OLDIES! - Apologies!

  • OLDIES! - Apologies for my negative emails and posts on day one of the new website - my pity party is over! Blah, Blah, Blah - one of my "rants" - all good!

    ....that a point of view different from your own might

    be wellworth entertaining.


    Sometimes it is not easy hearing an idea that is

    different from the one you are advancing -- yet it

    might be that second idea for which you were actually

    reaching for.


    Answers arrive in more ways than one. Sometimes

    they come through us, and sometimes they come

    to us.

    Dear or dear, I do not know what got into me today - the old "black dog" came a calling and wouldn't get off of my sore neck!

    So at 4.00pm I took myself to the mountain..... and yes words of "wisdom" came through me once again... I asked myself why am I so resistant to this "change", I'm normally great with change, why is this so hard for me to get over myself with?  This is the conversation that went on (yes, sometimes I think I am nuts!).

    Well Deb, you have lost sight of what you do on BFL, Huh? Your "EGO" has taken over from inspiration..... What tha?

    What was that book you finished reading last night.....  "Inspiration - Your true calling by Wayne Dyer"..... Self pity and self focus as opposed to acting "in spirit" and helping others has taken you over today...  So, I thought about this some more and one of the sayings in the book is  when  EGO takes over you've "Edged God Out" - now those that know me, know I'm on a journey of discovering religion and "god" and all that and it is BFL and the "godly" people I have met that have made this yearning to understand way more intense than ever before in my life.  I struggle a little with the tag of "god", but I can certainly sit comfortably with with the word "spirit", that powerful source that guides and resides within......

    So I thought, why am I not acting "in spirit" today, what is it thats bugging me..... it turns out (and I'm ashamed to say), it truly has been an ego thing for me..... All those silly fearful thoughts, but I like my lists, people will forget me, I like being "important" yada, yada, yada - thats what it is, I feel like I've been steering this "ship" for over 10 months now (because I start the day off with the lists, not because I'm more important than anyone) and thats all gone now... how am I going to read it all and keep up with it, I'm only just keeping my head above water now.....

    UPSHOT! - It's now 7.00pm

    I'm feeling much brighter, my head is clearer, my sore neck is clearing up (no surprise there) and I can see that there are a LOT of bonuses now,  EXAMPLE: you all can direct newbies to post on my "list thread", that way I get a personal email to update without even logging on....


    ..that yesterday is a canceled check; tomorrow is a

    promissory note; today is the only cash you have; so

    spend it wisely.


    Kay Lyons said that, and it is so very, very accurate.

    What are you doing today? Are you putting energy

    into the world that advances your life dream, that

    empowers your life mission, that fuels your life


    Author: Neale Donald Walsch



  • Morning wonderful Debs.

    Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got til it's gone.....

    I do have a huge sense of loss over GB going off air.  It was my touchstone, a place of refuge, a sanctuary almost for me.

    This new place feels diffused, diluted, scatttered............

    I will miss it terribly - but as you say we have to move on.

    Just wanted to say a HUGE thanks you to you and all my other GB darling people - I had no idea how much you meant to me - but I do now!!

    I will find a way of keeping in touch with you ALL.

    love Pia xxxxxxxxx - huge hugs and kisses




  • DEBS!!!! So glad that mountain walk helped you...thought we were going to lose you there for a minute! :0(  Your list worked and it looks just like normal and you can post BFL Mike's blogs as separate threads like you said and direct people there instead of reposting them.

    And I especially like the fact that we get an email notification when someone posts! Will keep me in the loop on busy days like today!

    I totally understand where you are coming from; we are all human, we all have our moments and I'm glad your moment is over, hehe!

    You have a good sleep tonight and think about all the wonderful things you can do on here just like you have done in the past!  You are Super Special Debs!! Love ya!!

    p.s. Let me know when your "pkg" arrives...:0)


    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...