Fourth Day of Challenge

  • Good afternoon!

    I had my body fat percentage measured yesterday (22.3%).  Not as bad as I thought it was going to be!  Next week I will be going into the "weight room" at the gym.  That room intimidates me but with the support of a fellow BFL challenger (and gym member), I think I'll be fine!  Avoided the temptation at a Union meeting yesterday despite the selection of breads, pasta, and of course italian pastries.  I grabbed a bottled water off the table BEFORE they put the food out and didn't go back up!  Thank goodness the meetings are only once a month.  That is the problem with being in education...there are always meetings with plenty of delicious (and fattening) foods available!  Had a great Zumba class last night (dance/cardio)...really worked up a sweat!  So far I have three smiling face stickers on my chart....let's hope it continues!

    Have a happy and healthy day!


  • H-

    Knock em dead in the weight room!! Congrats on bypassing union food! Stock up on smiley face will need at least100 b'cuz  some of the ays you will deserve more than one sticker!


  • Thanks for the encouragement!  I've had  a really good week...going to kick up the cardio next week.  Hope my legs can handle it!

    Have a great weekend!