Just started 316 lbs. feel half my size! C1W2D2

  • Hello!

    I had great success with Body for Life in 2001-2003, so much so that I became a working model (a fit plus size model) and I loved every minute of it! Due to some difficult times in the past 5 years and the birth of my second child I put great effort into giving up on myself and just not caring about myself anymore.  I gained 130 lbs successfully landing at 316 lbs. I tried to restart and make a change a few times in the past but it wasn't ment to be until officially May 31st, 2010. 

    I allowed myself to ease into the program and feel better and better by the day. So much so that I actually feel the most confident at the gym and I feel and move as if I am half my size (or at least it feels that way).

    I don't know how much I have lost yet, however, I have gone from a size 26w to a 24w, I can breath because so much pressure is off of my chest and heart and I can take full deep breaths, stopped snoring, and sleeping thru the night. It doesn't sound like much but when you carry a lot of weight sometimes laying on your back at night is too much pressure on your chest and lungs. The most amazing part is the muscle I am gaining is already putting body parts back into the right places!

    I really don't care what the scale says because at a fit 182 lbs. (size 10-12) I was losing modeling jobs because I was too lean! LOL! I would be thrilled to be a fit and curvy size 10/12 again and if I fall somewhere under that, so be it. I am enjoying the process and my kids and hubby are loving my energy!

    My before pictures have been taken, I am working out daily, my eating habits have improved SUBSTANTIALLY and I can't wait to get to the gym every morning. I proudly carry my B4L Journal with me throughout the gym. Can't wait to see my results after my first 12 weeks!

    Thanks for letting me share! Looking forward to sharing my transformation!

  • Great job committing iamtutu!  I wish you the best as you continue.  I started at 255 and finished my first challenge at 234 and am currently in 'active rest', well actually just getting over being sick.  Anyway, keep on keepin' on!

  • Get it girl!  You've got the right attitude.

  • I so would like to keep in touch with you, I feel that we have so much in common.  I too am just over the 300 balloons at 304 and currently wear a size 26/28 and have a 2 yr old son who occupies so much of my time.  I hope to start for the first time on 06/14/10.  please keep my posted!!

  • Thanks for all  the support!

    @ ChrissyD - I would love to keep in touch! We have a long road ahead of us but the journal will be awesome and full of amazing results!

    I eased into the program slowly knowing i didn't get here over night. I weight myself officially on Saturday but I can tell you I haven't lost a lot of weight yet. What I have noticed is things moving back into the right places. If my memory serves me right, the scale didn't really begin to move until a few weeks in. I actually went to the beach and played in the sand and white wash with the kids. That is all thanks to Body for Life. It's all about the progress!

    Best of luck to you! Keep me posted!