Need a boost!

  • I'm QUITE put-out by the situation I find myself in... I was 2 weeks into the BFL program, then got discouraged because I hadn't seen any progress. After some encouragement from the 'community' I was able to get over THAT hump. Then I got the flu, which set me back, AGAIN. Then my kids got the flu while I was in "recovery mode." And just 2 weeks ago, I broke my foot while running.

    I am deeply distressed about this STATE in which I find myself.  I was REALLY hoping to get thru the 12 weeks, but right now I can't even WALK on the treadmill. If anyone has ANY advice right now, I'd certainly appreciate it!

  • oh no! I am so sorry you broke your foot! can you ride the bike, instead? swim? so sorry....

  • Janele,

    The first thing I would say is to Clear your mind of the Negative clutter you find yourself wrapped in!  Then go see a doctor for Xrays and treatment for your foot.  If you can alternate Cardio methods without damaging your foot, then go for it!  If not, then focus on healing so you can begin anew.   Do not focus on the injury, just on how to move past it so you may heal and continue along the path of transformation.  This is a Journey you embark on, not just a destination or mere pit stops along the way..  No!  

    When you train the mind for Victory, everything else is decided!!  

    Always Believe,

    John T

  • janele: My friend Miriam Francis worked out just fine sitting and doing boxing for her cardio - shes a champ and didnt let knee surgery slow her down one day.

    Also - read the Champion book, visit the site of challengers that did BFL in a wheelchair, without one limb, or with one lung.

    If you want it - you will do it.

  • It may not seem like it now but after you get through all that mess...and you will be able to realize the hurdle you pushed your self through. maybe the workouts have been delayed but your eating can still prevail. Your metabolize will be fueled to burn and you'll feel healthier for it.

  • When I bought the Body for Life book back in 99 I was looking at all the transformation when I came across a picture where the girl was sitting down.  I thought "that's silly, why is she sitting down.  I woud be standing up to show off my before and after legs."  Then it hit me.  She had no choice.  She is in a wheel chair.  Need I say more.  Get your %^$#* moving.  You can do anything!  What slows us down or stops us is our mind only.  

    I was discouraged after the 4th week because my belly fat just won't go away.  Then I realized that it took me 16 years to put it on and I'm whining that in 4 weeks I can't get it off!  I got over myself and came to this realization; this is not just a 12 week program.  I'm not going to go for 12 weeks and then quit.  This is a life time commitment.  So, no matter what my body ends up looking like I will still be healthier and happier then before.  Throw out the scale, stop looking in the mirror and focus on eating and working out.  You'll be happier for it.


  • Janele,

    Real life is always going to be full of obstacles.  Keep in mind that you can still continue to progress by strictly following the BFL nutrition as written during your injury.   Heed your doctors advice about what he wants you to do as far as exercise because you want the break to heal properly.  That being said, there is still plenty for you to focus on with your food intake.  

    There is no reason your nutrition shouldn't be 100% clean during this.  Keep your free day reasonable as well.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory