Racing heart beat in the night

  • So I had my free day on Saturday and went with some friends to the forest for a walk, BBQ and campfire. Had a great time enjoying steak, sausage, salads etc followed by custard danish, wine and marshmallows in the bonfire (got a little carried away these but nothing extreme) and then went home a couple of hours later to bed. 

    Thing is I woke up what I think was a couple of hours later really hot with my heart racing and feeling a bit sick. This has happened once before on a free day when I had premium ice cream and fudge sauce for dessert a few hours before bed.

    Now I'm concern that my body cant tolerate high levels of sugar intake anymore because it has become so accustomed to my low GI, regular eating in the week which keeps my blood sugar very stable (although I hvae only just started the challenge i've been eating a fairly low GI diet for sometime). I read some info on the internet which said that the insullin dump required to bring your blood sugar down can sometimes make you swing into hypoglycemia if your body isnt quite functioning right and lead to a racing heart beat. 

    I'm not diabetic and can ordinarily eat high sugar food without issue any info or advice would be appreciated.


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  • I am hypoglycemic.   It defiantly sounds like you were having a hypoglycemic reaction.  That's exactly what happens to me.  I wake up with a racing heartbeat, nauseous, shaking and feeling like I have bricks tied to my arms and legs (real heavy feeling).    My advise would be to eat sugary items earlier in the day or avoid them.   The reaction will usually trigger 2-4 hours after eating high sugar items.  Alcohol is another sure fire trigger.   Make sure you eat a complex carb before bed too.  

  • I would go to the doctor and tell them about the episodes for sure.

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