Starting BFL June 7 - Who's in?!

  • Yes it is...well week 10 was tough...cheated and didn't make all the workouts.  Bummer because I am so close.  Hitting it hard this week.  You know this post has 284 tags....its has been a great ride.  I am going to do my best to have some good pictures to post at the end of week12.  

  • How is everyone doing???  Week 12 :)

  • Hey guys!  Yes, week 12!!!  Who's still in?  I am!  I didn't take my past two free days in order to squeeze some awesome results out.  It also inspired me to enter my first competition (bikini divisionn at NPC crystal cup end of November)...already paid and entered, so no excuses!  I haven't weighed for a while, so don't know my stats; saving until Sunday morning, but last I checked I had already hit my goal weight & was down 15lbs.  I did a couple measurements this morning as I was curious since body is changing so rapidly these past few now smaller than I was in high school!!!  I've been striving to be "that body I had in HS" for 9 years, and now I've surpassed!  Nothing fits.  I love it.  BFL has changed my life!  I'm getting professional photos done Sunday.  Can't wait!  I also can't sleep at night...who else is experiencing this?  Too much going on.  I'm getting maybe 5 hrs, but can't lay there any longer.  Let's bring it home people!

  • Hi Craig!  Wow!  Talk about evolving........I started on this thread with you.....embarassing!  Not really, it is what it is....I am still here.  You know, I really only missed like two weeks in the middle.  But the funny thing is....I'm only like 7 pounds lighter.  I know i'm chaning though....but I really do need to break through a stuckedness I've been in.  When I read my old post, I sound so positive and motivating but really have been kinda stuck.  I appreciate your comment on the other thread about my evolving post.  It really is time for me to know what I mean?

    I want to congratulate you on your last week with the J7 Crew!!!  You did it!  Hopefully, everyone else out there is still going or like me come back!  Wherever you's OK!  Come Back and don't feel like a failure.  It really does not have to be only 5% of people who complete this journey!

    Keep coming back and take care of yourself!  We all desserve a healthty way of living!

    Congratulations Craig!  Walk Proud!

  • akmama08, Craig and Susie,

    Week 12, can't believe it.  I made it.  Got down to 234 from 245.  Have made great strides and feel great.  BFL has changed my life as well Congrats to all,


  • Congrats to all of you!  

    Just curious-are any of you taking next week off and starting another 12 weeks on September 6th?  I am...if so, let's keep up the support :)



    WOO HOO! HIGH 5!

  • Almost there everyone!!!  I did my last UBWO today...bittersweet.  Tomorrow HIIT & some LB because I'm taking Fri & Sat off from working out, but will continue the foods to make sure my muscles are nice and full of carbs for the final pics Sunday!  

    Craig~ Aren't you suppose to take two weeks active rest?  Well, I'll probably just do one because then I'll be 11 weeks out from competition time.  But yes, I'll be jumping back in!  After some much needed free days and vegging out.  

  • Everyone finishing strong?!?!?!  Unfortunately, I started coming down with a cold yesterday, today full blown.  Ugh.  I hope I don't look like a complete wreck for pictures tomorrow.  

  • Congrats everyone. Been quietly forging ahead and tomorrow is the BIG day. I feel overjoyed that I completed this challenge and it has been a challenge. Apart from 8 weeks where I had access to a gym I've been on my own.  Thankfully I was introduced to 'Crossfit Training' and that has kicked my butt. I finally was able to get a hold of 'THE BOOK' 2 weeks ago when we returned to the states and read it in one night. (It's nice to be home by the way!)  At first I was disappointed that my body does not look the way I wanted it to but after reading BFL I realized that this challenge was also about inner transformation and this is where I have succeeded.

    I've been overweight my entire life and I plagued myself with food to the point that it affected my social life. I'm FINALLY free of the trap that I put myself in and it feels GRRRRRREAT !

    So, as this is my last day I shall post a few results.

    Scale weight.                  Start.   Finish.

                                               162      147       (-15lbs)

    Pant size                  (tight) 12        8/10 (depending on the make. we all know about that right?)

    Overall inches lost                        12.

    Happiness.                      80%      200%

    Thankyou all for posting and for  your encouragement to others. I honestly could not have succeeded if you guys weren't here.

    Feel better akmama. Would like to look you up next time I'm in Anchorage as I used to live on Baxter Rd until 5 yrs ago. I miss AK soooooo much. Good luck with the Bikini competition. Please post here to let us know how you did.

    Legs. Woman, You are one heck of a cool lady. I could hug you for saving and re-posting the 'sermons' from Mike. More than once did you keep me motivated and Mike's messages were the catalyst with my inner transformation. I have crossed the ABYSS!

    Craig and Navy Mustang. Thankyou and yes I'll be starting another challenge but it'll be interesting to see how it goes as we'll be in Europe for 8 weeks starting tomorrow. Oh help me from the German chocolate and Weiners and Wine of which I've only had 5 glasses of during this challenge.

    Will stop in once in a while. Until then..........


  • Good morning all-Made it 12 weeks!  Scale weight dropped from 235 to 219.  

    akmama08-Sorry to hear about your cold.  Based on your posts, it sounds like you have been making fantastic progress...don't let a cold get you down :)...congrats!

    Great job to all!!!!!

  • Great job everyone, what a long road.  But I haven't felt this great in a long time.  245 down to 235.  I can see a big difference in how my clothes fit.  Taking picture tomorrow morning.  Will post.  This has been a great forum, and I have enjoyed hearing from all of you on your accomplishments and the struggles we have all endured.

    thanks again, DON

  • MtnHigh

    Good for you, Great numbers, WOW.  

  • AKMAMA08,

    I would love to live in AK, I lived in MAINE and loved it, if it is anything like Maine.  So happy to see you finsh STRONG!  Looking forward to seeing your PICS!

  • Julie~ Those are some fantastic results!!!  The inner transformation by far surpasses the physical.  Sounds like you have really come far. =)  I live in Juneau, but the comp is in Anchorage.  I've only been up there twice during winter....sooo cold!  Takes your breath away.  I'll stick to jnu ;)

    Craig~ That's an awesome weight loss for you too!  I'm popping zinc like crazy.  Can't taste my food, nose snotting the yellow gunch.  Staying 100% regardless!  At least I don't have to workout today...

    Don~ Can't wait to see your after pics too!!  I do think some parts of AK and Maine would be similar.   I'm in southeast where it rains more, and milder winters...usually just below freezing/high 20s.  

    Better get...R&R, paint know, all the important things ;)