weight training

  • The body for life plan is designed as two work outs. One for upper body and one for lower body plus abs. There is no need to change it as you describe above.  Have you looked at the workout sheets in the library here on this website.  Those are what I use there is one for upper body and one for lower body.  I would not tweak this further. Also I might talk to my doctor about that knee pain you should not be having knee pain thats not normal.

  • I alter my weight lifting workouts just slightly.  I moved my shoulders from my UBWO day to my LBWO day because by the time I did my chest, back, biceps and triceps I could tell that my shoulders just didn't have the strength left to get proper form on the exercises I was doing for them.  I didn't want to cheat my shoulders but I also didn't want to lighten up on the other upper body muscle groups because I enjoyed feeling the burn.  So I dedicate a 6-set session of exercises to my shoulders on my lower-body days just to make sure they have the strength in them to have proper form and get a great workout.  Everything else is pretty much to the T on the weight lifting days except I don't do 12,10,8,6,12,12 rotations for my calves... I do 6 sets of 12 on those.

    I try and group all of my upper and all of my lower body muscle groups together... but because I could tell my shoulders were getting cheated I figured it ok to move those to another day.  Upper body was my long day... now lower body is my long day instead.  The program works... but one of the great things about the program and what makes it work so well is you can alter it to meet YOUR needs.  I stay as close as I can to the book but my calves and shoulder's needs weren't being met and with a slight alteration they know are.

  • Ok. now ive become quite regular hitting the gym. I am really enjoying the weight training days. Is it normal that eveyrtime I do weights, my biceps, triceps, chest, legs, always become sore , but my back and shoulder muscles dont become sore that often. Is it a good or bad sign. Today after workout I was extremely exhausted. I felt I could not workout for a week. It feels my body just doesnt have the energey and needs a break. I am tkin 1 day off in a week.