3 week old Newbie

  • Hi all


    Some introductions. I am a 25 year old female. I also used to be quite fit in primary school and start of high school, but then life happened I suppose and I started getting lazy and and....

    I have always managed though to be reasonably thin (skinny fat as they call it). I looked semi good in clothes, but never felt comfortable in a bikini. My biggest issue has always been my legs. Even though I had quite nice legs from the running, it now has a layer of fat over it, so it just looks like two tree stumps :-(


    Anyways, so last year November, at the age of 24, I was diagnosed with DCIS (pre-cancer of the ***). On 8 December I underwent a double mastectomy. This was the scariest and darkest time of my life, and made me realise how vulnerable our bodies are, irrespective of our age. I then decided that as soon as I get the green light from the doctors, I will ensure that I get my body and mind to optimum strength. So after being blessed with getting the all clear, I started the BFL challenge on 2 May 2010. I am now entering my 4th week. 


    I did a lot of research on lots of sites, and it just confused me even more. So thats why I decided the BFL challenge is a great proven all in one for someone with no previous experience in this. I decided to throw out the scale as for some reason, I am seeing no movement on it, its actually gone up. I did measurements and so far managed to loose 2.5cm off my waist. I am eating very clean and doing all my workouts.

    I am a bit worried about the scale and not dropping any weight, but I was told that its the measurements and pictures that count. I am seeing a difference in my waist and my arms are starting to tone. But my legs..... what a mission. I push hard at every single workout. I can barely climb stairs the day after a leg workout, and my legs feel harder if I touch them, but they still have this layer of fat around, and its very demotivating.


    My biggest issue I think, is a combination of workouts, work and studying, tiring me out.. and then not seeing results as fast as I would like too, discourages me a bit. Actually, a big bit. And I read that most people see best results at around 8 weeks. I try and inspire myself by looking at other before and after pics, and seeing their results and changes in their body but especially their legs.


    I am hoping that joining this forum, I will have some accountability, great tips and some much needed motivation. I am now hanging on the mind over matter string.... and its only week 4!

  • You said yourself up at the top that you've always been "skinny fat".  I would put the scale aside since the scale will only hold you back.  It's not uncommon for you to be frustrated at this point, most women are.  Stay the course and you will not regret doing this program.  It's not always easy, but in comparison to the battles you've already fought at your age, this is a piece of cake.

    Trust the process and have faith.  The first six weeks are the hardest for women, but your body is changing from the inside out.

    This forum is the best place for good positive mojo, but be sure and surround yourself with positive and upbeat quotes, photos of the body that you want and anything else that you find motivating.

    Remember too that muscle is more dense than fat and if you've been skinny fat, your scale weight may even go up a litte so don't be surprised by that.  

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory