Food Questions??

  • Hey all!!!

    I just began Body For Life , Monday May 24th. I am so excited there is a place to ask questions and get support. I have done several different "so called diets", but after reading the Body For Life book I realized that this is the "life change" I have been looking for.

    I did have some questions about foods and drinks that are ok to use...

    Can you drink Decaf Coffee?

    Can you use splenda to add to the cottage cheese and sweet potatoes, etc?

    Can you use those crystal light water mix in flavoring packets?

    What about drinking sprite zero?

    Eating like sugar free candy?

    Last thing.. I really like to eat Tilapia, but did not see it listed on the food list, is it OK to eat?

    I just really do not want to mess this up. I want to comply to the program and finish my 1st 12 week goal! I want to feel confident about my food choices.


  • Hi there! I too started "officially" on May 24th (I "practiced" for three weeks before that - but took pictures on the 24th)! I'm looking for someone to be accountible to! Just email me if you're interested...

    Today is the day to NOT quit!!!! <3 EARGAL

  • Lots of great questions. I just completed a very successful challenge this passed Sunday so from my experience here goes....You can drink decaf coffee in fact I drank regular coffee throughout my problem. Yes you can use splenda.....just do your best to eat as plain as you can. I know many people used crystal light in their  water....I did not....I believe the more plain water you can drink the better but crystal light will not hurt. Sprite zero or any other diet drink is not the best but I wouldn't be anal about it.....if you feel like having one have one but nothing beats plain water. Sugar free candy....again....if you are really craving something sweet it's better than a piece of chocolate cake..but keep in mind you want to try and change your eating habit....tastebuds....and the more you can eat without sweetners/sauces the better. Having said that.....I used mustard and ketchup and salsa sauce pretty much as much as I wanted with no problems. Tilapia (any fish) is OK. I know there are other types of fish that may contain more protein but it is still good. As someone who has done several challenges I've learned to keep things simple  and not get bogged down with little details. Follow the book as best you can and you will have a very successful 12 week challenge. All the best.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Thank you for the tips fit4life!!! I am ready for the challenge! I really appreciate the support!