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  • I just hit the gym today and got my body analysis done. Im 6'1 male and  I weigh 116.5kg. My body analysis showed 45 kg of skeletal muscle mass and 38 kg of body fat. The trainer in the gym told me that I have sufficient muscle mass. He said all I need to do is high reps to get the muscle in shape. Will the BFL progressive weight training programme make me bulky? Do I need to do heavy weights? He also told me to spend at least 1 hour on cardio to increase my stamina. But I have to say that the HIIT cardio programme is doing wonders for me. 2 weeks ago I weighed 119.5 kg's. Im really confused on how I should work on my strength stamina and endurance?

  • There is no  one way of getting into shape, bodyforlife is a way, your trainers ideas are a way and there are countless other ways,bodyforlife is a very good way mind you, its a proven method with substantial proof to support it, just look at the photos, i personally dont think anyone needs 1 hour of cardio a day to get in shape and the reason i believe this is because a persons diet will account for about 80 to 90% of a persons success, also bfl wont make you bulky

  • Thanks alot for the advice. Could you please advice me how can i concentrate on specific goals such as enhancing stamina,endurance,strength? Honestly i think BFL is amazin, and I totally agree with you that it is the diet that is making the major changes to my body. Would I have to train differently if I were to train for a marathon?

  • The main area that bodyforlife deals with body transformation and health,how a person looks and feels and you will get into great shape also ,however if your goal is more sports specific such as running a marathon, you will have to train differently, if your very out of shape bfl can kick start the process but to train for a 26 mile marathon you will need to do alot more cardio and eat alot more food then bfl recommends, my advice would be to focus one one goal at a time and just go for that one goal first but dont try and do bfl and train for a marathon at the same time

  • Perfect. I mentioned earlier that I have skeletal muscle mass of 45 kgs. Would weight training just add more muscle? Im pretty confident that BFL is gonna work for me. But I just dont understand the technical stuff of how weight training is gonna work on my body. Today when I when I was weight training, one of the trainers just out of curiosity asked me what was my goal. I told him I wanted to lose weight. He blatently told  me that I wasnt going to lose the weight with the weight training program. I understand the building muscle will increase my metabolism. But Im already a very hefty guy.

  • In my humble opinion, the trainer wants your money.  Follow the BFL orginal book and do the cardio as written on an empty stomach in the morning along with the weight training and you will get the stamina you are looking for.   The cardio is the key to reducing your body fat.  The weight training will help you maintain your current muscle mass as you burn off the fat.

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  • I have started weight training, I feel sore yet it feels so good.  I have tried working out before breakfast but it just isnt working for me. My high points drop, heart beats faster earlier and i feel fatigue. I perform better in midday or late evening. Will this hinder my progress?I appreciate that you guys are just helping out other people lose weight

  • Unknown, the premise behind working out before you eat in the morning is that your body will burn stored fat because there is no other energy readily available. It's a great fat cutting strategy if you can do it. When I work out later in the day, I try to do my workout 1 1/2 to 2 hours after I've eaten. The most important thing is to get those workouts in and eat right! Burning more calories than you take in, getting stronger, and gaining lean muscle is the goal. If you consistently do this, you'll make progress.

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  • thx guys. is it okay if I chnage my exercises eveyr session. for example sometimes when its tooo crowded in the free weights area, instead of doing overhead shoulder presses, i use the shoulder press machine.

  • hey unkown yes I believe that is just fine! In fact it is beneficial to change the exercises. I do this too based on whats available when I need it.  The only caution I would add is that when doing an exercise for the first time I don't always know what weight to use.  Just be sure you are reaching level 10 (failure) on the second half of your super set and the recommended levels on everything.

  • ye i usually try 1 or 2 reps to check im doing the right weight before properly starting a set.  On my lower body days the only exercises I can do without pain are leg extensions and leg curls. Leg presses, squats, lunges all kill my knee towards the 8th and 9th rep. Is there anything else I could do.

  • If your gym has a standing leg curl machine you can use that for your second exercise on the hamstring... I can't think of another quad exercise though.

  • also if you are having knee pain is it one knee or both knees? A knee brace might help.

  • its both knees but more pain on the left knee

  • Do I need to start isolating my muscle groups and work on them individually. for example chest one day, back another day? Would that enhance my muscle growth further? Would compound exercises make me equally stronger and leaner?