Mental Strength-Giving up before you hit a "10"

  • In my 9th week now and have been reflecting on my "10s."  With regard to the weight training I can honestly say that I hit them about 90% of the time.  For the times that I didn't hit a true 10 something inside me just said "enough."  I am better prepared now to recognize the difference between "enough" and a true 10 intensity.  As I have grown stronger, I have raised the weights, I didn't always know what the result would be, but by upping the weights I have set a new standard and I have adapted to it.  If I didn't challenge myself I would be right back where I was at the beginning just going through the motions.

    For a man, the weights I was (and still am) lifting could be considered pitiful.  I don't see it that way.  I see myself working hard and making improvements.  Others guys around me are lifting much more than I am, however, their goals are their own and have nothing to do with what I am trying to accomplish.  I originally thought that I would feel embarrassed to lift the weights that I do, as I paid attention to others I realized that no one is really keeping track of what I do except for me.  This is fair after all in that I am doing this for me alone and not to impress anyone else.

    As for cardio 10s are easier for me to figure out.  My breathing, the burning in muscles as I run, my racing heart etc.  When I started 9 weeks ago my intensity levels were 3.5 mph for my "5" and 4.0(6), 4.5(7), 5.0(8), 5.5(9) and 6 mph for my 10.  I thought I would just pass out after that last interval...I didn't and was being a drama queen :)  Now my 5 intensity level is 5 mph and my 10 is 9 mph.  Each couple of weeks I forced myself to raise the intensity.  I just pushed the buttons on the treadmill and made myself work.  I decided that by the end of my 12 week challenge, that last 10 intensity would be 10 mph.  It has become a secondary goal to the weight loss, something else for me to look forward to.  Something that I wouldn't have been able to accomplish in week one.

    So learn to gauge the difference between your brain wanting to stop and your muscles being able to do more.  Don't take the easy way out by thinking that "enough" is truly a 10.



  • James-

    I found it hard to compare the "enough!" feeling and the true "ten" feeling also. I keep telling myself- when I feel like I can't do another one..... do one more! Those usually get me to my tens.  It makes for a good workout when you can honestly walk away from it, knowing you gave it you all.

    Good job!

    Stacy Lynn

  • DAY 1, May 17, 2010

    Hi Everyone,

    I made it throught the workout portion of Day 1!  I think for me the eating portion is going to be the hardest.  May starting weight post workout... 222!  I was a little disapointed to see that.  Also, I got my body fat done by Omar, a fitness trainer at my Club.  He used some calipers on different areas, totaled up the numbers and then used a chart.  Turns out it is just over 26%.  I've got some work ahead of me.

    I planned all of my workouts for the first four weeks. Very detailed.  I was thinking about the word "intensity" and going to failure.  So for the weights I thought a good way to go to failure would be to do the 12 x, 10x, 8x and for the 6x I would go until I can't do any more.  I was suprised because at the 6x I was able to get 12 on the assisted pull-ups and shoulder press, 10 on the dips, but just 6 on the bench press.  I think I'm going to be feeling it tommorrow.  I got a workout partner (Steve, who is 50 and weighs 211 at 5'10'), he has lifted weights before consistantly with a plan, just not for a while.  Since I haven't ever focused on weight training I think this is going to be helpful because he is holding me accountable in a way.  Also, I can see we are going to push each other. Male ego thing, I guess.  Our workout time was a few minutes slow of schedule, but hopefully we will get to the 46 and 42 minute schedule with a little experience.  I'm glad I talked him into doing this with me even if he won't officially enter.

    I've got to go get a tape measure at the fabric store so I can log my begining stats and changes.  I've still got too get my Day 1 photos with today's newspaper.  I'm planning on posting my stats every 2-4 weeks and maybe the photos every 4 weeks.  Hopefully this will give me some more motivation and help me be accountable.

    Wishing everyone success with their efforts.


  • Hey Dan if you want join us in the May 17th starter's thread.

  • Hi James,

    Thanks.  I was wondering if you could fill out your start stats and current so we could see your progress.  Double clicking on your name, "JamesK" will take you there.