Newbie over here

  • Just saying hi!

    Secind time on BfL, but will be going the distance this time round!

    How's everyone doing? I'm on Day 2 (early days yet), still not got the eating right but not taking it to heart. Trying following the 80/20 rule for this week and then go on to clean eating from there.

    Question? how are people getting their water fix - i find it so hard to just drink the stuff!

    Talk soon

    Aerial Angel

  • Glad to hear you want to make it all the way through this time.  If you want to reach your goal you are going to have to commit.  You must be willing to eat right, exercise right, drink right and sleep right.  But if you do those 4 things you will succeed.

    You can always add some lemon to the water if that helps.  It is unbelievably important to get lots of water.  Just figure it's helping to flush the fat out off your body.

    Bottomline is, as they say, just do it.   Commit and you can be a winner.

    10's in exercise and nutrition = 10's in life

  • Thanks Jeff - I'm gulping down a glass as we speak! Yes I'm committed, I've just gotten engagaged, so now I have absolutely no excuses left not to drag my sorry behind to the gym!

    Any other brides to be around? I haven't even set a date yet, but the idea of dress shopping gives me chills! As my reward, I'm saving for a super beautiful dress for by wedding! 12 weeks of effort for a lifetime of great memories! Excellent deal if you ask me!

    Aerial Angel