Starting BFL June 7 - Who's in?!

  • Jules~ Aww, I hate when that happens!!!  Typing all that to just lose it.  I hear ya on gaining in Europe.  The times I spent extended periods of time over there (6 months; 50lbs & 3.5months; 20lbs) I gain weight.  Sounds like you're doing just fine!  I would be happy to maintain.  Keep it up!!  

    Here is a blog I typed up about my first comp experience.:

    I did a 3-wk prep with Ruben (fit2beinyourkitchen . com) to gear up for my first competition in Las Vegas @ the Olympia. I entered the Flex bikini search, amoungst 97 other gals (88 of which I recently found out actually showed up). I went big for my first show! I enjoyed the entire prep was personal, exciting, delicious & more than I could have ever anticipated or hoped for my first competition experience. It was definitely a learning experience as well! I found out that I wasn't dark enough (could have fooled me in person!), my suit had too much rear coverage, and I had too much make-up on--in my opinion. Here's how it went: Friday was preliminaries, where we went on stage and did our poses alone. It went quick for me (#60) because the first 30ish gals took their sweet time doing several poses, that they sped up the rest of us in two second front & back shots. They put big muscle men on stage at that point to make sure we "moved along"--which made me a bit mad because they were directing me to keep moving when I barely paused! I paid money to enter, let us all have our 30 seconds, you know? Then we went up in groups of 7. this made up for the speedy solo count. I had so much fun, and worked it as much as I could. I had no nerves, just adrenaline running through me to get up there! They did their judging that day to pick out the top 15 who got to move on to finals on Saturday, BUT we all had to diet another day, and get all dressed up Saturday regardless of if we were in that top 15 because they weren't going to tell us until Saturday. I knew Friday night after seeing my pictures online that I wasn't in that top 15. The competition was fierce, and I was so white under those stage lights that it washed out my muscle tone. Plus I've only been training since June, and most of these gals were seasoned competitors/models. Didn't get me down, I was just thrilled to be up there with them showing off the hard work I put in. I decided I wanted to look more "the part" at finals to feel good about myself, so I found a gal to come to my hotel room that next morning to spray me with competition grade tanner, wore a skimpier suit (that was a promo gift for entering) & less make-up. It was great to get up on stage again (might I add my line-up of gals were upfront!) and go out "with a bang"! Some of the gals who weren't called out for finals were really upset or pissed, but not me. I was filled with more fuel to be even better next time. It's all about having fun & enjoying the experience anyways! My next comp prep started today, and I'm looking forward to my November 20th competition. Trying hard to adjust to my new coach (so sad to not be with Ruben anymore, but had already commited to my new one before I met/worked with Ruben). It's going to be a different experience, I can already tell, but I'm sure I'll learn a lot about the process again--and be able to look past it and know I can go back to Ruben in the future! His coaching is truly unique from my little experience and talking with others who use online coaches. I can't talk about it too much because it makes me sad, so here are the pictures!! (Green suit is from Friday prelims, pink from  finals.  

  • DANG, I MEAN DAAAAAAAAAAANG! Your butt is freaking awesome.

    I see what you mean about your skin colour. Those girls were certainly clued in wern't they?

    The third photo down, your body looks so much more toned than the other girls standing around.

    Where is the next competition being held?

    What is the prize for these competitions - not that I'll enter mind you. Well, actually, I might if they had a over 50 category. What the heck.

    Did you get to enjoy the rest of Vegas?

    Thanks for sharing your adventure and your story. Your son has a hot mama !


  • LOL girl!  hahaha...thanks ;)  

    They do have an over 50 category!  I believe they call it "masters". =)  It's inspiring to others to be able to show your hard work...and great to do for yourself as a way to boost your confidence for all the har dwork you've put in.  Go for it, look into it!  It feels great!  Money (thousands), modeling/supplement contracts (sometimes), supplies of supplements, trophy, ribbon, crown, flowers, spa gift cert, clothing, those types of things!  Just depends on the organization you enter, and how big the show is.  

    Yes, many of them have been competing for a long while and/or modeling.  So they definitely knew what was up with super dark, unnaturally brown color face to face!  On stage it doesn't appear as dark as it did standing next to them under regular lighting.  And I thought I was dark!  

    Next comp is Nov 20th.  Just started new eating plan Thursday..less than loving it, but it's ok.  I'll survive.  Been off from the gym two weeks, and about to go insane!  Waiting for my new workout plan to be emailed.  

    Didn't get to enjoy vegas because I was so tired from competing & lack of sleep from excitment, layover night getting there, and noisy neighbors for two nights in hotel room next door.  Went out the night of the finals for a little bit, but didn't last long...wasn't really into the club scene either.  Then my last day walked 3/4 of the strip & almost fell asleep waiting for my food at the cheesecake factory I was so beat!  Went back to hotel and ate, watched tv and bed early.  I would have had more fun if I was with someone and had more time to recover, recoop & re-energize, etc.  

    Thanks Jules!!!  What's next for you?

  • Hey woman....Thanks for the reply.

    Spent quite a few hours searching for contests for over 50.  Didn't really find much but old photo's of previous contests.

    I told my husband (TJ) that you were alone in  Vegas. He said we should go and be your cheer-leading squad next time !! My hat is off to you for doing this. You are truly a strong and focused female.

    What is your new 'diet'. Not doing it, just interested.

    Will continue to monitor your 'moves''s cool.


  • Jules, been thinkin' about you!  Check into the FAME ones.  They're not as strict (I'm finding), you can go in w/ a little more bf, and seem to have a really "fun" feel about them. it's ok to post links!

    That would have been fun to have you two there!  It was inspiring to be there all in itself.  

    My new plan...ah, let's just say I hate it.  And fell off yesterday.  215g protein, 50g carbs, 5-10g fat.  I started getting foggy, couldn't concentrate, etc.  Not loving my experience with my new coach.  Going to talk to my sponsors today about making the switch back to my first one to do it the HEALTHY way!  Not old school way.  It's something you should enjoy, not be miserable doing.  In process of getting my personal training cert, then moving on to my lifestyle and wellness coach cert.  Will do both locally, and online!  Have job offers lined up in both areas--all really falling into place and KNOW this is my calling!  

    Are you on C2?


  • Hey up, you're really flying. Good for you. Thanks for the link. I looked at it briefly a few minutes ago. Will study it in detail later on today after some much needed sleep. Been travelling for 25 hours straight. 1 train, 1 bus, 1 plane, then 1 train and 3 buses got us back to the house in London at 0700. Just in time for the birds to bid us good morning.!

    eek, 215 g of protein? That's a lot huh? You must be bulking up.

    C2 has been so hard. I've not lost anything to date due to this trip. Havn't gained either BUT......

    Going to put every ounce of effort into the remaining time to see what I can salvage. Coming back to the states hopefully tomorrow and in to a routine which I crave and need.

    Will drop a line later after I've studied the FAME site. It looks good. I saw your transformation on the home page. You go-getter-goddess you. You deserve it ALL Mica.

    nightty night..zzzzzzzzzz