Question about weight loss goal

  • I am a 48 year old woman, 5'4" and when I started on 5/17 I was 202 lbs.  I went to the doctor yesterday and was 198 on their scale (yay!).  I was discussing the BFL program with the doctor as a means to get my diabetes under control, and mentioned my goals, and she freaked out a little at my weight loss goal which is 28 pounds.  She recommended 10 pounds over the rest of the 84 days.

    My brain is thinking 10 pounds!  10 pounds!  That won't even show!  I don't want her to be mad at me when I go back on 8/19, but I'm pretty sure I'll have lost more than 10 pounds.  Maybe not the 28 I set my goal at, but surely more than 10.

    So what do I do?

  • I would stick to the program. It's not an unhealthy fad diet or lacking in calories or anything. You will lose what you lose, and your body will tell you if it's too much. She may just not want you to overdo it or go extreme with it.

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  • From everything I know about weight loss, 1-2 lbs a week is healthy. So being that you have 12 weeks, anywhere from 12-24 lbs should be ok. Is she worried about your blood sugar dropping too much, too quickly? I am an RN and this goal seems within reason. My guess is, she will not be mad at you if you go back to her with your blood sugars more under control. I have done Weight Watchers in the past and have seen people get off of diabetic medication with as little as 10% loss of their total weight. I think as long as you are eating healthy and at regular intervals (like BFL has you do) and getting exercise, you are losing your weight the best way possible. Good luck to you!!

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  • I would not worry about your doctor being mad at you. And her freaking out about your desire for weight loss seems absurd considering you discussed the program. It would be nearly impossible for you to lose ONLY 10 lbs by your end date. She should be giving encouragement. Unless you have other health issues, it seems odd your doc would fell compelled to suggest losing only 10 lbs.

    Do what is right for you, BFL is certainly diabetes compatable, then return to your doc's office and SHOW OFF your results!If it makes her mad- find another doctor.


  • What do Warriors do when faced with a Challenge like this?  They Run Full Speed into Battle!!  They fight hard to win the day, without fear of the outcome!!  Charge into this challenge without fear of what your doctor might say!!!  DO this for YOU!  AAAAAAAHHH!!!

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  • I would eat as written and see what happens without stressing the numbers.  My doctor told me I was too old to be exercising 6 days a week.  I have since traded him in.

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  • I've found that doctors don't really have much knowledge when it comes to exercise science.  I talked to my new doctor earlier this week about starting body-for-life and asked about supplementation, but he really didn't seem to know much about it.  In contrast, I've a buddy from high school who's been powerlifting for ~10 years who's really into exercise science who told me more than I knew there was to learn.

    I wouldn't recommend outright ignoring your doctor, but if you pay close attention to how you're feeling, and do a bit of independent research, you should be okay.  For me, I don't know if I'll find another doctor, but I'll be sure to ask my buddy first when I have questions.

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  • Thanks for all the great advice everyone! I have given this much thought, and I am just going to keep the goals the way I originally set them.  I think the doc is worried that I am setting myself up to fail by setting such an ambitious goal, but the way I see it, I am setting myself up to win!  

  • The other posters are right. Your doctor is worried that you will crash and burn (end up in the ER). Depending on your type of diabetes, you may just need to keep an extra close watch on your blood sugar so you don't get too low. The doctor probably didn't understand how much, often and healthy this program requires you to eat. Good Luck on 28#s +!!!

  • I agree with Kat. Seems odd that the doctor would not encourage a 1-2 pound weight loss goal per week. Hmm. Anyway, I think you should just take extra care monitoring your blood sugar, eat the right foods and just GO FOR IT! Good luck!