• Oh man, I gotta stop letting other peoples' bad moods affect my own, but sometimes it is so  hard.  Somehow yesterday I was able to absorb all the idiocy surrounding me and had worked myself up into a fine froth of sluggishness... went home, skipped the gym, ate an ounce of cheese and trisquits, missed my last 2 meals and went to bed. What came over me, I don't know, but today I resolved to pick myself up, brush myself off, and keep going.

    Still having some residual anger at myself for so easily feeling sorry for myself and not working out (I broke the stapler at work...ooopsie), but I am determined to push through this day and go to the gym no matter how crappy or angry I feel... knowing that  I will feel so much better afterwards.

    Been planning and prepping like a madwoman, but starting to let the life stuff fall to the side... like paying bills and doing my laundry and stuff... I am focusing so much on getting my 5 things in each day.. I wish there were more hours.

    Anyway, here's a great quote to live by when things out of your control start stressing you out...

    "Your failure to plan is not my emergency"

  • today is another day....

    I like a quote from a Pixar movie " just keep swimming..."

    It's not about perfection, we are all going to have days we may miss a workout and it's not due to our lack of effort...things really come up and our commitment to the program may feel wavered...I had a friend borrow my book and then tell how because she's a graphic designer SHE could tell how all the pictures in the book were " photo Shopped" and BFL is a "scam"...I know it's not as I have done this before...It was left as a Voicemail and all it did was make me push harder in the gym...I know she's having a bad go round right now so I just ignored her silly comments  which I know were designed to stop my progress....

    just pick your self up, dust your self off and keep on plugging...

  • I find that when the idiocy and stupidity of the world has caved in my day and I can't think straight and all I want to do is turn green and destroy buildings in a fit of gamma radiation fueled rage, that's when it's time to hit the gym. Every press - "I will not let them ruin this." Every lift - "This is my game to win" Every squat - "My goal is to win" Every extension - "I will not let them drag me down" I find that by taking my rage out through lifting that I hit my high points with no problems and because my energy is refocused I no longer feel angry.

  • Nightgryphon mad!  Nightgryphon smash!  the weights in the gym that is.  

  • Erica-Have a Wonderful day!

    A little bump in the road is not worth your desire to be HAPPY!

    Focus on what YOU need to do for YOU!! :-)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • James, HA! Exactly. :D

  • Nightgryphon, I am such a comic book nerd, I've been reading and collecting since age 10 and I'm 44 now.

  • This is a great example of a mental obstacle that you have to overcome.  Did you feel better eating the crackers and cheese?  I bet not or you wouldn't be posting your guilt filled secret here.

    Life is going to happen regardless of whether you are going to the gym or you are drowning your sorrows/anger, etc in fats.   Learn to deal with stressors appropriately, by overcoming them mentally, and things will come together for you.

    Next time you are having a day, think to yourself how you can't wait to go the gym, then go to the gym.

    Sounds easy and it is if you convince yourself it is.

  • Interesting that you have this signature...

    "Your failure to plan is not my emergency"

    No one else can influence your behavior unless you allow them to.  For whatever reason yesterday you CHOSE to allow others to completely derail you.  It wasn't their fault that you went home and chose to eat unplanned foods.

    Ask yourself next time "will eating this crap make me feel better or worse?"

    Also if you spend a couple of hours on Sunday preparing things like brown rice and baked chicken *** and freezing them in individual servings, there is much less to plan during the week.

    Have you read the book?

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Just want to say thank you everybody for your kind words and inspiration. I did indeed go right to the gym after work, and sure enough, I felt amazing afterwards (just like I knew I would!) In fact, I was able to increase my weights on almost everything, the Roman Chair abs were CONSIDERABLY  easier, and I even did my plank pose for 45 seconds as opposed to my planned 30! I feel great this morning and can't wait to get outside on the trails for my run!  

    Thank you!