Thyroid and gluten allergy...

  • Hello I just wonder if there is someone else with low thyroid / and or gluten allergy... for advises.. To know how you are doing and how you are feeling..

    I am in the middle of my 4th week, ( I am 38 years old)  but I am really tired.. it is just 4 o clock and I want to sleep!... I just checked my thyroid.. it came back good.

    If you can share your experience or give me some advice... I will really appreciate it!

    ( I usually workout in the morning, and  while in the workout I feel fine)

    Thanks :)


  • monasasha-I do not have a low thyroid or gluten allergy, but the tiredness you are feeling is normal at this time. Try to get as much rest at night as you can, take a power nap if possible in afternoon, and drink plenty of water.

    I think TheonlyAlexandra on here has a gluten allergy, not sure; maybe scroll through the posts and see if you can find her...

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • i responded to you in your other post!  :-)

  • Monasasha, hiya!

    yeah I too am another Gluten free BFL'er. I posted on fatigued yesterday...I noticed a lot of other women have been too. I heard to take and iron supplement. I did just finish my cycle so that COULD have been my issue.

    I workout in the morning too...usually about 8:45.

    could just be that we are asking our bodies to do so much right now that they haven't been doing....I feel a little better is cardio for me...

  • Hi jaypbee, thank you. I will try to find the other post.. because my daughter help me to move it...

  • Thank you so much Debbie, for telling me this. I thought once I've got better, then It could be another issue... After some days really tired... I've got better and now, tired again..  but knowing this can happen to anyone, or it can be expected is different. :) I appreciate all your help.

    I drink my water, and I will try to take naps.. but it is hard having 3 girls at home :)

  • Hi Alexandra!   I am so sorry that you  have the allergy too. :(

    Good thing is that now they have many gluten free things to help  us.

    I am thinking now, it might have something to do with the intensity now? For example, for me is very challenging now my cardio day ... before I worked with dvds, and I loved it, even though it was more than 20 minutes, and I sweat.. but now I am thinking.. uups.. is going to be hard/harder?than before?..;) anyways once on it, it is nice.. but is the first time in years, that I think oh oh.. it is a cardio day... So maybe it is the excersise that is different?

    By the way before I did cardio 5 to 6 days...

    I was taking iron, but I can't remember why my doctor took me out of it. I will find out ;)

    Thank you, very much :)

    A great day for all of you ladies, and thanxs.

  • I'm getting used to it...both the exercise and the gluten free issue...I only do cardio 3 times a weeks for 24 min...just works out well that way...

    just want to get back to the weight I was when  I married my spouse...I was 125 and for my frame that is just fine...If I stop at 135 I will not lose sleep over it!

  • I think is great to just need 3 days for cardio! I love it because it is easier to manage my time with my girls. It was fun to do the videos, I miss it a little, but at the same time is good. LIfe is sooo busy!!

    I was able for many years to keep my weight  @ 118-123 but this last year with many issues, very sad loses in my family, sicknesses.. my thyroid.. it has been impossible. To finish the severe gluten allergy... found it just some months ago. But it seems it did a lot of damage..

    I want to share that I have a friend she is wonderful and she looks like a doll, she is almost 60, (58-59) and she is so beautiful  with a  great body. Her husband recommended the book for my husband, and well I got to read it and thought I might try the excersise plan, then I wanted to make it complete, and see what happens..  They both are in great shape, and have been folowing BFL for 6 years.

    With my thyroid problem I went up to 133, which I haven't been in years, but my eating plan and exersise plan werent working anymore? Or just the thyroid giving trouble/my age? ..  I don't know.

    I havent weighed myself, and plan not to do it, for some time now. I think I am seing a change in my legs, so hopefully it will work this time, even eating more carbs. :) I just need energy, and want to be able to wear my clothes like some months ago. I was/am starting to think if it could be my age... and the other two things... ( I am 38) that will not let me go back to where I was. Hopefully not ;)

  • I have hypothyroid also, and as it happens, I've been struggling with it for about three weeks being extremely low-just got new meds two days ago. This is what helped me during those tired days:

    Get at least nine hours of sleep

    Drink an espresso right before workouts

    BE SURE to get all of your meals and ESP. water!

    Don't beat yourself up too much if you just can't do it one day; that is, if your meds are off, if they are on and your blood work looks good, then there should be no excuses, right? (At least that's what I tell myself).

    Just my two cents.... hope this helps


    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • Katiebug thank you very much for the advise. I know what you are saying, I am careful with my sleep and water.. I have to be, I can't  survive a good  day If I am not.. :(

    Good thing is  I feel good when I workout, my problem is in the morning, then a time after the workout  and later during the day. But I will keep searching and fighthing :) Thanks

  • Yeah I was "panicky" about eating the extra carbs but James and Legs pointed out I actually need them to get through the day...I'm listening...

    I too found out about the gluten thing this year...I had a endoscopy...never doing THAT again. I gave up wheat...problems went away...dos went "huh" oh well....

    off to gym...had to eat carbs to get through the workout today...

  • Hi Alexandra, how is everything going? Are you enjoying your carbs? I was afraid too. Yesterday checking in my book I found that when I started B4L I gained 3 # and then stay in the same weight ( Ididn't weight all the weeks) but this saturday I measure 2 " less and  2 # less also. When my doctor told me about the gluten allergy he also said it could take a long time before I could start losing weight, I have 5 mo. w/gluten. But it seems I am in a good direction.

  • I do not eat any gluten or wheat at all (personal choice no allergy) and have had no problem just picking carbs from the list that are vegetable carbs my favorite is yams.

    Regarding thyroid... I am tired and do not feel well unless my FREE T3 comes back in the upper 2/3-3/4 of the lab range.  If your FREE T3 is coming in lower than that it might be your problem.

  • Hi Monasasha,

    Right now I have a broken Big toe...getting about is enough of a challenge...not really eating much and trying to workout has been a pain. I am going to sit this week "out" as I cannot even work. not messing up dieting, but  I when I fell I also pulled a muscle in my right right arm trying to keep from falling....

    just eating potatoes when I do eat a carb....not sure how the allergy would keep you from losing...