Starting BFL 31 May 2010

  • Uh I dont have the money to joina  gym hope they can tell me how to get that or Ill be up a creek.

  • Hmmm, Dannywoodgirl. No gym huh? Im guessing you dont want to bulk up. That being the case you can exercise like mad with everyday items around your house.

    Place items of appropriate weight in grocery bags and treat them like dumbbells. Jog at the park. Lift furniture! If you really want the change you can succeed without the gym.

    Here is some motivation:


  • Okay, you guys inspired me.  I posted my halfway photos on my profile.  Funny what things  you do after midnight.  Time for sleep.


  • Great job Clare!  Can see the changes happening, especially in the back photo.

    Ridshack - Great clip!  Very motivating.

    Dannywoodgirl - For weights you could use empty milk jugs and add water to them for weight variations.  Also consider getting an exercise ball.  They are cheap at Wal-Mart.  Dumbbells are there too.  Some people start with 3-5 lbs and add wrist weights for added lbs.

    For your cardio walking would be a good start.  Ask your doctor for suggestions since you'll be there anyway. :-)

    One of my favorite Champion photos to look at is Mina Hobbi.  Google her name.  She had quite a transformation.  She started by walking first.  She's featured on Day 74 of the Success Journal.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • ok i was going over my goals and one of them was to get down to 200lbs well im 201.6lbs, i guess i need to adjust that to 195lbs, which is within me to get to in 4 weeks, im  pushing myself real hard to get a champions body within 4 weeks, i need a miracle, in all honesty i will be alittle disappointed if i dont achieve it. its been easier for me than some because i didnt start out at 300 or so lbs, for those who began heavier than me, i take my hat off to your efforts, and committement, i applaud you and say you are already champions for continuing and not giving up

    GOD BLESS always


    PS great job ridshack, awesome improvement, proud to be on same team as you!. and even if i dont do a 2nd challenge i will be here to support yall that do

    Kisha am praying for good news for ya from doctors, he also should be proud of you as we are

  • Robert don't adjust your goal weight. Just mark it off as COMPLETED! (when you hit it which will be soon)

    Doc will be fine I'm anticipating another bump up (possibly a large one) on my incoming (prescription) thyroid hormone.  I'll be doing my HIIT after.  SO TEMPTED to do it on the treadmill I REALLY want to run... but I've been saying I'll rehab this tendon longer so I should just do it on the bike like I have been and then do a short steady state jog after.

    Clare - I can REALLY see a difference! YOU've got a nice hourglass shape really refining itsself now. GREAT WORK KEEP IT UP!!!

  • Robert I agree with llpirata.  Have you considered going for a waist size rather than weight?

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • thats great advice, waist size, never thought of that, thanks sharon,

  • oh I like that idea! Leave your weight goal as 200 which you will accomplish which is AWESOME and then maybe set a waist size goal for the last four weeks of the challenge. I bet you can take off at least one inch maybe two?

  • think i will go for 2, give myself a huge challenge, and gives me a reason to go shoppping lol, us men need reasons to shop lol

  • go for it! You can do it (plus we all know these last four weeks will be our best results by far right?)

  • llpirata - thanks for the kind words.  It's fun to see my old body coming back up to the surface. Even my kids have noticed the difference.  They still think my new habits are a bit strange, but they've accepted them now.  

    I'm grateful I don't have the health issues you have, but it sounds like you are on the right track.


  • Yeah these issues are a bummer... but I'm grateful that i have a wonderful doctor and access to the best treatment in the country.

    You know the other day when I was feeling sorry for myself I drove by a woman at the bus stop.  She was a little person... in a mechanical wheelchair.  Poor little thing was maneuvering it with a joystick... waiting for the bus. Um, yeah.  Its all about perspective isn't it?


    My week Nine is good. I just took my first increased dose of thyroid hormone today. Went from 100mcg up to 112.5mcg.  Not exactly an earth shattering increase LOL.  BUT My doctor has a new formulation and it had new instructions to take on an empty stomach which I'm hoping will really increase my absorption. Absorption is a big problem with compounded slow release hormones.

    ANYWAYS,  This week is going great so far on workouts. Eating Clean.  I have a piece of Birthday cake saved for freeday on Saturday...

    The bounce up in scale weight is almost completely gone now. Its so weird how those things happen!  I was disappointed with the weight loss tracked at my doctors office... at least i know WHY it is happening and at least I'm not gaining anymore. God that was awful.

    Still increasing my jogging (testing my tendonitis) up to .75 miles last time will do .85 miles today after my cardio HIIT on the recumbant. Doing HIIT after work. Got home late.  I try to prioritize my sleeping honestly especially this late in the challenge I try to get as much as possible.

    Hows everyone's workouts? eating? sleeping?

  • Hi All,

    Im on my 9 day business trip. Im sorta doing good. We have a gym and ive been eating well for the most part. I will be happy to get out of this trip without loosing or gaining any weight. Loosing is my goal but its hard being out of my routine for so long.