clarification of WHEN to eat pre and post weight training?

  • I know to do cardio on an empty stomach or as close t oa fasting state as you can....


    BUT how far BEFORE  you do weights should you eat  and then what about after weights?



  • Pre weight training I'd still go with fasted as although weight training only uses glycogen stores rather than fat if these are ow when you start due having not eaten your body will be more likely to run on fat stores for the rest of the day.

    As for after, the 30 mins after any workout, but especially a weight training session, are when the body does the majority of repair to the muscle fibers torn during your workout. Because of this it is vital that you take in a large portion of protein almost immediately after. The quickest form for your body to digest is a water based form i.e protein shake mixed with water. I have one straight after my weights workout, have a shower and then take in a complex carb such as dried muesli (weird i know but i really like it), a piece of toast or even some pasta.

    Hope this helps

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  • This one is a tough one.  I say do both on an empty stomach if you can for now.  As you progress, you may end up having to take some calories to prevent nausea especially on leg days.  

    It's recommended that you wait 1 hour after cardio to eat for a better fat burning effect.  Within 30 minutes of weights you should have a meal/shake.

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  • thanks you both so much!

  • I meant to say THANK You both so much ;0)!