Starting BFL June 7 - Who's in?!

  • Y'all are welcome.

  • Stephanie, You hit it right.  Exactly how I am feeling.  Staying the course.  Thanks,  

  • Hi everyone!  I started on J7 as well...I've done the whole program by the book without falling off any to date.  I'm getting a cold today though!  Thankfully it's come on strong AFTER I got my morning HIIT in.   I can't wait to hang around here with other J7'ers and finish up strong!  Weighing & measuring in the morning...will check in and see who's still around to report to. =)

  • Hi all, still at it too. Been busy disgarding a TON of clothes that no longer fit ! Yaaaaay ! Been promised a shopping spree at the Arizona consignment stores in 2 weeks. Don't want to spend on 'new' clothes yet 'cause I'm not done. A little worried about my final 2 weeks on the program. Will be moving back to the states with stops in AZ and CO to visit family. Already searching for gym's. Will keep the mantra of 'Plan, Plan,Plan' in my brain.

    Now for honesty. Missed 1 LBWO in the last 8 weeks and cheated 4 times. Not terribly but it was with chocolate cookies. Finally realized what my trigger's are and that's all thanks to this program.

    Ready to 'bring it home' the last 4 weeks. Excited.

    akmama - feel better.

    Go rock it everyone !

  • Don't you love the feeling of having your clothes getting too big?!  All mine are now...I plan on going south (lower 48, lol) after my challenge in Sept for some shopping. =)  Yes, just plan and you'll make it!  You can always do your HIITs outside if it comes down to it, and switch around the workout days as long as you get them all in within the week.  You sound like you're working on it though!  

    I feel really crappy still...hopefully will be better by Tuesday so I don't get too behind in my workouts.  Down 11lbs weighing in at 131.6 today.  Here are my before-today (week 8) pics.  

  • WOW way to go akmoma08!!!  Looking great.

  • WEEK 9!!! BRING IT!  4 more weeks!  Feeling a little wind in my sails again.

  • akmama08-Great job!!!  Very inspirational!  Hope the cold passes quickly.

    mtnhigh-Nothing like getting rid of clothes that no longer fit...congrats!

    Having coffee and getting ready to visit the weight bench.  I pulled some old dress shirts out of the closet this weekend-collar is down from 18 to 17.  Nice!

    Let's keep the focus and determination going.  Keep posting your progress updates; It's great to hear about the positive changes!

  • akmama - WOW look at those abs ! You look HOT !

    NavyMustang - Know what you mean about the wind in your sails.  

    craigtx - so will you be buying new shirts now ?

    ok, my 8 week stats are :

    Down 14 pounds

    From a tight 12 to a loose 10

    10 1/2 inches from top to toe.

    Could I have done better ? yes.

    Am I happy ? YES !

    So stoked for the next 4 weeks AND beyond. I can finally see that bikini that I havn't worn in 30 yrs. Seriously !

    Go get it people. Lets bring this puppy home !

  • I started June 6th, Started at 284, down to 263, good job everyone

  • Great job everyone.  My wife has been following this thread and forwarded it to me.  We are doing the challenge together and are on week nine.  The results are amazing.  I appreciated the post about feeling down and tired and how that we are adding lean muscle mass and that our bodies are approaching the home stretch.  I now am looking forward to every workout and every meal.  I just wish that I knew what I have learned now when we started.  I was not eating enough for the first 3-4 weeks and was not getting the results I was hoping for.  Everyone keep up the great work and I cannot wait to see the results of our last four weeks.

  • mtnhigh-New shirts...yep :)

    Congrats on your numbers!

    Finishing my coffee and getting ready to exercise...  

  • Been all good, but baclsliding some lately.  Getting on track again.  Like the results, but think I would have more resutls if I had stayed true.  Down 9 pounds. WEEK 9 almost DOWN.

  • Just checking in...I hope you all are doing well!  

    Let's crank out week 10...

  • How's it going out there???  Awfully quiet here...week 11...let's do it!!!