(Repost because of an accidental misposting in the Gym) Low thyroid and gluten allergy...

  • Hello I just wonder if there is someone else with low thyroid / and or gluten allergy... for advises.. To know how you are doing and how you are feeling..

    I am in the middle of my 4th week, ( I am 38 years old)  but I am really tired.. it is just 4 o clock and I want to sleep!... I just checked my thyroid.. it came back good.

    If you can share your experience or give me some advice... I will really appreciate it!

    ( I usually workout in the morning, and  while in the workout I feel fine)

    Thanks :)

  • how much sleep are you getting at night?  at least 8 is ideal.  if you are like me, i require at least 9!

    i, too, have hypothyroidism.  i'm also 38, and i have a very active 2 year old!  i'm in c2w5 right now, and there are still days i'm really tired.  luckily, though, my little guy still naps and i have no qualms napping when he does!  

  • I have hypothyroid also, and as it happens, I've been struggling with it for about three weeks being extremely low-just got new meds two days ago. This is what helped me during those tired days:

    Get at least nine hours of sleep

    Drink an espresso right before workouts

    BE SURE to get all of your meals and ESP. water!

    Don't beat yourself up too much if you just can't do it one day; that is, if your meds are off, if they are on and your blood work looks good, then there should be no excuses, right? (At least that's what I tell myself).

    Just my two cents.... hope this helps


    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • Hi Jaypbee, you are in challenge 2? wow! congratulations! So we are the same age, that is great :)

    I have an almost 4 , 6  and a 13 year.. and house is busy!! they are lovely but also a challenge ;)

    But I only have girls. Thank you so much for sharing with me, then you have been able to lose weight in your meds. May I ask you how long have you been with meds?

    It is a little bit hard to take a nap, because my little one still takes her nap.. but my 6 year old.. another story. But when I can I do it.

  • i have been taking synthroid since late 2006.  my numbers were crazy!  a normal tsh is under 5.  mine was 83!!!  my doctor was surprised i could even get out of bed each morning.  lol.  

    i definitely think our age and thyroid issues do factor into our results, BUT, as of this morning, i've lost 20 lbs, so it is possible!

  • Wow Jaypbee! about your weight it is fantastic. I am very happy for you. How are you feeling? do you feel good energy with your meds? i am on  Levothyroxine.. but thinking about asking my doctor to change my meds... I gained the about 10 pounds they talk about with thyroid. And been fighting to get rid of them for a year.