Hi all,

I've been on the BFL plan for years - all the way back to when the Body of Work video was new (!!!).  I continue to follow the program today but have mostly just lurked on any BFL message boards (here or elsewhere).  Still, I do feel strongly a part of the BFL community given my long standing with the program.  Long story short, I'm hoping my fellow BFLers here will support me in a "reality" type contest I'm pursuing.  Details are below - I'll be sure to let everyone know how this turns out!  :)

Thanks!   -Bill


I work for a credit union in Michigan - Lake Michigan Credit Union. One of our industry's largest trade organizations, Credit Union Executive Society (CUES), is sponsoring a "Next Top Credit Union Executive" contest for credit union professionals age 35 or younger.

The contest involves submitting a 60 second YouTube video on a credit union related project or idea, then a public vote to choose six finalists (most votes = winner). Winners receive educational prize packages from CUES. The voting period runs from June 4th - 14th.

For a good laugh, here is my video application: http://www.nexttopcreditunionexec.com/blog/midwest-4-bill-clancy.html

And my blog: http://clancybill.blogspot.com/

Now that you're laughing at me, please take the time to submit a vote (or two, or three, or more!) for me at: http://www.nexttopcreditunionexec.com/vote/

[Votes are limited to one per email address, so if you have multiple email addresses, it would be SUPER if you'd submit several votes for me!!! And if you have family, friends, coworkers, etc. that might be willing to vote for me please feel free to share this info]

Voting results are confidential until after the voting period ends.  Results to be posted on June 18th and I'll let you all know how things turn out then. Thanks all!