what else to do for fatigue?

  • going to get the iron supplement today as I have to work all day.

    I HAVE been eating the carbohydrates according to the book, I did allow myself the free day and got right back on the wagon yesterday. Did my weight training.

    I will not be able to work out  today as the husband is out of town and I have commitments until 9 pm...but  I walk all day so I'm not on my tush..

    what else can you do for fatigue? I am sick of being tired?  I would have thought by now I'd have MORE energy...

  • What week are you in?

    If you are still in your early weeks, I would up your water intake and make sure to get a good 9 hours of sleep. Iron supplements will hopefully do the trick.

    Keep goin!

    Stacy Lynn