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  • Hiya gals out there.  Have any of your experienced changes in your monthly visit from your "aunt" (as some on here have called it)?  I'm W3 D17 and my "aunt" is 2 days late (and she is never late), but testing negative for pregnancy.  Wondered if the sharp change in exercise and nutrition has freaked my body out.  Would appreciate your input. 


  • Good question-

    Yes, as a matter of fact, it's made mine a little more bearable. The workouts have helped me to relax and ease in and out better, believe it or not. But that's just me.

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  • shortened mine, hallalujah!

  • Vigorous exercise can cause you to skip or delay a period.   I actually went thru several months of spotting on and off.  Lucky me!  If you miss for a month or more (like if you don't start again next month) then I'd call a doctor.

  • my pms was less awful than normal. period was on time though

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  • So far, I haven't noticed any change with mine. However, I am more aware of having days when I eat everything insight and am never full. I am going to start documenting when it happens to see if there is a pattern. Does this happen to any of you?

  • I have never consistantly tracked my cycle.  I will maybe every 5 - 10 years just to see if it is still 26-28 days between menses.  I have always let my body tell me when I am about to start so I can take precausions.  This last time I was caught unaware (ops).  No sore ***, no craping (mild or otherwise).  While it is likely due to the excercise I am only in my 4th week so more observation is needed.  Even though I can't tell you if I was 2 or 3 days late.  I can tell you my period was shorter and easier.


  • absolutely!!  when i was younger i used to get it on a wednesday, no fail.  between diets and exercise i'm now a friday.  no worries.

  • @ 41 and a few cycles behind me I've discovered a few things:

    * a cycle for most peeps last a # of days and won't always be a Monday etc unless you have a cycle that last exactly 28 days consistently

    *stress, diet, nutrition, hormone levels, and excercise and any supplements can most definitely change the arrival time.

    ie: when i was graduation high school  @ 18 I missed for 2 months (with less than ZERO chance of pregnancy) due to pretty much all of the above. Had to take meds to induce it and then it lasted for 2 weeks!

  • Does this mean BFL ladies behave themselves better than the general female population at Aunt Flow time?? OOOPS! I peeked!!!  I apologize! I'm punchy from this being C1D1 and not being used to the early morning - forgive me! It's sleep deprivation!!!!!!

  • Having been on the guestbook for 8 years now, I have seen and answered this question hundreds of times. It's not that I didn't read the title of this thread--it's just that I don't think I need sex change operations to be able to answer a common health question.

    Changes in dietary and exercise regimens often affect menstrual cycles, in many ways. They may change the onset time, the length of the flow, the intensity of side effects (cravings, cramps), and in some extreme cases they can cause cessation of menstrual flow. Elite female endurance athletes can go months without periods, without any permanent consequence. Once the body stabilizes, the menstrual regularity usually comes back as well. While this worries some ladies, others look at it as just evidence of the hard work they are putting in at the gym and the discipline of eating the right foods after years of shoveling in sugar and other junk.  

    As for us guys, we usually worrry about MAJOR things--like whether the Red Sox are out of the pennant race already, or where Labron James is going to wind up playing basketball!

  • Hey BFLMike,

    King James isn't going to stay here in Cleveland anymore...he gave us his best...he wants more..can't blames him.

  • Well, nevermind on my original question... I'm pregnant!  Yeehaw!

  • wow, congrats rjwak2003 !

    Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't, I give myself reasons why I can.

  • LOL - sorry but that was just too funny - on the 19th you are not and on the 24th you are, the first post you are not and 12 posts later you are LOL  sorry it just struck me as funny.  

    Funny aside though - Congratulations!!!!!  And many blessings!!!

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