Starting BFL 31 May 2010

  • Hang in there Rodie! I know what yo umean about the mirror right now. The fat on my body is doing something REALLY WEIRD AND UNATTRACTIVE! Its like all the fat on my bell has gone super soft and jiggly and watery and WEIRD!  I was just looking at it this morning and it is not how it normally looks... its usually like much FIRMER. I don't know what its about... hey, maybe it means its about to disappear? LOL

    Just keep going keep going keep going hit your cardio super hard and eat clean.  This is the part of the challenge where the results start!

  • i do hope so, my belly done the same thing, gone flabby, before it was hard and round lol, now its soft and flabby, hanging down like lol, its yucky lol

    You to Kisha, im proud of you, keep going we close to the end,

    GOD bless

  • Well according to a low carb forum I've been a part of for years this phenomenon is known as "Jiggly Poof" and allegedly it happens before the body releases fat and water in whats called a "whoosh" which is a significant seemingly overnight loss of scale weight and body mass...

    So its a good thing LOL

  • More info on jiggly poof... squishy fat... lumpy fat...

    The "reason" this happens is that our fat cells try desperately to hold onto their size and shape.  As they empty of actual fat they will fill themselves with water. Thats when they get all jiggly when they have water and not fat in them.  At some point our body finally realizes we are not refilling them with fat and will release the water in a big "woosh"

  • Thank goodness there is a name for it! Jiggly Poof! I was trying to explain to my husband, it is almost like the fat on my tummy is separated and sliding down from the muscle I am building in my abs. LOL! I had a terrible time explaining until I learned about Jiggly Poof tonight! I have to say, mine is not that pronounced yet so I am more jiggly poof-ish. I think I will see more of that the next challenge. I am giving it my all these last 4 weeks, almost treating it like a min-challenge. 31 days to go!!!!

    Wooshing you a productive last 4 weeks!

  • Good Morning! Great UBWO this a.m. hit the gym at five thirty... followed with .65 mile jog so far so good on the tendon! yay me :)

    scale doing some weird bounce up thing. I'll be drinking tons of water today. I think after my DR appointment Monday I'll have my roomie put the scale away again for the rest of the challenge.

    How is everyone? How are all my jiggly-poofy buddies? LOL.

  • well i weighed myself this morning, hadnt done it in a few weeks, yall know i lost 18lbs first 4 weeks, well with these 4 weeks just about over ive only lost 3lbs but you know im happy with that, because i know ive put on alot more muscle, but monday when i get hooked up to computer i will have a better idea of these last 4 weeks, my body is getting lots of rest and  i did cut down on my portion sizes these last 4 weeks maybe i should have stuck with what i was doing first 4 weeks, only monday will tell, overall though im not feeling as lively as i did around the 3 to 4 week mark of challenge, not sure if its cause im working harder or not, but overall ive lost 21lbs in 8weeks, but still got the jiggly poofy and them ugly handles to deal with in the last 4 weeks, for those whose scales arent kind, remember muscle weights more than fat and i know we all losing fat, but we all building muscle too, will post computer results monday after test,

    GOD bless

  • I sure am looking forward to the poof part (-: My legs are starting to adapt to the quicker jogging pace. Maybe in another week or two I can bump it up again.

    I think its great for those who have made it this far. Ive noticed how a lot of these groups have really dwindled to a small core. 12 weeks or not at this pace all of us will meet their goals in due time.

    Notice this champions profile says his transformation was in 22 weeks. Interesting, not one challenge... not even a full 2 challenges. Hmmm...

  • Good deal Rodie, and muscle looks better then fat (-:

  • Good job on the loss Rodie... your cumulative total is still strong!

    I hesitate to even post this because quite a few of my posts about thyroid stuff have gotten deleted from the boards. Seems like something they don't want me talking about...

    Anyways I have a follow up with my doc on Monday and just got my blood tests back.  Despite how amazing awesome strong powerful healthy kick ass I am feeling... my hormone levels are NOT where they need to be metabolism wise. Apparently I've gotten well enough to enter the "feel awesome" zone of wellness... but am not quite into the "lose weight" zone yet.

    I have lost about half of the 30 pounds I gained during my last thyroid crash. I've only lost four pounds during my first four weeks on BFL. I'm excited to talk to my doc and I'm sure he'll be upping my hormones again. Hopefully this adjustment will do the trick for me.

    In the meantime I keep focusing on the other improvements I've made (strength, speed, cardio fitness, etc.) and also I really DO look much better.

    Sadly my sister accidentally deleted my "before' pic from her phone... I can see the diff in the mirror though.

  • EDIT: I meant to say four pounds in eight weeks. four pounds in first eight weeks on BFL.  

  • Kisha i think with the setbacks you have had and still working thru you have done amazing, i congratulate you, you have been an imspiration to me, and once again thanks, the success i have had is not mine alone, it belongs also to the program and to all those who have encouraged me along the way, and im forever thankful,

    Kisha im proud of you, good job

  • *blush*

    thanks so much I really appreciate it. I've been at this battle a long time. over three years really.

  • I agree, I would much rather go through this with you guys then alone. What great support you all are.

    Kisha, I remember my mom telling me it was hard for her to loose weight due to her thyroid. I dont understand it form a logical perspective (something about it messing with your metabolism) but..... making this your life style and not just a 12 week challenge... if I may... Im going to go way conservative and say you are only gaining 2 lbs of muscle per month. Along with the 2 lbs of scale weight lose Id say thats 4 lbs of fat loss per month. 4 pounds a month for 12 months is 48 pounds of fat loss. This of course is not taking into consideration any cardio improvements that lead to more calories burned.  It will start out as a snow ball but end up as an avalanche! There has got to be a breaking point where the thyroid/metabolism can no longer sustain the calorie deficit and you will get your 8 week miracle (POOF!).

    Just an FYI, Im a 36 year old 224 lb male working this program correctly and have only lost 11 scale pounds as of last Monday. Id say with your extra difficulties your doing great!

    As I believe you already believe... hang in there for the long hall and  you will achieve your goals.

  • Thank you for that Ridshack! Indeed, the thyroid is nothing to mess with.  I have an amazing wonderful doctor that is treating me properly. I'm just one of the lucky ones that has a more complicated case. Its something called Wilson's Syndrome and I totally understand it, how it works, what its doing to me, etc.  Unfortunately its not calories in/calories out when hormones are involved.

    And don't get me wrong I am SO GRATEFUL for how well I feel. In April I could not have exercised no matter how badly I wanted to.  I looked at the before vs. six week pics that I could scrounge (had a crappy before on my camera phone) and I DO think I see a difference. I'm not going to stop doing this. I'm not going to stop working out.  

    Its all pretty frustrating but I do LOVE your suggestion that I've gained 2LBS of muscle per month (from what I can feel I think that I have indeed done so) which effectively doubled my weight loss :)

    We'll see where I'm at on day 84... and yes there's surely another challenge to come after that!