Starting BFL June 7 - Who's in?!

  • Good morning all-Very cool to read about the progress on this board!  Keep it up!!!

    Scale weight is hovering around 223.  No complaints though-I started at 235!  I noticed the love handles weren't quite so "loving" this morning (i.e., shrinking) when I looked in the mirror.  

    How's everyone doing?  It has been quiet here lately...

  • Craig, Great to see ya posting, good on ya.  LETS get a head count, who all is still in the J7 crew.  

    Brobar, how are you?  

    LIFE is GOOD.  

  • Still in.....Jules

  • J7 crew! Good Morning! Hope all of you are feeling fine.

    I just wanted to remind you to push through the hard spots. Remember--that's when the changes happen. If you've cheated a couple days or missed a few work-outs, remember that even champions had some rough spells. THE DIFFERENCE IS THEY PICKED THEMSELVES BACLK UP! And you are equally capable of doing the same! You will feel amazing for doing it, I promise.

    I had a rough spot over 4th of July. It wasn't as bad as I remember it, but I felt horrible and depression and kind of worthless. Then, I realized that if I was going to do this, I had to do it, and if not, then I was on my way. Time passes anyway, so I might as well be getting fit!

    So, I've lost a total of 10 lbs, and I can't wait to break 160 (maybe this week!u. I've lost two inches on my thighs and my husband and I are training for a half maraton in October. Every Saturday we pack the kids in the stroller, do out BFL and then keep running for 5 or 6 miles. We really Enjoy it!

    Keep it up, all! You're equal to the challenge!

  • Hey, Still at it, WEEK 7 WOW can you beleive we are at the half way point.  Hang in there everyone.  Feel great.  Great encouragement from everyone.  

  • My husband and I had our body fat measured on Monday and our weight recorded. I am down 11% in body fat but the "scale weight" hasn't budged as much as I had anticipated. However, I feel great and am looking forward to the end results.

    Keep up the hard work everyone as I am sure we will all see the fruits of our labor soon!

  • ready2go bodyfat being down by 11% already is absolutely fantastic!!!!  Keep working it hard and you will be thrilled with your transformation.

  • Where is BROBAR, I miss him.  WEEK 7 almost DOWN.  We are getting there.  Miss the notes and tags.  

  • Hello All,

    WEEK 7 almost finished!  It's a nice feeling to 'X' off each day (I keep my 84 day chart on my closet door!).

    I have to share this story: This morning, I had an upper body session.  I work out at home w/ Power Blocks.  My nine year old daughter was in the room during my chest portion.  Two things happened:

    1)  I pressed 80 pounds (dumbbells) for 5 reps.  To put this into perspective, my record is 85 pounds for 6 reps...ten years ago AFTER I completed TWO separate 12 week BFL contests!  I am only using Designer Protein (post workout meal) and Myoplex ready-to-drink (meal #4).  No creatine, HMB or anything else this time around.  

    2)  After the 80 pounds for 5 reps, I attempted 60 pounds for 12 reps.  Mentally, I didn't think I would make it past ten reps.  At rep #10, my daughter said, "C'mon, Daddy!  Two more!  You can do it!"  Guess how many reps I completed...yep...12 ;)

    Keep rocking and rolling, folks.  We are right around the corner from some amazing results!!!

  • Craig, Great writeup, WOW what inspiration.  WELL, week 8 is upon us, anybody feeling it? Ha, me too.  Great news to you too readytogo!!!  Stay the course, we are on the DOWNHILL now!

  • How goes it, folks?  I'm feeling great!!!

    Shirt collars are loose, scales show a nice drop of 14-15 pounds (no worries on the number ;), sleeping like a baby, etc.

    Keep it up, everyone!  The real fun is right around the corner (weeks 9-12)...

  • Y'all are doing great!  I wanted to post this by Mike Harris so you know what to expect in weeks 10, 11, & 12.  I know it's a little early, but for some this starts happening sooner than week 10.  If you know about it, then you can be prepared for it.

    WEEKS 10, 11 and 12!

    Many are talking about how hard the last two or three weeks are. The feelings are described as feeling "weak" or "lethargic" or having a "who cares" attitude. 1. Here is what is happening in those last weeks. Fat stores are being consumed, and the body doesn’t run as efficently and happily on fat as it does on blood sugar from high glycemic carbs. Muscle density and volume has increased, and the needs of your body to heat and feed that muscle have increased.

    All this takes more energy, and if you don’t put more food in your body, the energy deficit grows, which means you will shrink up more. Muscles are getting fatigued and suffering micro damage from the hard workouts.

    Healing is taking a bit longer due to the other things I just mentioned. In other words, folks, you have done a bang up job of working and dieting like a trooper and the last three weeks will be the payoff!

    But, it will come with pain and both physical and mental struggles because your body and your mind will fight you to the bitter end to avoid giving up those past significant fat stores!

    To win, you don’t need to feel glorious and joyful, or even look that way, but you need to feel and act indestructible and victorious. You are almost there!!

    You CAN do this–and the finish line is almost in sight! If you give up now, you’ve wasted the whole 2 months before now! Give it all you have–drink tons of water–take leisurely walks in the light and the cool of the day–and speak and think good thoughts! Don’t focus on YOU, but focus on the new you at the end of these few more weeks!

    Hang in there–pray hard–and don’t give up the prize for something incredibly stupid like a package of M & Ms!!

  • Because you're gaing muscle and muscle weighs more than fat.

  • Hello All!

    Looks like we have some folks still hanging in there with encouragement to boost!

    I enjoyed reading your post fact, I forwarded it on to my husband.

    Good luck to everyone and hope you realize what accomplishments all of us have already achieved.

  • Stephanie-Thanks for that post.  Very encouraging!