week one..anyway I am finding it hard to eat 6 meals a day...my first meal is at 9-9.30am as I workout not long after I get up at 8am...I just dont have enough hours in the day ...next meal is 11-11.30, then 2.30, 5.30, 7.30 then im in bed before the next meal...any guidance would be great..I cant eat in the morning cuz I am wanting to burn fat and dont have time anyway cuz i roll out of bed and head for the gym


    Please somebody help me:):)

  • Get them in. Space your first 3 meals of the day 2 hours apart. Space the last 3 meals 2.5-3 hours apart. Your body NEEDS the fuel from the meals to accomodate the workouts. Do not starve your muscles. You will not get the results you want. You can do this.

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Hinesmum-What time are you going to bed?? Not sure what your schedule is like, but is there anyway that you can get up at 7 instead of 8?

    I've been helping a few ladies from my church/school and they were like "I just don't have the time..." so I came up with the following...I think it's accurate hour wise...

    Where do I find the Time?

    In a 12 week challenge there are:

    2,016 hours -588 hrs for sleep (based on 7 hrs/night) -480 work  - 84 eating   -24 church  -48 workout

    =792 FREE hours

    Daily...24 hrs.-7 sleep  -1 eating  -1 quiet time (God, devotions, etc...),  -8 work,  -1 workout  = 6 Free hrs.

    So...Where WILL you find the time for Body for Life??

    Hope this helps!!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • thanks for the advice..I have already changed my schedule and can now squeeze it in:)