really struggling with weight loss please HELP!! :)


    Hey Guys,

    (Please excuse my spelling, im really bad!)

    Im new to this so bare with me, I usually do a Keto diet wich is pretty much moderate to high fat and protien and no carbs. When im on this diet you see results like you wouldnt imagine however u start to feel pretty unhealthy and the cravings on that diet are alot harder to control.

    So Im on my 3rd week of BFL and ive yet to drop any weight, im not sure wat my current BF % is, however it was around 30% when i started, i really let my self go LOL. Like i sed before i am new to this type of diet, but i have yet to see any real results as far as fat loss is concearned, and im still sitting around 110kg. My daily diet is pretty decent i think i ciould probly reduce it more and be more strict on portion sizes, but they are already reasonbly small.

    I'll go through a day of wat i would usually eat at the bottom of the page.

    Im not too sure wat im doing wrong or is it just i have to wait longer to start droping some kelos. Any tips at all would be fantastic! I must admit though i do feel alot better and healthier but im just not seeing any fat going yet.

    (Usually i work out just before first protien shake or will change it around so i  can have my snack just after i workout as a post workout shake and i drink heaps of water!)


    Musli with mixed fruit and milk.


    protien shake no carbs w/ creatine and glutamine.


    Salad wrap with whole meal tortilla and chicken ***. Some times sneak some low fat cheese and low fat dressing.


    Tuna tin


    Salad wrap again or just a bowl of sald with chicken through it.


    Casein Protein shake w/ creatine and glutamine.

  • Grahame,

    BFL is not a diet but a way of life.  Are you exercising as it's descibed in the book?  That, ample sleep, lots of water and the eating (which we call meals rather than breakfast, snack, etc.) will get you the results you seek.  As for your meals:

    Breakfast (Meal 1)

    Musli with mixed fruit and milk.

    Snack  (Meal 2)

    protien shake no carbs w/ creatine and glutamine.  (If you are drinking a no carb shake, you should add a carb from the list provided by BFL.)

    Lunch (Meal 3)

    Salad wrap with whole meal tortilla and chicken ***. Some times sneak some low fat cheese and low fat dressing.  (Try this without the cheese, dressing and use a whole wheat wrap instead of a tortilla.)

    Snack (Meal 4)

    Tuna tin (you need to add a carb to this meal.)

    Dinner (Meal 5)

    Salad wrap again or just a bowl of sald with chicken through it. (See comment for Meal 3.)

    Snack (Meal 6)

    Casein Protein shake w/ creatine and glutamine.

    Hopefully others will chime in on what I missed.  Hope this helps.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • it looks like your meals could use a little tweaking. just reme,mber to keep it simple, one portion protein, one portion carb per meal.. Add some veg to a few meals.

    The low carb high fat "diet" is not really very healthy, nor could it possibly sustain the types of workouts on BFL.

    As far as losing wieght, please be patient with yourself and keep following the plan. You will see results, trust me. As you already stated, you are already starting to feel better on the inside, so take that and run with it! Keep the faith and come back to this website every single day and read everything you can!

    Good luck!

  • At the start of week three I felt the same way, but as I stepped on the scale today (third day into the week) I realized that I had actually lost quite a bit of weight. Remember that one to two pounds a week is best for maintaining weight loss. Like everyone else has already chimed in, base your meals off of what this site has listed. One portion protien, one portion of "healthy carb" and add veggies to two meals. Also the key to seeing weight loss through this lifestyle is working out. The key thing I learned from the books is that muscle helps maintain a high metabolism and will actually burn fat better than just doing aerobic exercises. The weight training is key! I'm in my third week and my wife and I were surprised at the changes that we're seeing already!

    Stick to it! You can do it!

  • Grahame,

    This might sound like a silly question, but have you read all the way through the Body for Life book? If you haven't, it will walk you through exactly what you need to know to have a successful transformation. If you follow the plan, it will work!  Just take it one day at a time.  

    The book explains correct portion size, what kinds of foods to have in each of your 6 to 7 meals a day, what type of exercises to do and how to do them, etc. I'm not positive, but from reading through your post, it doesn't sound like you're following the Body for Life plan as closely as you should.  And listen, don't be afraid of carbs.  I know how difficult it is to switch your mindset to eating carbs if you're coming off of a low-carb diet and switching to Body for Life.  But your body really does need carbs, but it needs the right kind of carbs. The book will explain all of this. I hope this helps you and I wish you the best!!!


  • Hey Guys,

    Thanks so much all of you, some really great info and tips! Mike it isnt a silly question at all i havnt completely read the BFL book, i read the diary one all the way through but i got most of my information just from the website. Ill go purchase it tomorrow and follow it like a bible! hahaha!