• Hello - Quick questions... do you guys feel that you are eating more while on the plan.  I'm following the diet to the "T" but the portions and the amount of food is usually more then I eat in one day.  Yes, it's healthier then what I have previously eat as a meal but more.  Let me know, thanks!!

  • This is a hard one to answer because it depends on what and how much you were eating before.  I personally was eating all the time but my portions and the foods I ate were so off the healthy list it's ashame.  Fast foods, candy, diet sodas, pop tarts, etc.  So it really depends on how you ate before BFL.  For me, it isn't as much food but I still feel satisfied.  Remember we are eating 6 meals a day which I think for most people is a lot no matter what the portion size.

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  • Elliot the purpose behind all of the meals is to get your metabolism churning and burning.  

    My son tends to eat once a day and it's a massive meal, which is not good or healthy.   You can only burn so much food over a 3 hour period, what you don't burn is stored as fat.

    As long as you are measuring your portions palm/fist and eating 6 times a day with 2 servings of veggies you're good.

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