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  • I am starting my second Challenge this week. Woo hoo! I love the structure of the eating and exercise plan, without it I am at the mercy of my sweet tooth...

    This time around, I don't think I need to or want to lose more weight. But I do want more muscle definition.  I'm not after a bodybuilder look, just a really fit, toned look, maybe a hint of a 6 pack, some nice arm and leg definition. So...any recommendations on the diet plan? Also, should I consider a supplement? I took CLA to help slim down in my first Challenge, now I am wondering about whether to use something else instead or in addition to that. I don't really know what the other products do or are good for....Muscle Armour? Betagen? Any suggestions?


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  • If you are looking for the hint of a six pack, then keep to the same food plan you've been using.  Abs are made in the kitchen.  To see them, your BF levels have to be pretty low.  If you find that you don't like the way you look overall when you see the hint of the pack, then increase the portion sizes of your good clean foods until you get to the point of not losing any more scale weight.  Even after you do that, you will continue to see body composition changes as you continue to follow the basic program.  If you have the EFL cookbook, it's great for maintenance.

    If you want to build more muscle Betagen is ideal for women, take it three times per day as the package directs.  It's helps with muscle recovery and in essence will help you continue to build more muscle.  You will not bulk up.

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  • What is CLA?  What kind were you using?  I've heard about them from this site and may try them, if I knew what they were.... Also, Don't be afraid of heavy weights.  You won't bulk up and as my sister says, I'll worry about that when I get close....


  • OK, I looked it up and found out what it is.  Now does anyone suggest a certain kind, Brand??


  • I used the EAS/Abbot brand. I like their products and the whole BFL I wanted to stay in the family so to speak.

    "The achievement of one goal should be the starting point of another."  -Alexander Graham Bell

  • Nicole,

    Congrats on finishing your challenge and starting a new one.  Love your results.  You look amazing!  Did you change anything about the workouts to acheive your results?  Maybe extra cardio, lighter weights?

    Thanks!  Nancy Jo

  • Hi Nancy Jo,

    No, I didn't change anything about the workouts. I trusted that the program works as prescribed (based on all the amazing before and after pictures in the books that I drew inspiration from). If anything I was always pushing and testing to see if I could increase my weights. I used the BFL Success Journal to carefully track  my workouts and if I thought I could go up in weights I noted that so the next time, I could try more. I was also careful not to over do the cardio. Based on info I saw posted here on the forum, especially reposts of BFLMike's advice, I learned that extra cardio is not a good thing. It increases your cardio vascular fitness, seemingly a good thing, but not if you are trying to lose weight quickly. With a more efficient cardio vascular system, you will continually have to work harder and longer to get the kind of calorie burn that helps with weightloss.

    Here is one of the the BFLMike post that Legs C3 posted, which I saved:

    The Body for LIfe plan is a transformation plan, not just a weight loss plan. You are expected to change your body from a fat storing facility to a fat burning, strong and lean facility. In order to do that, you need to build some strong, lean muscle mass while at the same time burning fat.

    In order to do those two things at the same time it takes a precise way of dieting and exercising.

    The diet needs to strictly control blood sugar and insulin levels so that fat will not be deposited but will be burned, and so that muscle will not be cannibalized but will be built. To do that, you must exercise heavily but infrequently with resistance training, and intensely but for short durations, with cardio activity which will burn fat but not use up your hard earned muscle.

    Those are the goals and those are the reasons why the weight training is intense but only done three times a week. Those are the reasons why the cardio activity is intense but only done 3 times a week for 20 minutes each session. That’s not to say you can’t take a walk once in a while when you want. But you should not do any other sustained cardio activity because too much cardio inhibits your body’s ability to keep or make muscle mass. The muscle gives you a better ability by itself to burn calories.

    Think about it! What is fat?

    Basically lifeless tissue that hangs on the body and does nothing except provide a little extra insulation for you.

    What is muscle?

    It is living tissue that is filled with circulating blood, and which generates heat and burns oxygen when used, which of course is what burns more calories.

    So, the more muscle you have and the less fat you have, the better your body is at burning energy instead of storing fat! So, don’t become a cardio queen and promptly ruin all the other efforts you will making as you do body for life!

    Reposted as written by BFLMike

    "The achievement of one goal should be the starting point of another."  -Alexander Graham Bell

  • What about diet soda??? Will diet soda and sugar substitutes sabotage your efforts?  I have about one diet soda a day or every other day and I use sugar free products in my coffee.  

  • From what Ive read, I would say that to build that 'defined' look, you probably need to build some more muscle.  Creatine before workouts will help you push your muscles farther,  and Muscle Armor will help them recover more quickly afterwards.  Once you hit your goal or target look, you can back off the Creatine.

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  • I do remember reading in the BFL book, that Bill said if he had a Diet soda, he drank more water to counteract the sodium.   And thanks Nicole for posting that article.