• It's a bad phrase in most businesses, because being a "clock watcher" means that you're getting ready to leave at the earliest possible opportunity. But, in BFL, keeping close tabs on things means watching the clock, and by keeping close tabs on things you'll develop the habits you truly need to make BFL a success.

    Over and over I see those posts where people seemingly lost their way in spite of really zero adversity or obstruction. They are perplexed and frustrated for sure. It seems to me  the most common problem is that folks just have not yet figured out that time management is the most critical aspect of all this. You NEED TO eat every 2.5 hours, so you need to SCHEDULE that, just like you would schedule appointments you had that day. You need to work out effectively, and that means doing a set after a ONE MINUTE waiting period and after two minutes between exercises--not longer.  Those who do not keep track of that time generally end up either cutting their workout short because they ran out of time, or spending much longer in the gym than they meant to.

    The best way to truly make time to do things is to get up before others do. Once others begin to make demands on your life, time management becomes harder. But, at 5:30 in the morning, when it's just me and GEorge out there in the dark or the rain, we have the time we need to get in our morning walk.

    Keeping a journal is another great way of building effective time management habits. Yes, by itself it takes time to update a journal, but it is a roadmap and a diary at the same time. It tells you where you've been, where you are, and where you're going, and studies show that those who keep careful journals on average have a 20% better challengeresult  than those who don't. (This was confirmed by tracking results of those participating in plant-wide challenges sponsored by EAS at a truck plant and a health care facility as well.)

    So, how do you develop these effective habits? By doing them! You have to act your way into a better set of habits instead of trying to think your way into them.  Eventually, you will find yourself as comfortable with your new habits as you currently do with your old ones. The difference will be in how you look and how you feel, because your new habits are essential to your health.

  • Love it.  I am much more effective because I track my stuff.  Food, workouts, etc.  

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  • Wow.  My two favorite Champions on one thread.  I love that.  I also love the post and fully agree.  I would add goals, those need to be tracked too.  

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  • Thanks so much for this post!  I just started on BFL Monday.  I did my first weight training session without a watch and found it difficult so today when I went to the gym to workout I took my cell phone which has a stop watch on it.  This was very handy for timing everything perfectly.  I plan on going to buy a watch that has a stop watch on it.  I also started a journal.  I enjoyed reading your post because it just reconfirmed everything that I read in the BFL book.  I am excited to be on this program and hope that I will be successful.

  • My gym has 2 big clocks on the wall with a second hand and when I'm done a set that is the first thing I look at so I can keep my 1 min. rest interval consistent.

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