Anyone "older" females starting week of May 30th?

  • I second that Karen!!!  Yay for us!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Thanks, Karen & Clare! How's it going on BFLC2 so far?

    I'm getting ready to jump back in Sept 13. I know it's past the "official" entry deadline for 2010, but it's about maintaining and refining now -- and sticking with it.

    I've just been off a week in between challenges -- only worked out a few times and have enjoyed a few food favorites over the week (pizza one night, ice cream 2 nights, a glass of wine here and there), so that may have put me up a pound or so once I weigh-in at the start... but all in all I've been conscious of what/how much I'm eating and it's been nice to relax the workout schedule and dedicate the time to some other commitments this week. But Monday, back on the wagon :)

    So where is everyone posting now -- under the "Sept 3rd..." topic Clare mentioned, or here still or...?

  • Cre8tivethinr -  your photos are awesome!  I hope I look as good as  you do when I'm your age!  (Just a few years away).

    I've been posting on the Sept. 3rd forum but like to check in here, too. There are A LOT of folks on the other one.

    This week's challenge for me will be sticking to my program despite my three wonderful kids and ther crazy schedules.  This week they have:   3 soccer practices, 2 soccer games, 1 baseball practice, 2 baseball games, 1 music lesson, 1 ballet lesson, 1 boy scout meeting, 1 birthday party, and 3 religious education classes.  Maybe I should have listed that last one first, since we'll need a lot of prayers to get through all that stuff!  Believe it or not, each kid only plays one sport and has one extra activity, it's just that there are 3 of them!

    Oh yeah, did I mention that it's also back to school night at two of the three schools?

    If I can stick to the program this week, I can do it any week!

    Karen - how's your week going at the new job?  

  • Thank you, Clare. I'm amazed at how I certainly felt my age 12 weeks ago -- and how much younger than my years I feel now.

    Good luck on your upcoming week. Sounds hairy! I only have 1 to keep up with so my week (BFLC2, week 1) will be a cakewalk next to yours. (pardon the food analogy :)

    I'll look for everyone's posts -- have a great week, all!

  • Good Morning All -

    Challenge 2 Week 2 well underway and so good. It's been a bit of trouble to get my eating in as the plan works since I am in the classroom and can't eat when I should and then on the treadmill or lifting in the afternoon (I'm finding the afternoon actually works better for me now) which pushes my lunch way off. I am typically ending up with 5 meals a day instead of the 6, with my afternoon snack meal just not working out due to the oddly placed earlier meals. But, its not really a big deal and I am trying to add a few more calories to the dinner to make up for it a bit. I am sticking to around 1600 calories with the 6 meals so skipping it altogether would put me too low calorie-wise. Once my schedule is more "routine" for me, I think it will be easier to figure out how to split it all back into 6 meals. Life is like that - adjustments and tweaking to ensure success! =)

    I did my cardio routine yesterday on the treadmill. I ended up doing 4 miles just because it felt good. Being in the classroom is a lot of mental with some physical so its nice to switch it around to being more physical and less mental on the treadmill.

    How is everyone doing on their second challenge? Good luck to ALL! =)


  • Hi Ladies,

    May I join your group? I am only starting on my first challenge, in week 2. I'm 50 years old and saw the title of the thread - ah! I've put on some pounds the last couple of years post-menopause. All of the weight is in my middle. For the last 2 years I've just said, well, that's what happens! My doctor backed me up, assuring me that women do put on belly fat after menopause.

    Well you know what? I've decided I am tired of just accepting this. I'm tired of using it as an excuse to not exercise enough or eat properly. I'm ready to change and get back my younger body.

    I've read many of the posts from your first challenge and you ladies inspire me! I'm ready to get on board.

    Have a great day!


  • Hi Lori - welcome to the group! You absolutely CAN make a difference in your post-menopausal physique.

    I'm 53 and and dealing with the same issues, so I hear ya! Just because our weights fall within "acceptable norms" for our age, and most women experience belly fat gain.... does NOT make it acceptable to us, right ?!

    I just completed my 1st challenge over Labor Day and took 2" off my middle. (If you haven't already, checkout my profile for results/pics and you'll see the difference 12 weeks can make). I'm in my 1st week of Challenge 2 now, looking to get rid of a few more pounds and solidify the jiggle as much as possible :)  Good luck to you in your first challenge -- stick with us, you can do it!

    Karen - do you drink the ready-made shakes at all? I found that drinking a Myoplex-lite shake on my way home from the gym was a great way to add in a meal, plus satisfy my desire for a "little something" to eat. Plus it's within 30 minutes of the workout, which is said to be optimum. Filling + chocolate :)

  • Lori-Welcome to the group.  I agree with Clare, you can absolutely change your mid section even post menopausal.  I was forced into early menopause by surgery.  I also have hypothyroidism, and I have been able to take several inches off my mid section.  You can do it.


  • Thank you Clare and Malena! Your encouragement goes a long way. I took some before pictures and - oh - a depressing wake-up call. But your words help me see it more as a rallying cry.

    Week 2 - onward and upward!

    - Lori

  • Hey all...this is katmat and writeon...we are two sisters 56 and 59...and we are starting BFL right now.  We just did our measurements and talked about our goals.  So now, our journey starts.

    I have been reading your posts for a few months and think this thread is amazing.  Are you all going to stay with this thread for awhile?  I saw some people moving to Sept 3 thread as they started C2 challenge.  I know we are not limited on the forum to one thread but you have been such trust worthy and faithful encouragers to one already feel like good friends.  So.... we will each post our bios in the next few days as we launch.

    Writeon sitting at katmat's computer

  • Lori, I am so glad to see you are also a first time challenger and, I too hold my weight in my middle and it is really so very annoying (but this is more how I am built than menopause.)

    For those of you who have finished one challenge, how long did it take for you to develop a routine so it did not feel so odd?  It does seem the i will be eating more than usual and I fear that I will actually gain.  Did anyone else have a bit of feeling a little scared, like you are making a leap of faith?

  • I am 49 and bought the book "Body for Life" years ago but this is the first time I have committed to completing the 12 week challenge. I am now in week 6. My issue is not so much being over weight. (not to say that I don't need to lose more than a few pounds) but my ultimate goal is to tone up, build muscle and do all I can now to make my golden years just that  - golden.

    If there is one thing I found that really helps me in sticking with the program it is the planning of my exercise routine ahead of time. It is great to go to the gym and know exactly what I am going to do. It not only keeps me focused but it is a time saver. I get in and get out because I am not wasting time figuring out what I should do next. It all but eliminates the "it takes too much time to work out" excuse.

    Admittedly the diet aspect is more difficult. I don't so much have a problem with over eating or feeling hungry but with what I eat (I love me some pastries, cakes, and cookies). I have been good but man it is difficult when I start jonesing for something sweet. Any suggestions for getting this sugar monkey off my back?

  • free2bme -- you are speaking my language when you describe your love of all things sweet. And I have the PERFECT thing to take care of your sugar monkey!

    It's the "Oh Yeah" Chocolate Caramel protein bar. Seriously, this thing is like an "on-plan" Snickers bar. 26g protein/31g carb. I buy mine by the box at GNC (gold card gives you significant discounts) but it's available lots of places (check out:

    It's a big bar, but I cut it in half for 2 portions. It is my 3:00 "treat" with a cup of coffee or glass of water - or sometimes after dinner dessert. Or both!

    It's made ALL the difference in keeping me on track :)

  • Welcome free2beme, writeon, and katmat.  This is a great group, everyone is very friendly, encouraging, and hard working.  I am sure we will all be great friends.


  • Hello everyone, Clare here.   Karen, Malena and Cre8tive thinkr - great to see you keep posting!

    I am almost at the end of my very crazy week with my kids crazy schedules.  I have learned once again that planning is the key to success. We had some early quick dinners and I was so glad I had my boneless, skinless chicken br-- and salmon in the freezer.  I can make quick BFL meals for the whole family.  It's something I'm really committed to - not feeding my kids fast food just because they play sports and we are pressed for time (I've always thought that kind of defeated the purpose anyway!)

    Karen - good to hear from you  and how you're adjusting BFL to your new schedule.   I love what you said "adjustments and tweeks to ensure success."  It's good to follow the program but we must also be aware of little changes we can make to ensure our success.

    Welcome Lori - I absolutely think you can get your "younger" body back. Tonight, my son was looking for some photos to bring in for a school project and I saw some photos of myself from last year and I could see the extra pounds that used to be there under my larger clothes (before my first challenge just completed this summer).  It made me feel great to realize I had changed in just such a short time!  You can, too!

    Cre8tivethinkr - I love the Myloplex Lite RTD too.  First of all, they are chocolate. But really, they are  handy and filling. I get mine at the wholesale club to keep costs down.  I drank one on the way home from the gym this week because I had a really busy morning and needed to stay on track.

    Welcome Katmat and writeon - I love that you're doing this together - that will help a lot.  It did take me a couple of weeks to get used to eating differently.  I felt like it was a HUGE leap of faith at first.  Now that I'm used to it, I realize I do not eat more than I used to - I eat better.  

    Ladies, the very important thing to remember is that portion size is key.  I used to eat pretty healthy before BFL, but I did not pay that much attention to portion size.  After a couple of weeks on BFL, I noticed I was actually eating about half of what I used to eat at dinner.  Remember to use the guide from the book (palm for protein, closed fist for carb, cupped  hand for veggies).  Now, I am so in the habit of eating every few hours, that I can't even imagine going back to the old ways.

    I totally have a sweet tooth and that's why I like the protein shakes and protein bars - they satisfy my chocolate craving!  On my first round of BFL, I did have two scoops of ice cream every Sunday night on my free day - I looked forward to it each week and savored every spoonful.    

    Well, I'm up past my bedtime but I did want to check in here - it's great to hear from the old and new!  Keep coming back and we'll be here to support you!