Starting BFL 31 May 2010

  • JamesK - thank you for all the tips. Today is Day 1 for me and I am very motivated but also trying hard to figure out exactly how I will be able to do this for the next 3 months.  Your list of 10 things is very helpful and I especially like #10 - "smile more and walk taller. "


  • Hi all! I started C1 yesterday too. Doing good so far considering the amount I was snacking on before. You really notice when you cut them out! ;o)

  • I am getting started today too!  I just finished my day of eating well and working out.  Day 1, I hope the excitement does not wear off! Good luch MD starters!

  • Adding to JamesK's list:

    Here is a link to a thread that was compiled by a group of us last year.  Very helpful tips to help you all along.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Good luck to everyone this week!


    There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.

  • Hey 1 for me went great! I got my Upper workout in and I'm feeling it today. I succeded with my meals too, and drank all my water and took my supplements.

    This morning was pretty rough so far...I was up pretty late last night and slept an extra hour, then my boss called me into work an hour early. I had EXACTLY 20 minutes to get my aerobic workout in, and since it's raining I had to get on the bike. Unfortunately the bike's batteries were dead and I couldn't control the resistance, so I had just enough time to eat (I had 2 boiled eggs and 1/2 cup of oatmeal with soymilk) and get dressed for work :(  I was upset that I missed my workout this morning but I had no choice...I'm going to get it in once I get home around 5pm.

    I have succeeded in something already though, because my boss offered me Dunkin Donuts and I just got a cup of ice water (for my protein later), so I'm proud of myself for that :)

    We're in this together! How's your day going?

  • P.S. - Just wondering, am I the youngest in this group? I'm 19

  • Sure sounds like it.  I was afraid I might be the youngest and I'm 26.  Glad I'm not alone!

    There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.

  • Well, if Mophilly is the youngest at 19, would I be the oldest, at 58?

    Donna :)

  • Hi,

    I started Monday and so far so good! Im very excited to see the progress I make in the next 12 weeks. I spend all day Sunday cooking meals for the week so I had no excuse to eat bad. I realized how much healthier I eat when its prepared and ready for me to grab it out of the fridge and take it to work.

    I found I am in love with Protein Pudding! I have late night cravings for ice cream in the summer and last night when I had a craving I grabbed my protein pudding and it was AWESOME! I actually looking forward to it tonight!

    Hope all of you are doing good on day 2 !!


  • Sandy - Would you care to share what you did prepare for your upcoming meals this week?

    Donna :)

  • That's great Sandy! I have to prepare meals on Sunday so I have no excuse during the week. We have to go food shopping though. Back when I was 13 and my parents were doing the BFL program, the last snack we had was the protein pudding...I loved it!! It's great because there are so many flavors and it's cheap to make!

  • The scales are REALLY not my friend.

     I will depend MORE on a tape measurement and the FEEL of my clothes.

    Juz sayin'........... :)

    Donna :)

  • Donna- I am at work but when I get a minute again later i will tell you what I cooked.


  • OMG I love that scale picture! So funny. Personally I had my roomate take the scale and hide it. i told him he can give it back to me in a month and then he has to hide it again LOL. I'm transitioining off of controlled calorie high fat very low carb diet and am sure the scale will be bouncing around as I add in carbs. Don't want it to derail me! Besides, I'll know if I get too fat for my pants LOL.