• I'm a night owl, and I've been doing my workouts so far (C1W1D3) early in the morning before work.  I've been getting to bed around 11p (even though I shoot for 10p), and it's been taking me 60~90 minutes to fall asleep.  I feel more awake than I usually do at night.  Even when I do sleep, I usually wake up a few times during the night.  I get about 6 hours sleep, and then wake up and head to the gym - but I'm not tired??

    Is this my metabolism responding to the program?  Has anyone else experienced this?

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  • If it feels good - go with it! Could be a combination of new program, excitement plus a well fed body. Sleep is part of the program and very important to get to let your muscles rest and repair so keep that in mind as you go through the weeks.

    Congrats on making this work for you in your crazy schedule! Woot - hoot (best owl call)

  • I agree with Legs..embrace  the fact that it's working.  You'll have other challenges along the way.  Mike Harris used to call this Potty For Life...and that tends to wake me up several times every nite!

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  • I start my weeks out really good, feeling good and by the end of my workout week I can really tell I need just a couple more hours sleep on the weekend.  I average between 6-7 hours per night and do get up for the potty for life break we are all familiar with.  I consider it a victory when I don't get up to tinkle.

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  • I'm with Champster - I'm a bundle of energy on this program and by Friday and Saturday I start to fade if I don't get some extra sleep.  I do find myself waking more often, but when I do lay down, I usually crash even if I didn't think I was tired.  I feel like my metabolism is still revving at night - which is wonderful.  I've been sleeping better on Body for Life than I ever have in my life. .   I sleep 10:30pm - 5:15 am every day.  Better energy was my first great benefit from the program, so maybe it's having the same effect on you.  If that's it - enjoy!

    runninggrl :)

  • I have to say the whole potty for life thing irrataes the hell out of me. I LLLLLUUUUURRRVVVEEE my uninterupted sleep, however, since starting the challenge I wake up every night at 2am to go to the toilet grrrrrrrrrrrr.

    I've tried everything to get round this but have resigned myself to the fact that 3l of water everyday is going to result in a night toilet stop. Im with you though Champster 09 i'm so pleased if i make it through the night without waking happens maybe once a week though lol.

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