eas myoplex meal replacements

  • Hi all new to the 12 week challenge and im having trouble gettin in 6 decent meals a day with work and other duties,

    As im from Perth, Western Australia..... i have not been able to find myoplex meal replacements any where.

    can anyone recomend another great meal replacement that is aviable from shops in Australia or maybe an online shops from aust... so i dont have to wait too long for orders as they would take 1 week + to get from the usa.


    any help would be great thanks.

  • search MYOPLEX online and you can  buy it from there or if you have a GNC store by you then you can get it from there...good luck

  • proteindirect.com.au for affordable and tasty whey protein. It's about a fifth of the price of buying it in smaller quantities from a shop. Comes flavoured or plain. you could add a teaspoon of glucose (from any health shop - go easy on this, it's high carb/calorie content), or a banana or other fruit, to add some carbs.

  • i live in perth also and cant find it anywhere in aus i normally use nutrition warhouse.com.au they recommended i switch to musashi p40 i think it was called it is high in protein and has a vitamin mix added it also goes thick like myoplex so it will fill you up for a few hours not like the watery protein mixes that dont.

  • Vital Strength are great they mix really well and taste good plus if you've got Discount Chemists in WA they're really affordable. Their Launch is probably pretty good for a guy I use the define shake as it has fat metabolisers and no carbs.

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  • thanks for some idea's will be looking them up asap :)