Anyone "older" females starting week of May 30th?

  • Hello everyone. We're getting reading to go on a two-week vacation and I'm gonna miss this forum!  I'll be able to get computer access sporadically.  We'll be all over the Midwest - Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, and South Dakota.  Half the time, we'll be staying in motels,  half the time, we'll be camping.  It's going to be a little crazy, but that's how our family vacations always are.  My kids are all great travelers because they've had to be!  (My honeymoon was a whirlwind 3 week tour of Australia and New Zealand.)  

    I've spent a lot of time in the last week or so trying to plan how I'll stay on the food and exercise plans for the next two weeks.  I think I'll be able to pull it off somehow!  I've come this far and I'm very motivated to stay on track!  (15 pounds and 8 inches gone as of this morning!!!)

    Wish me luck and I'll check in when I can!


  • Good Luck Clare and ENJOY YOUR VACATION!!!



  • Hello everyone,

    I was able to go back to the gym on Monday, and I must say it felt great.  I missed going, it is amazing how it has become such a regular part of everyday life.  I have had a very busy, aggravating couple of weeks and I neglected you guys as well as myself.  

    I was a bit surprised Monday morning when I weighed myself.  I had not been as observant about what I was eating because of my crazy schedule, but I had actually lost a pound.  WOOT WOOT!  I am happy to say that I am back on schedule, and loving it.

    Clare- I hope that you have a wonderful vacation, and I am sure that you will do great.  :)

    Karen- Thanks for the advise, it was very helpful.  I am feeling much better now.  I have seen these Reebok Run Tone shoes, and I was curious if you knew anything about them.  If they are a good cushion shoe for my flat feet.  I now have my orthotic insoles and just need a good shoe to go with them.  

    I must also say that you are the happiest sounding person all the time.  I look forward to reading everything you have to say.  

    I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow.  There is always a silver lining to every cloud, we just have to look for it.

    Be strong!!!  


  • Fine2008 - I forgot to mention that parking in NYC can be expensive. Even hotels charge for parking if you are a guest. Sometimes its as high as $50 for each 24 hour period. Call ahead to your hotel to see what type of parking they have and what the cost per day will be. If your hotel parking is too high, look online for parking garages near your hotel that may be cheaper. Better to walk a block with luggage and get a better rate if possible.

    Malena - thanks for the nice words. =) I don't know anything about the Reebox Run Tone shoes.  I've read some reviews which give it very good marks. I don't buy Reebox shoes so I just don't know. I don't like Reebox because its been my experience that they are cheaply made. I like Asics and New Balance but that's personal choice. That being said, I'm a firm believer in having your foot evaluated by someone at a sporting good store. If you have a ***'s Sporting Goods nearby or some such similiar store, go in and tell them you want your foot evaluated. They do it for free and will talk to you about your feet, how they feel, also what the tread wear looks like on the bottom of your old running shoes (so bring them along) to determine what type of shoe you should be wearing.  Don't be intimidated by all the choices or the pimple-faced 20 year old shoe expect you are talking to; when you get right down to it and know your foot and what type of shoe you need...there really aren't that many choices which will fit your requirements. I love cushion shoes but for me at least, I think they wear out faster than other shoes so you have to trade out more often. You should replace your running shoes about every 250-300 miles. If you don't, you could get shin splints or foot problems.

    Basicallt, the experts are the best person to talk to you since the wrong shoe can be a nightmare. One thing I've learned over the years - if even one of your toenails turns black, you are in the wrong shoe and need a bigger toebox; if you get a fracture of the tiny bones in your foot, you're in the wrong shoe and need more cushioning, if your shins start hurting or your feet are cramping, or if you are getting blisters, you're in the wrong shoe and better to trade out early than to keep going just because it isn't "time" to change yet. Life lessons based on my now very ugly feet! haha

    Today I did 5 miles on the treadmill and I WAY overdid the intensity. I actually heard that "whoosing"  sound in my ears when I got off the treadmill for about 2 hours afterwards and I was feeling a bit dizzy. I had very little sleep last night (teenager sleepver at my house) got a late start today and of course hadn't eaten before exercise, and then my plan for today was to do this intense workout for 5 miles. I just didn't want to give up the "plan" when I should have listened more carefully to my body, or eaten something before exercising at the very least. Thankfully, about 20 minutes after eating I started feeling better and my hearing didn't sound like I was listening to conversations under water! haha I would like to say I won't push myself that hard in the future, but.......I know myself. I am quite a hard-head when it comes to sticking to my plan. teehee

    Have a WONDERFUL day ladies! I am really thankful for each of you - I find your posts so motivating and I love reading about how well you are all doing and what is going on in your lives and how you are making the BFL work for you within your individual life. You all are quite inspirational! Thank you all for posting your stories and sharing your experiences!!


  • YAY!!!!

    I did my end of week "official" weigh in and measurements today.

    Starting Weight: 152.8

    Weight Today: 139.4

    As of today I have lost:

    1 1/4 inches off of my chest

    1 3/4 inches off of my thighs

    2 inches off of my hips


    3 1/2 inches off of my waist

    and gotten BELOW my initial goal weight of 140

    losing a total of 13.4 pounds!!

    I still have 2 weeks left on the challenge, and think I would like to set a new goal of losing an additional 1.4 pounds and getting to 138, but I think I am pretty much where I want to be!  I am so happy!! I can't believe the change in me in just 10 weeks - in the way I feel, in my energy level, in the way I look, in the way clothes look on me. I am grinning from ear to ear! Success!! I've been sending my before and update photos of me in my two-piece to some of my good friends, and their comments about my changing body has been so wonderful to hear. I don't even care about submitting my before and after photos for the official challenge; I feel like I've already won all I ever wanted to win!!

    I am a pretty excited woman today can you tell?? hehe =)

    Have a great week everyone! Smile Today - if you aren't there yet, you will be soon. If you are almost there, you are nearing the end; and if you are in the middle, you are started on a great journey! Wherever you are - its the perfect place to be because you are moving towards where you eventually want to be! Congratulations to all of us, no matter where we are on the path!

    For those of us heading into week 11 - we know what to do - lets all make good choices! (gosh, I can't believe its already going to be week 11!! It's gone so fast and I feel so energized! I feel like I have more energy today than I did at week 1 and 2!).  Arr! Arr! Arr!

    Bring it Week 11!  We can take anything you throw at us! haha


  • CONGRATULATIONS KAREN!!!  WOOT WOOT!!!   You go girl!  I know you are proud.  Keep up the good work.


  • Thanks Malena! I am proud - but I am proud of all of us who are sticking with this and seeing the results! There is so much to be gained from setting a goal and working towards it - that act alone sometimes seems more important to the goal than actually reaching the goal at the end. =) We are all doing great and I can honestly say I am proud of every woman who is making the change to better her health and her life! We all rock!! =)

    We are getting ready to go on our cruise. We leave tomorrow and I have been a crazy woman getting everything all set, including the care of our goofy cat. teehee  I have everything almost done and just a few more errands to run. It has been a little harder to get everything all organized because I have been making sure that I do not use this busy time as an excuse to avoid exercising and exercising takes a big chunk out of my morning! These last couple of days I really have had to figure out how to fit everything I need to do in that day (like yesterday I had to vote, take the cat to the vet for her yearly exam, do laundry, clean, go to Target for various stuff, etc) but I am making SURE that each day begins with the proper exercise and meal choices. Today I did a five mile powerwalk at the trail. I also am going to do my upper body weights this evening. We have to leave very early in the morning tomorrow if we are going to beat NYC traffic so I won't have time tomorrow to get the weights in. I decided that I would do them this evening. Not the most optimal of choices, but better than skipping the workout altogether.

    Everyone have a great week and enjoy yourselves! SMILE as much as you can and find things to giggle about. Giggling is gooooood for the soul! =)  Talk to you in 10 days!


  • Congratulations ladies, you are heading into the home stretch!  I’m just curious of all the profile names I’m going to list (I think I have all the names), who is still here?  There were at least 35 of you who started.  I know Marlena, Clarega, Armywife and Fine2008 have been posting regularly regarding their progress but wonder about the rest.




































    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Hello Ladies,

    I get your posts on my phone so I can keep up with everyone.  So, yes, I am still here.  Having said that, the last three weeks have been busy, busy.  I was in Virginia for a week on business.  I was excited to know that the hotel had a gym only to find out that the equipment was kind of nasty to look at much less touch.  I did do some cardio one morning, but that was all.  Overall though, I did not gain any weight when I got back home to New Mexico which I was happy about.  School starts for my kids tomorrow and both my girls are in sports, so by the time I get home I need to run them around everywhere. 

    I have been working out faithfully.  Every once in awhile I will miss a workout, but it is hard going to the gym at 5 when you don't even get to bed until 10 or 11.  My husband is a firefighter and on the nights he is working, I don't sleep hardly at all.  This week I have been coming into work at 6 so I can get my kids to practice by 3 & 4.  Their practices run for about 3 hours right now, so I hit the gym during this time.  I have to say, I like working out much more in the morning vs. the evening.  Even though I have been working out, my eating has been less than desireable.  I am having a hard time giving myself enough time to prepare meal to bring to work.  I have not been horrible, but I miss at least one of the 6 meals just because I am so tired in the eventing to do anything.  Cottage cheese and yogurt seem to be my staple.  My kids take all my protein bars and don't realize it until I go looking in the pantry for one.  Sometimes dinner is 3 peaches picked from my yard. 

    I am still inspired by all of your post and seeing the results of everyone's hard work.  I am down 15lbs, but much more than that is I am able to slowly but surely start fitting into some smaller, cuter clothes.  My gold is to lose a total of 50 pounds.  It's a bummer though, some of my weight is from the boob area not the butt area.  Why, oh why does it have to start coming off the top instead of the bottom first?

    Be strong my BLF friends.  I know my life will start to settle down a bit and I can refocus on myself.  But, God but my kids in my life for a reasona and they are number one right now. 




  • mdragonfly - Sounds like you did great with staying on track considering your situation. 

    I'm sorry to hear about your fitness facility experience.  It got me to think I should share with everyone that IMHO the best hotel where I've stayed with a "real" fitness facility are the Westin Hotels.  If you can swing it, I suggest you give it a try.  Embass Suites are good and I've heard the Hyatt also provides nice facilities.  Some of the less expensive places have ok facilities that will provide enough to work with but they usually only have one of each equipment and in my experience are sometimes out of order.  I stayed at the Westin in Virginia Beach once.  Here's a link to a photo so you can get an idea of what that hotel facilities look like (  This particular photo doesn't show the mirror that is the length of the wall and the free weights area.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Karen- Keep up the good work!  Enjoy your cruise!  I will plan some vacation getaway when I reach my goal.  For now, I will live through your pics and stories.  Have fun.


  • Sharon, you are such a good egg for asking about us. I have been lurking because I spent the last five weeks out of the country.  The first thing I did when I reached my destination was join a gym for a month.  I hurt my knee but worked out around it.  It is almost healed.   I haven't weighed myself since week 8 but I can tell that I am status quo which is fine.  I know that I have lost inches.  I have followed the excercise plan but the meals were more difficult while travelling. I estimate that I stuck to it about 60% of the time.  I weigh 125 and I am 5'7" so I wasn't trying to lose weight but I wanted to get toned. I am back home now and doing well.  I feel very good and so glad I didn't put off starting the challenge until after my trip. People are noticing that I look different and I love working out and doing something physical everyday.  I will keep doing the excercise routine even when the challenge is over. It is part of my life now and it has saved me in regard to relieving stress from my hectic job.  Thanks for your support and I love to read all of your successes ladies. Keep it up!

  • Karen!!!! Great stats and way to go!

  • Sharon (and Karen, and all the other wonderful BFL sisters!),

    Thanks so much for keeping tabs on us! In our busy lives, it's hard to stay in touch - but like so many others I do read all the posts and am motivated by hearing of everyone's progress. Even the trials and challenges are motivating. They let us know we are not the only ones who deal with obstacles -- but we stick with it and we come out ahead!

    Some of you guys posted progress pics on your profiles and that was awesome. Hearing about the successes are great, but SEEING them puts it on a whole 'nother plane. So I decided to take some interim pics myself, as I just completed my 8th week (I'm a few behind most of you :). Please check out my profile and you'll see my progress.

    I could feel I was doing well -- more energy, clothes I could get back into, hooking my bra on the tighter loops rather than the loosest, moving into a smaller belt, etc -- but as they say, seeing is believing! To date I've lost 9 lbs and I still have a good ways to go, but now I'm pumped for a big finish!!

    Thanks to all for your motivation and inspiration - have a great day!


  • Connie,

    Good job on your progress!  You've got curves and it looks like your abs are coming through.  Four more weeks to go so do not give up.  A lot happens in those last 4 weeks. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!