No Women Allowed! For Men's Eyes Only!!!

  • Hi ladies. I knew you couldn't resist snooping!

    I'll be back one of these days--with some more serious stuff. Right now, I'm busy doing P90X and I have to tell you, that program is Soooooo hard that it makes body for life look like child's play!

  • Hi Mike!  Yes I looked! :)

    I ordered P90X off a guy on Craigslist.  He never mailed it.  Now he won't even answer my e-mails.  I hate thieves!   I think I am going to do another BFL Challenge and then tackle P90X in the fall when I won't have any interference from summer riding/rally season.   I've heard it will make even the most fit feel out of shape!

  • Lots of people who order it off Craigslist or even EBay get scammed or get substandard goods that were ripped off from the originals.  THe original DVDS are fantastic, good quality, with options about changing or eliminating certain sound tracks, etc. They come in a nice little binder packet, and there are two books plus some other materials in the package. You get twelve separate workouts plus all the material for around $150 including shipping and it comes in less than a week. You'll be happier if you get it direct from Beachbody's next time and you'll also be able to return it if it's not for you. I've got to tell you, it's sure not for those who are trying to get fit for the very first time, or who have really big health problems. It's lot of intense exercises, but it's great.

  • LOL, seems we peek as much as you do.  :)  Good luck with P90X!